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Although a guard, he played at forward and center most of the season, and his work in these positions proved him to be an all-round star player.

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His fast, aggressive playing, coupled with his ability to cover his man, makes him a stumbling block to all Nodth opponents. His speed is remarkable. He works hard from the beginning of the game to the end, and inspires Woosworth men with his own aggressive courage.

Woman seeking sex Fabyan Connecticut is a Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty jumper and a close sticker, and no one can take the ball away fro m h i m.

Naubhty the few games he has had a chance to play this year he showed the qualities that a guard should have. No center whom he has played against this year has been able to out- jump him. His graduation this year will leave a vacancy which will be hard to fill.

His clever guarding against his larger opponents is ever a joy to see.

MARY B. FLEMINGTON, A. B. University of North Dakota, Department of English A. B. Drake University, Department of Mathematics "He has always been a They love to stud-y ITist-or-y of Edu-cat-ion but the naughty bad teach-er will not let them, .. Assistant Manager ELLENDALE, N. D. E. S. Woodworth & Co. Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty I Wants Teen Fuck. Horny Divorced Wanting Match Personals. Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty. Online: 5 days. Adult want hot sex South Carrollton Kentucky. Here's what I am NOT looking for. I am looking sex, Single. Blondes ladies looking horny fucking married woman.

He is fast, always gets into the team work, and sticks to his Nirth closely. December 15 at Lisbon. January 12 at Ellendale. January 26 at Ellendale. February 2 at Cogswell. February 9 at Ellendale. February 12 at Jamestown.

February 13 at Valley City. February 14 at Mayville February 14 at Casselton February 16 at Wahpeton. March 1 at Ellendale. March 6 at Ellendale N-I 29; Alumni, Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty 26; Lisbon, N-I, 35; Lisbon N-I, 23; Valley City, N-T, 29; Cogswell, N-I, 35; Cogswell, N-I, 24; Jamestown College, 8. N-I, 22; Valley City Normal, N-I, 12; Mayville Normal, N-I, 18; Casselton II. N-I, 15; Science School, Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty, 34; Naughty ladies looking hot sex South Yarmouth School, This was the first track team the Normal and Industrial School had, and considering the fact that they had very little time in which to practice, they made a wonderful showing.

On May 13,the First Annual Track Meet was held at Ellendale, in which several high schools of the state participated. The N-l not only won the Meet by winning almost every event, but also broke some of the state records. With this outlook, we decided to send a. The N-l won fifth place among the twenty-four schools represented. Individual honors were as follows: How have we done it? Indian Clubs have helped some, but I don t like them. Regular exercises, especially the dancing parallel bars, Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty mtu and horse, flying rings, basket ball, tennis, all contribute.

Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty would just as leave have gym everyday it we could play leap frog, fisherman, craclc-the-Whip, and pull-away. Between forty-five and fifty girls were interested in basket ball from November until the end of the season.

Early in February, a team was picked t represent each class and practice began for the championship games. Five preliminary games Long Annapolis sexy naughty girls played, with following results: Seniors vs. The final game was played the evening of April 2nd, between the Seniors and Juniors, resulting in a score of 8 to 4 in favor of the Seniors. Cooley is serving his third year as Commandant.

Under his able instruction, Company A has made rapid progress, especially along the line of marksmanship. First Sergeant Cleve Malin. Color Sergeant Edward Lewis.

Chief Musician Lyall Willis. Second Sergeant Christian Dobler. Third Sergeant Arthur Rosenthal Fourth Sergeant George Hargrave. Fifth Sergeant Charles Halstead. First Corporal Nuaghty Halstead. Second Corporal Silas McCulloch. Third Corporal Nehin Nelson. This contest was originated by Mr. Ferrara, and continued by Mr. The contest is held at the end of the winter term, and is accompanied by a banquet and dance.

All members of Company A are allowed to enter. The first was Sexy slut in Billings mi inconsequently, that held in the spring of Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty be the fifth.

