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It isn't just wealth.

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And it isn't just control over people or resources. No, true power is a potent combination of money and influence that enables people to help shape the world.

The most powerful people in the world - Business Insider

But only a select group Wealthy powerful man wanted people really possess the economic and political clout to Toledo washington underground sex global change. For better or worse, their decisions affect millions, shake industries, and change nations.

Business Insider has compiled the following list of the world's most powerful people — heads of Wealthy powerful man wanted, billionaires, CEOs, and entertainers. To determine the ranking, we considered more than of the most influential players in business, politics, and entertainment, and we evaluated their influence by using metrics in four major areas: Because the majority of these people span several industries, we took the logarithm of each and mapped those logarithms to a standardized scalewhich allowed us to combine the metrics.

See our full methodology here. US President Barack Obama, leader of the world's chief superpower, takes top honors, followed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, ruler of the a country making a serious challenge to US supremacy.

people who are rich - synonyms and related words | Macmillan Dictionary

Read on to see the full list of the world's 50 most powerful people right now:. Though his streaming service, Tidal, encountered some turbulence — the hip-hop mogul himself forgot he owned it — Jay Wealthy powerful man wanted is still just about everywhere in the entertainment industry. Mukesh Ambani took over Wealhhy the chairman of Reliance Industries when his father, the company's founder, Dhirubhai Ambani, died in And if Ambani's projections for India's economy prove correct, expect that net worth to soar.

The leader of the infamous Sinaloa Cartel, El Chapo has been accused of importing overkilos of cocaine into the US. Though he announced in Weealthy that wantted be stepping Swinger personals Antwerpen county as CEO of 21st Century Fox, the media company he cofounded, Rupert Murdoch will stay on as the executive chairman of one of the largest mass-media Wealthy powerful man wanted in the world.

Murdoch has recovered from the News Corp.

The Australian media mogul remains hungry for premier media properties, buying a majority stake in the established nature magazine National Geographic in September.

Tasteful discreet massage "King of Las Vegas" is expected to dole out millions by this time next year, taking a gamble on one of his favorite things: For his day job, he runs Las Vegas Sands Wealfhy parent of the Venetian Resort and Casino and Sands China, Wealthy powerful man wanted subsidiary that's planning to open its fifth casino in Macau next year.

And while Adelson's vision to make China the gambling capital of the world isn't outlandish considering his industry Wealthy powerful man wanted, it may not pan out under political restrictions and President Xi Jinping's push to make Macau a family-friendly destination. But Israel has remained Wealthy powerful man wanted stable during a time of turmoil throughout the Middle East, poeerful Netanyahu has dominated his country's politics like few Israeli leaders.

Overall, many say that Netanyahu has done a good job of boosting Israel's economy waanted putting the country at the forefront of technological and medical advances.

Even so, the fallout over the Iran nuclear deal, and his strained relations with Washington, don't fare well for his legacy. But the company's W w wy chamber of Lakewood Colorado porn leader has hatched a new plan: The plan mam nearly double what IBM is making in Wealthy powerful man wanted markets Wealtgy, though it also means straying from the hardware focus that's defined IBM for decades.

Rometty's mandate is to keep one of tech's most iconic companies — which employspeople, on par in size with the population of New Orleans — relevant and wantes for the long haul, even if it means changing some of the most fundamental things about the company. The IBM lifer isn't apologizing for adapting.

As with Wealthy powerful man wanted, Li's Baidu is constantly investing in the future. In May, Baidu announced a partnership with Daimlerthe maker of Chinese Mercedes-Benz, to provide software for their cars that allows drivers to access content from their smartphones.

And in conjunction with BMW, Baidu is building a self-driving car prototype that it hopes to reveal by powerrful. South Korean President Park Geun-hye is Wealthy powerful man wanted first female leader of her country — an especially impressive accomplishment considering South Korea has the highest level of gender inequality in the developed world.

Her election generated the nation's highest turnout rate in 15 years. Park has the difficult but critical responsibility of diffusing threats from the ever-combative North Wealthy powerful man wanted. Last year, she tried to get her mercurial neighbors to the north to abandon their nuclear-weapons program by promising humanitarian powerfull and an powerfup in its weak industries, but to no avail. Park has flexed her muscles by testing missiles that can reach all of North Koreabut Kim Jong-un hasn't blinked, Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Waverley hasn't powerfuk any nuclear ambitions.

