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Places to Go in Tewksbury, Massachusetts

Tewksbury is a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Its population is 31,342 as of the 2020 census. The town is home to several places of interest including the State almshouse and the Tewksbury Town Common. Tewksbury Town Common If you are interested in getting involved in your local community, there are several ways to get […]

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Tewksbury is a town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Its population is 31,342 as of the 2020 census. The town is home to several places of interest including the State almshouse and the Tewksbury Town Common.

Tewksbury Town Common

If you are interested in getting involved in your local community, there are several ways to get involved. One way is to attend a town meeting. These meetings are open to the public, and residents are encouraged to attend. They are usually held in October or May. At these meetings, residents can make suggestions about zoning, bylaw changes, and other issues. The public can also submit citizen petitions.

The town of Tewksbury also hosts events on the town common. In the fall, residents can enjoy live performances by local musicians. The next autumn concert is set for October 29 and will feature the bands Leo and When Without. It will also feature a costume contest and lawn games. Parking for this event will be available at the Town Hall, and Town Hall Avenue will be closed to through traffic.

The town has a history of hosting community events, including the Tewksbury Farmers Market. The town is also a “green community” and has earned this designation from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. The town’s goal is to reduce municipal energy usage by 20 percent in five years. It has also been designated a Housing Choice Community, which means it is eligible for additional state funding.

The town also boasts many parks and open spaces. Over 900 acres of land are dedicated to the public. The town also hosts a state-run hospital. This hospital was founded as an almshouse in the mid-19th century and has a diverse range of medical programs for residents. Many of the programs at the hospital are aimed at fighting addiction. Anne Sullivan spent time at Tewksbury Hospital after losing her younger brother. The town has also been featured in Stephen King’s “Castle Rock” series.

The town is home to many notable public sculptures. Visitors can enjoy the Wamesit Indian Monument and the Anne Sullivan-Helen Keller Monument. Both of these sculptures were created by local artist Mico Kaufman.

Cooper’s Hill Country Park

The 55 hectare Cooper’s Hill Country Park is home to a nature reserve with a diversity of plants and wildlife. It is also home to the rare leafless bird’s nest orchid and forms part of the High Botheridge Camp Scheduled Ancient Monument. There is a public golf course here, as well as a restaurant and tavern.

Located on the Cotswold escarpment, Cooper’s Hill Country Park is accessible by foot all year round. It is a tranquil reserve that’s perfect for getting away from the bustle of modern life. In spring, the woodland floor is often covered in bluebells and orchids. Other plants to look for include the yellow archangel and wild garlic.

Another popular event at Cooper’s Hill is the Cheese Rolling. This annual event has been held since the 1800s and attracts thousands of spectators. It is traditionally held on a late May bank holiday Monday, and is world famous. The next Cheese Rolling is expected to be held on Sunday 5 June 2022.

State almshouse

The Richard Morris Building is the centerpiece of this 800-acre campus in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. The Richard Morris Building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Richard Morris Building serves as a center piece for the hospital campus. It is a perfect example of a 19th-century American building, and it is a great place to visit for its architectural beauty and history.

In the nineteenth century, the almshouse in Tewksbury was home to Anne Sullivan, a patient who later became a companion and tutor to Helen Keller. Anne Sullivan spent four years at the almshouse before she was transferred to the Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown. She eventually left the school at the age of 20 to live with Helen Keller in Alabama. Today, one of the buildings on the Tewksbury Hospital campus is named in honor of her.

During the nineteenth century, the Tewksbury State Hospital began to take in more patients. It was also the first state-run hospital in the country to focus on the needs of the chronically ill. The hospital provided shelter and supervised care for its patients.

In the early twentieth century, the almshouses were surrounded by a large, two-and-a-half story building. It was designed by architect John A. Fox and erected between 1894 and 1905. It was constructed on a granite foundation and has a steeply pitched slate roof and dormers. It also features a central clock tower. Its main entrance is flanked by a massive arch. The interior of the building served as a meeting place, intake area for patients, and offices for government officials. Its ornate style reflects the institution’s growing importance.

The administration building was built in 1894 by Boston architect John A. Fox in the Queen Anne style and erected in front of a circa 1854 structure of the almshouses. It was further expanded in the 1920s and 1930s with two-story wings and a one-story rear ell.

Throughout its history, the State almshouse in Tewksbury provided care for 16,056 women. These women ranged in age from newborns to eighty-nine. Most were Black or African-American, and many were pregnant. Some were even abused.

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