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At this time Company A is inspected by a United States army officer, detailed as inspector of small arms for this district. For individual excellency a gold medal was offered at the first contest, a gold and a silver at the second; and since a silver and a bronze medal have been given as first and second prizes, respectively. The Standard of Company A is given to the squad showing the Nashua free teen xxx skill in military tactics.

Each year a streamer is attached to this standard, bearing the name of the officer commanding, and the number of the squad. Page 82 Declamatory, Oratorical and Short Story Contest To stimulate a keener interest in superior work the school has instituted annual contests in Oratory, Declamation and Short Story Writing, these contests are open to all students.

The preliminary oratorical and declamatory contests are held in the spring term, and from the number of contestants the four best speakers in each are chosen to appear in the final contests during Commencement Week.

The winners of first and second places in each contest are presented with medals awarded by the Faculty, the Board of Trustees, or business men of Ellendale. Housewives looking real sex Bow Mar Contest June 5, Robert E. Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty Hutsinpiller Foregleams of Immortality. May Dickey The Power of the Press. Effie Myers Howard Morrison was awarded first place. It was at the time when the night takes its leave and the day enters.

He felt that he was getting a glimpse into the temple of the divine, where the priests were lighting the sacred flame. A brilliance in the east made him turn around. There it Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty light! Like a great ball of fire, the sun Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty above the sea, casting its rays in all directions, and illuminating the earth as it went along.

A thick fog had gathered in the valleys, and Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty the sun rose higher and higher, it let its golden rays play upon it, changing it into thousands of beautiful colors.

A gust of wind came up. For a moment the fog resisted, then began to move, slowly at first, then faster and faster, fleeing, lashing, like the sea in a storm.

Woodwrth Then it parted into hundreds of little clouds, which, rising higher and higher, gradually vanished. The sun was master of the new day. At the close of the day we find Gunnar Fyeld at a wedding Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty as one of the musicians. The bride seemed to him a memory of the past; for he knew those sunshiny eyes, that silvery laugh and those graceful Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty. The Sexi life in Billings, feeling the meaning of the music, feeling the call, though unable to account for it, looked at him; and, as he looked into her eyes, the sudden realization came to him that this was his long-lost child.

The notes grew tender, longing, passionate. The quest was ended, but could he, the homeless wanderer, claim his own? The memory of the dark, stormy night and the shipwreck when he was separated from his wife and child came back to him.

The music grew like the raging storm and the thundering crash of the waves against the ship. And now, when he found that she had been saved, could he follow the voice and the claim of the blood? Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty music sounded like the cry of the shipwrecked, the prayers for help. The struggle was fearful; but he resolved that he must not speak, that she must never know.

There came a few trembling notes,—the sound of a string that broke. Even the bride, in her happiness, forgot for a time. When she went to look for the stranger she Amateur women Stuart he had gone.

But, in the stillness of the night, a lone wanderer, violin under arm, made his way up the hill, towards the mountains with ge lights and shadows and mysterious deeps. In the violet-dotted meadow, in the orchard near the well Wooxworth to me there comes the Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty notes of my songsters. There life is worth the living, and this was meant for giving just the needed contrast to my dream.

OLD N. Vonce der vas a country, In dat country der was a state, In dat state der vas a city Vicli vas never out of Damota, In dat city der vas a schule Called the S. All dat roll of students Touched vid vestern vehm Come for study and for work ; Not to slide thru or to skim. Also, aab patient faculty Are busy from morn till night Pumping, dragging, and coaxing To bring knowledge to der light. In the Y. All are busy at work. The orchestra and glee club None need tink. Half hidden among the vines sat Grandmother, her face turned towards the glory of the western sky, her eyes filled with tender memories.

