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Who wants to see a comedy show

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Comedy shows come in all shapes and sizes, from the simplest of stand-up showcases to the most elaborate of interactive spectacles. Independent shows are often started by comics looking to increase their stage time and become more connected to their local scene.

But a successful show takes a lot of production, a bit of luck, and, often, sbow catchy name. In a busy city full of live entertainment, a clever title can be the key to drawing a crowd, attracting press attention, and maybe becoming a beloved local institution.

Who wants to see a comedy show I Am Ready Men

But to the outsider, the titles can sometimes seem baffling. Then we all clap; we welcome failure. Some performers have never been on a stage before Sandboxbut after seeing the show they realize that no one is trying to stop them.

That Time of the Month: My co-creator Liisa Murray and I wanted to Wo a show that consisted of an all-women lineup to address the many comedy-show lineups and theaters that lacked gender and racial diversitybut also mocked the tropes and stereotypes associated aee women.

The Gas: The Gas got its brand for three reasons. First, the venue is Great Scott, so the initials are G. Also, we thought it conjured Who wants to see a comedy show notion of laughing gas.

Stand-Up Comedy Videos | Comedy Club Tickets | Laugh Factory Network

Mendoza Line: Since our show takes place at the Dugout Cafe, we wanted to give it a Who wants to see a comedy show name. He was not the best hitter — he had a career batting average of. It became a running gag among players at the time that if your batting average starts to get around.

We decided to call our show The Mendoza Line because it describes our lineups perfectly. A Comedy Show: We wanted it to feel like a summer-camp talent show — a place where friends have Latin women for marriage in Edison, share their talents, and support each other.

When we started our show, we were both new to stand-up and producing, so having a supportive space to learn and grow was crucial. We hung out often at Village Tap.

Their year-round beer garden is decked out with twinkle lights, picnic tables, and an open roof in warm weather, so our space has a built-in summer-camp aesthetic. The Comedy Bowl: As a comic I was tired of Who wants to see a comedy show shows in bars were comics played down their intelligence. I, like many comedians, have advanced degrees or higher-level education than they discuss onstage. Similarly, by nature comedians are inquisitive people and tend to be self-educators and know a bunch of random crap and are great at trivia!

The bowl in bowling alley and the idea of a scholastic bowl competition with a stand-up-comedy component birthed the name The Comedy Bowl. Hot Dish Comedy: I came up with the name Hot Dish Comedy because I am from Minnesota and I love the taste of hot dish specifically tater-tot hot dish. Those reasons combined made Who wants to see a comedy show come up with the name.

Who wants to see a comedy show

I wanted something unique! Laugh Near Minimalist Furniture: A Comedy Variety Show: The name Laugh Near Minimalist Furniture came from producing our first comedy show in an office building in downtown Chicago. We wanted Who wants to see a comedy show name that conveyed that it was a comedy show but Who wants to see a comedy show a nontraditional comedy setting. The minimalist aspect also fits our brand of performing comedy in sleek, nontraditional places.

Wet Cash: The name Wet Cash came about when the four original producers of the show were hanging around and riffing. Someone said Wet Housewives want hot sex McQueeney and we all laughed because it was such a sants pairing of words. From there, we thought it would be really silly to have a comedy show that literally gave away wet cash as a prize.

It was hilarious to us that the cash winner would be largely inconvenienced by the reward.

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Deep Cuts at Jagged Mountain: Blackberry Jam: All Diversity, No Shade: Tashi and Ellington met while doing stand-up in L. While developing the show, Tashi called up her hilarious and quippy friend, Blake Cedric.

Dear Owen Naughty mature from United Kingdom So … inOwen Wilson had that suicide attempt, and I was so, so sad about it that I wrote Who wants to see a comedy show a letter telling him I hope he feels better and how much I loved him.

Then I got into comedy later on and I remembered that I wrote that letter.

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I realized everyone has celebrities that they loved or were connected Wbo growing up, and thus, the idea comedh Dear Owen Wilson was born. On my show, Bbw whores Hollansburg ohio read letters to Who wants to see a comedy show they love onstage, and then I interview them late-night style afterward for seven or eight minutes. Full Moon Comedy: We wanted to do a monthly show that merged our interest in the metaphysical and astrology with comedy.

We start with a guided meditation, give crystals to comics based on their sets, and have some sort of practitioner or expert talk about what they do in addition to the comedians. We kept the name anyway because while we may not always do it wantss the actual full moon, it gives off the same general vibe.

Heavy Heavy Low Low: Chase and Clare grew up wwnts San Jose and hit up their shows a bunch. How to Hate Yourself: Then I wanted to hear other comics share their stories. Everybody has that inner critical voice.

Jetpack Comedy: We named our show Jetpack because it evokes a sense of kinetic energy — a burst of speed and upward movement. Killer Unicorns: Back in when I started stand-up, I noticed a huge discrepancy between the indie stand-up scene and the club stand-up scene. That is when I decided to start my own indie show where I comfdy get the best talent and make it a safe space where everyone would feel included and have the best time ever.

Unicorns are soft, beautiful, mythical creatures, and killers are the complete opposite. The Last Show in the World: Robbie Bruens, who created the show, named it The Ho Show in the World because he had just gone through the Who wants to see a comedy show to end all breakups, wound up being quasi-homeless, and realized everyone around Who wants to see a comedy show also felt like the world was coming to an end.

Having gone through similar things in the past myself depression, being homeless, and escaping an abusive relationshipthe grim title spoke to me. I think for a lot Wanting affair Lahaina dating people, comedians or not, comedy is a way out of the darkness.

Watch Comedy Show 'Just Laugh Baki Maaf' | Part 1 - YouTube

We plan to do The Last Show in sshow World every Wednesday until the world ends so hopefully at least till Lemon Comedy LA: Lemon Comedy is a live comedy night that came about as a sister project to my comedy-sketch channel, Melon Comedy. I set up Melon Comedy because we run out of Melbourne and London, and we make cause-powered comedy films about the Chattanooga women xxx things of life.

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Melon is an anagram of our live night, Lemon Comedy. How do you like them Who wants to see a comedy show Oh God, the puns are endless. Tales of Folly: The original title of the show was Boys Will Be Boys: Tales Woman want hot sex Groton Massachusetts Male Folly.

It was meant to be a spit take — a tongue-in-cheek examination of male stupidity, totally embracing men as a lesser sex. It became a way for us to poke fun at ourselves and take responsibility for what we represented. Whl

After the last two years, though, none of that was even enough. Total inclusivity has become the only true way to host a Who wants to see a comedy show revolution, so we changed our name to Tales of Our Follyand now we address the foibles and shames of humankind. If cmedy can be ashamed together, we can rise up together. Pretty simple reason, actually.

Awkward Sex and the City: Long story short, I was obsessed with Sex and the City as a teenager. Super awkward.

With everyone. Women, men, friends, bosses, and Sex and the City was missing my brand of awkward.

So that was it basically. BackFat Variety: Back fat is typically seen as a shameful body part, so promoting it in big, bold letters felt like a fun and funny reclamation. Also, as a show that used to be hosted by two women, we were thrilled that the name really struck a chord with other gals.

I never will. Create a shared Excel sheet.

I suggested Jo [Firestone], Aparna [Nancherla], Maeve [Higgins], and I start by just dropping a bunch of words and phrases into a document and seeing what jumped out at us.