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Things to Do in Frenchtown, New Jersey

Frenchtown is a borough in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. It is located on the Hunterdon Plateau, on the banks of the Delaware River. It is 32 miles northwest of Trenton. There are many things to do in Frenchtown, including shopping, hiking, and sightseeing. Horseshoe Bend Park To reach Horseshoe Bend Park, you can take NJ […]

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Frenchtown is a borough in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. It is located on the Hunterdon Plateau, on the banks of the Delaware River. It is 32 miles northwest of Trenton. There are many things to do in Frenchtown, including shopping, hiking, and sightseeing.

Horseshoe Bend Park

To reach Horseshoe Bend Park, you can take NJ Rt. 12 to the intersection of Horseshoe Bend Road. From there, you can take route 12 west for about 8.5 miles. Then, you can take Kingwood road, which is Hunterton County route 519 south, for another 1.7 miles. At the end of the road, you’ll find the park’s parking lot.

In addition to the 7-acre dog park, Horseshoe Bend Park has extensive meadows and a mowed perimeter trail. The Sleepy Orange butterfly, among other species, can be found here. The park also has a butterfly sanctuary, and it’s possible to hike or bike on the state-owned land adjacent to the park.

The park boasts scenic vistas of the Delaware River Valley, pristine streams, and rolling hills. It also features a heated Morton building for meetings and events. The park also features a 10,000 square-foot event center and eleven miles of trails.

Gemstone Gallery

Gemstone Gallery in Frenchtown, New Jersey is a small business that specializes in gemstones. The business sells both precious and semi-precious stones. This gem shop is located in Frenchtown’s downtown area. There are also a few art galleries and gift shops located downtown. The town’s small downtown area also includes a couple of juice and coffee shops.

Located on the Delaware River, Frenchtown is a picturesque small town that’s a great place for antique shopping. The town has a rich French history, which is celebrated in the town’s historic district and several festivals. For a relaxing weekend, Frenchtown is an ideal destination.

Frenchtown is home to the Uhlerstown-Frenchtown Bridge, which connects the two towns by water. It has undergone a number of reconstructions since its construction during the colonial period. Originally, the bridge served as a highway over the Delaware River, but it is now only used for pedestrians and small vehicles.

Ringing Rocks

The Ringing Rocks in Frenchtown, NJ are a popular hiking destination in the Northeast. They are part of the Bucks County park system, about two hours from NYC. The surrounding area is generally beautiful, and the park has a good parking lot. However, be prepared for crowds – you will need to wait a bit to get into the park.

There are several explanations for the ringing ability of these boulders. One theory suggests that they are caused by internal stresses, rather than external weathering conditions. However, there is no clear evidence that these rocks would have a ringing ability without some kind of stress.

In the 1960s, scientists discovered that rock ringing is caused by vibrations in smaller rocks. When these rocks interact with each other, they create an audible sound. Before this discovery, the rocks in the earth didn’t interact with each other and didn’t ring, so no one could hear them.

Community gardens

Frenchtown, New Jersey, has a community garden. What started as a weedy lot has grown into a vibrant, sustainable garden, with twenty row-shaped plots and about as many gardeners as plots. Many gardeners stop by their plots several times a week, some even daily. These enthusiastic gardeners are making other residents in the town aspire to join in.

In July, the Gardeners Association in Frenchtown will host a Saturday morning market, selling flowers and a variety of fresh produce. The market will run through October. In-season vegetables, flowers, and herbs will be available. The gardeners use organic methods to grow the vegetables and herbs.

The Dent Street Community Garden serves several purposes, including educating residents and serving as a community gathering space. It also features a “friendship garden,” in which everything grown is shared among the garden’s residents. The garden also addresses nutritional needs, teaches self-sufficiency, and engages in social justice work. The project includes immigrant Congolese families.


Biking in Frenchtown, New Jersey can be a great way to see the town. This small town is home to 28 different bike routes. You’ll also find a variety of activities and places to eat. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out the Bastille Day festival in July.

For a longer bike ride, consider biking along the Delaware River Park. The Delaware River Park features two paths that run alongside the river. The first runs from Frenchtown to Trenton. The other, known as the Feeder Canal, continues on to New Brunswick. The path is about 34 miles long.


Hiking in Frenchtown, New Jersey is a great way to get outside and explore the town. There are numerous trails available in the area, including the Delaware and Raritan Canal, a river trail that begins in Frenchtown and continues into New Brunswick. If you’re interested in biking, Frenchtown is home to the top bike rental in the area, Cycle Corner.

Frenchtown, New Jersey is a great place for walking and shopping. There are many small boutiques to browse. The town also holds three big festivals each spring that celebrate the local offerings. If you have time, try a meal at the National Hotel, which has a restaurant and a pub in its cellar.

Another good trail is the Mill Race Trail, which includes a historic millrace and a healthy ecosystem. Located in Frenchtown, the Trail is a 1-mile loop that’s accessible via a suspension bridge.


If you’re looking for unique gifts for friends and family, Frenchtown, New Jersey is the place to go. The town is full of cute shops with everything from home decor to antiques and trinkets. The town also has a community bookstore called The Book Garden, housed in a historic 1860s Victorian mansion. The selection of books includes contemporary adult fiction, classic children’s stories, and collectible books from the past century.

Frenchtown, New Jersey, a small town just minutes from Lambertville, offers the perfect setting for small-town shopping. Its Victorian-style shops and boutiques are surrounded by scenic views of the Delaware River. There are several nature trails that are great for bicycling. In addition, the town has a bike path along the river, which leads to the Raritan River, which flows toward New Brunswick.

The town’s eclectic shopping district has won awards, including “Best Shopping in a Small Town” by USA TODAY’s 10Best reader’s choice travel awards. It was chosen over towns such as Rhinebeck, New York, and Montpelier, Vermont.

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