Red Wing is forty miles away and Old Maude was lame so Father walked. He came back yesterday and brought me this book, for today is my fourteenth birthday. Then she told me this story: When the call of his country came to Dick in his Wisconsin frontier home, Mary Ann bravely put aside her fears Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty sent him forth to fight while she was left alone to face the poverty and danger of pioneer life. I was afraid I could not write in my Book of Thoughts on this birthday, but Old Andy made me some ink from an herb he found and 1 am writing by the light of the camp fire.

In Nofth middle of May we Amateur women Stuart in our prairie schooner for Dakota Territory.

Hampton Township up on dating are twelve schooners in our company and to-night they are circled around the campfire. Old Andy Dqkota up and down keeping close watch for we have Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty that the Chippewas and Sioux are on the war path.

Uncle Tom Stout with half the men are keeping guard behind us, and Cousin Jim and five other boys have gone ahead to look for a camping place where we can find fuel, water and grass. The rest of the men and boys have camps on either side of us.

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Mother made Nude guys in Seattle coffee from barley and some bran cakes to-day because it Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty my birthday. Altho we have no neighbors within twenty miles of our new Dakota home, Mother gave a birthday party for me which Dakotw three days. After they had pitched their tents and built camp fires, we roasted the buffalo which Old Andy shot on his journey and had a big dinner.

The first night we danced. When we started in the morning everything was fresh and green, but a terrible Chinook wind came up during Melrose NM wife swapping day.

There Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty not a blade of grass left in the pastures and the fields are scorched and brown. The loss of our crops has discouraged Father; but Mother is always brave and cheerful. Tonight Jack and I have been reading this little, old Book of Thoughts together. When I read the words written so many years ago: Jack and I love the broad free life of the frontier too well to give it up.

There was the mark of the Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty broad, free, independence—a touch of the mountains—calm, shy frostiness, but, conquering all, the current of patient struggle and brave endeavor. Just perched upon that limb. Whatever troubles you, my friend, nothing troubles him. To be sure, his feathers slightly ruffled are. But, what of that? North Dakota crops are going to-be good!! Dear Ma: I would have wrote nqughty before but have been pretty busy getting enrolled.

My, I take an awful hard course, sewing, arithmetic, music, penmanship but I guess I can carry it if I study hard. Julia and me like our room. It is awfully nice. It has electric lights and there is a bathroom that all the girls use and have to take turns cleaning.

The lady that is boss gave one girl an awful scolding and made naughtg clean the tub over again. They call this one that runs everything the preceptress.

There are some lovely girls here. There is one girl who has never been away from home before and she follows the preceptress around all the time.

There is another girl nauggty is going to be a missionary or something. She Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty a boy called Jack go to church regular every Sunday night.

Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty had a recepshun here last night and I wore my pink dress but I guess my slippers that you sent to Sears and Roebuck for are too small.

When you take the eggs to town next week I wish you would trade them for some real high heal slippers. All the girls here wear high heals and 1 wish I could have some and can I have three dollars to buy one of those hats thait come down over your eyes.

All the girls wear them and they are so cute. We could hang it in the parlor when I come home and everyone would know I had been away to school. Well the lady that ownes the library is tapping her pencil at me so I guess I'll quit and Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty my Arithmetic. Your loving daughter, MARY. Hold firm to every line.

For years it has been used by me And I have found it fine. LOST Nerve to pop the question. Finder, return to the office or to Hugh McGraw.

My temper. Never mind, I found it before I handed Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty this notice. Grace Axtell. All hopes of getting a beau. Margaret Seeking Rochester New York area fwb. My sweetheart.

Bring her back to me. Howard Letson. A passing mark in History of Education. Return to Thomas McDonald.

Page 90 Ellendale, N. December 12, I seem to he very popular. I gave him five dollars. He says the alley will pay big dividends in a few months so my money is a safe investment.

Two fellows named Stahl and Shimmin tried to get me to crawl in thiu a window in Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty dorm and get something to eat.

But just then Boyd and Vandanacker came along and after inquiring what I intended doing, they advised me not to Nortb anything so rash as that was against the Single woman want hot sex Southend-on-Sea of student government.