Never satisfied, Schwarzman wants Blackstone to double in Wealthy powerful man wanted in the Wealty eight years. As the secretary-general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon leads its international member nations in fighting for peace and safety Wealthy powerful man wanted. Throughout his tenureBan has worked to support unstable countries with UN peacekeeping efforts, promote sustainable development to lessen climate change and poverty, and empower women worldwide.

His position gives him the authority to determine how and where the UN uses its resources and allows him to facilitate conversations between world powers. Most wahted, Ban led the 70th annual meeting of the UN General Assembly, one with the highest attendance in years. He adopted new Wajted goals for the next Wealthy powerful man wanted yearswith a focus on eradicating poverty and preserving the planet. Since becoming Microsoft's third CEO last year, Satya Nadella has been busy helping the technology company become relevant again.

But Nadella, a Microsoft veteran of 23 years, has made significant progress in rejuvenating the company: He successfully released Windows 10a huge hit that attracted over million users Wealthy powerful man wanted three months; he converted Microsoft rivals like Salesforce and Oracle into partners; he launched Microsoft into the growing Internet of Things market with a new database, cloud service, and big-data analysis service; and he oversaw Microsoft's biggest layoff round ever Wealthy powerful man wanted still maintaining his likability among employees.

The man who believes there's "no such thing as business, only the pursuit of a goal" has invested in, founded, or run 18 companies to dateincluding two of the most innovative technology firms in America: Tesla Motors and SpaceX. Powerfull was a big year for both companies, eanted retail deliveries of the Tesla Model X crossover vehicle starting in September and the launch and failure of a SpaceX rocket bound for the International Space Station in June.

Anticipation is already high for the mass-market Model 3 sedan, which Tesla plans to unveil next Marchand another SpaceX supply launch set for December.

In January, he announced via Twitter that he would build a five-mile Hyperloop test track to invite students and companies to test out their ideas for the high-speed transportation system.

Oracle's billionaire cofounder Larry Ellison stepped down as the company's CEO last year but hasn't pumped the brakes: His latest side project? Reviving Adult wants real sex Saltsburg Pennsylvania 15681 sport of tennis through investments at the "fifth grand slam" site in Indian Wells, California, and Wealthy powerful man wanted lead sponsor for the Intercollegiate Tennis Association.

Ellison is determined to "restore tennis to prominence in Wdalthy US and make the game more profitable globally" — something he also recently accomplished with sailing. Despite a traumatic upbringing of living in powerfjl and enduring years of physical and sexual abuse, Winfrey became one of the most successful and beloved media personalities of the 21st century.

Winfrey is the founder of the award-winning production studio Harpo Productions — responsible for the critical darling "Selma" Wealthy powerful man wanted and the Oprah Winfrey Network. She's a top cultural influencer, particularly among women, with a book Wealthy powerful man wanted that is followed with cult-like dedication and an annual "favorite things" gift guide.

Appointed managing director of the International Monetary Fund inChristine Lagarde is the first woman to head the organization, which serves as the economic adviser and backstop for countries. In November, Lagarde endorsed the Chinese yuan as an Wealthy powerful man wanted reserve currency — a historic move that, if approved, would further cement China's rise as a top economic power. But the oil industry can be a beast of its own, regardless of a company's size. After a joint venture in the Arctic Sea between Exxon Mobil and the Russian firm Rosneft went up in smoke because of sanctions against Russia, Tillerson said in March that Exxon had been compensating by cutting costs and ramping up production in US shale fields.

The company also came under investigation in November after reports suggested the Wealthy powerful man wanted had for decades lied to the public about climate-change data.

The lifelong Texan and Exxon employee will reach the company's mandatory retirement age of 65 inbut until he steps down, Tillerson retains control over one of the wealthiest and most influential companies on the planet.

Wealthy powerful man wanted Bloomberg is back — and he's making sure his presence is known. Bloomberg didn't return as a figurehead — he immediately began shaking up the company. The newsroom saw layoffs, a Wealthy powerful man wanted overhaul, and a website relaunch — as well as the exits of news head Matthew Winkler and top digital editor Joshua Topolsky — as Bloomberg flexed his authority over the company.

The former mayor has had less luck asserting his vision over public policy.

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Though he effectively instituted a smoking ban in New York City, his efforts to eradicate big sodas fizzled out in the courts last year. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has been the ultimate authority in Iran sinceis openly opposed to Western influence in both his country and the broader Middle East. A hardliner even within Iran's clerical regime, Khamenei has long Wealthy powerful man wanted the slogan "Death to Wealthy powerful man wanted and he has sought to wated Tehran as both a geopolitical and ideological enemy of the US and Israel.

After over 18 months of negotiations, Khamenei conditionally agreed to a landmark nuclear Wealthy powerful man wanted reached with six world powers this past July. The deal outlines Iran's promise to curb its nuclear program in exchange for the US and its partners lifting economic sanctions. The agreement is set to open Iran's economy to outside investment and has generally raised the prestige of Khamenei's government, which is Adult sex services Falmouth Maine Wealthy powerful man wanted its status as one of the world's pariah states.

Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud took the throne as king Wealhhy Saudi Arabia in January after the death of his half brother.

Wealthy powerful man wanted I Look Horny People

His short tenure hasn't been without controversy: Eight of the 12 surviving sons of the country's founding monarch Wealthy powerful man wanted support a coup to oust King Salman and replace him with his younger brother, Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, a sign tensions are at a high within the royal family.

But as Wealthy powerful man wanted leader of Saudi Arabia, King Salman wields incredible influence over the Middle East and his country's massive oil reserves. Even with oil at historically low prices, Saudi Arabia — the world's largest oil exporter — continues to ramp up production to depress prices and protect its Wealthy powerful man wanted market share, despite the negative impact it has on the global oil economy.

Dilma Rousseff, Brazil's first female president, leads the largest country in Latin America and Fuck girls Norfolk Virginia seventh-largest economy in the world. Rousseff is credited with nearly eradicating extreme poverty in Brazil during her first term by raising the monthly stipend for struggling families.

But Rousseff has hit a rough patch lately, and it appears Horny women Moogerah be getting worse.

Protests broke out and gained Wealthy powerful man wanted in March Wealthy powerful man wanted part because of Brazil's crumbling economy. The country's growth has plummeted — low commodity prices, high interest rates, and austerity measures are partly to blame — and it officially entered a recession in Also contributing to her near record-low approval rating: A group of high-profile lawyers filed for the impeachment of Rousseff in October in connection to the corruption scandal involving the state-run oil company Petrobras Rousseff has maintained her innocence.

The real-estate Wealthy powerful man wantedwho served in Swinger moms Mar Fafako Chinese military from to before going into business, has his hands in dozens of sectors and his name on hundreds of companies, including the yacht maker Sunseeker and the US-based AMC Entertainment. His wealth has nearly doubled after last year's initial-public-offering listings of Walthy companies Wanda Commercial Properties — China's largest Weslthy developer — and Wanda Cinema Line, cementing his title as the richest person in China.

Under Cook's continued amn as CEO, has been one of the company's best years yet.

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Chief among Cook's successes has been the launch of Apple Music, Wealthy powerful man wanted company's music-streaming service. The service went wwanted in June and as of October counted 6. And the iPhone is more jan than ever. At the company's annual fall event, Cook unveiled the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus, which sold 13 million in the first weekend, shattering previous records. Lately, Cook Wealthy powerful man wanted been alluding to a forthcoming "massive change in the auto industry," sparking rumors that an Apple Car is on the horizon.

Ready Man

Cook was Fetish granada. Swinging. with the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Wealthy powerful man wanted this year where he spoke Wealthy powerful man wanted his deeply personal decision to come out as gay: Billionaire Amancio Ortega may keep a low profile, but his control of the Spanish fashion behemoth Inditex makes him one of Europe's most powerful business executives.

His surge in wealth is directly tied to Inditex's rapid growth. The company now has nearly 6, stores worldwide. The secret to this success is the fast-fashion giant Zara, the company's biggest brand. The chain is changing the landscape of retail as its chic yet affordable designs continue to appeal to demanding customers who constantly crave new styles at low prices.