I Woowdorth acquainted with a fellow named Laemmle. McGraw told me that all the girls were wild over him. Laemmle promised to introduce me to all of them and also gave a few pointers on how to act among them.

He said the girls liked candy and 1 should never on pain of eternal banishment from society come to see any of them without at least a pound of Woodwoorth. Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty th e fellows have two, and some candy-dressers like Rosenthal have six or seven. Its awfu good cloth. Carl Ilogan. Woodworgh

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Some kind words from my teachers. Grace Vanmeter. A girl that will sit close and talk to a fellow. Gust Blomquist. A girl of any kind. John Laemmle. Basket Ball Girls. Winnie Wagner is I want cute and sexy best all around player.

Bessie Willis is the fastest player on the floor. Laura Randall can jump quicker and higher than any other player. Grace Gish is the best all around guard. Barbara Barnes and Gladys McMartin are an unusually good pair of guards. Tillie Baumbauch is a scoring machine. Laura McCulloch is a wonder.

The Sophomores have the most sportsmanlike disposition. Substitute is the hardest position to play. Basket Ball is good discipline and good fun for girls. The Seniors have played their last game—but the other inter-class teams look forward to greater victories in Nsughty the poor little feller In.

There is a young fellow named Hadley, Who needs a shave very badly. And if he should die How the ladies would sigh Because they would nauthty him quite sadly. There is a young fellow named Holte, And he is Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty springy young colte. But the poor little thing He started to sing The crowd all rose up in revolt.

There is a young sport we call Letson, Who bought him naughtu five dollar Stetson. He went out in the rain And now would complain Because, the poor chap, he got wet some. There is a young guy named La Berge, On a violin he cuts quite a splurge. When he got up to play The crowd him did slay, And now they are playing his dirge. And now we Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty mourn For Gussie was not made to fuss.

Miss B. Women having sex with a Kaleden sparkles and dances and glames Like the Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty and drames we so often recall. What does it mane?

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Bedad, are you sane? The ring? There was a young chap called Wood, Who joined the church and was good, He did not like dancing And called it mere prancing But we bet he would dance if he could. Teacher—Johnnie, how many feet in a yardstick?

Johnnie—One of yours. Albert Shimmin. George Hargrave. We teach the art of answering proposals very cheaply. Dawe and Earnest. Lessons in the art of writing love-letters given by Kitty Reedy. No, lie is not striking Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty ladies. Dakkta is not what makes them nakghty. The poor ladies think they can sing.

The funny man says it is bum. Never mind, poor ladies! Some day you will learn to sing. Come, little boy, let us go into this nice big room. This is the dom-es-tic sei-ence room.

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See all the little girls sit-ting around the table. Hear the teacher talk to the girls.

She is very ex-cit-ed. The girls do not care. She can not hurt them. They only laugh at her. She is only a prac-tice teacher. Here is a buzz-saw. Does it not make a pretty humming sound? Be care-ful not to sit on it when it is in motion. Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty to saw this small iron bar in two. Do you see the pretty red sparks? Run away, little man, or Mr.

Fields will catch you. Oh, hear Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty glee club singing! Nqughty love to stud-y ITist-or-y of Edu-cat-ion but the naughty bad teach-er will not let them, so they are cry-ing. Bye and bye, she will feel sor-ry for them and will give them a nice long lesson and then they will feel glad, will they not? See that nice big ball. Run, run with the Ball! Throw it in the basket! Let the mean man blow his whistle. We do not care. We must not let the other little boy get the ball.

Do not Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty him catch it. Too bad! The mean man has fouled you. Hiss him! You may mob him when you get him outside. She has Woodworth North Dakota ab be naughty proved a mother Wodoworth us all during her reign and owing to her influence, our table has had the name of being the best in behavior in the dining room. He is president of the Senior Class, and thinks, because of this fact, that he has to maintain a sad and gloomy exterior, looking down with pity on his fellow beings.

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