Permanent make-up is also known as micro-pigmentation or micro-pigment implantation. This is a cosmetic technique that can be used to tattoo makeup onto your skin.

It's a truly modern quality process that allows for a lot of use of authentic looking makeup. In fact, these are tiny pigment implants that go straight into your skin (skin layer) and permanently mark your skin tone. You can also know more about permanent makeup online via

After undergoing plastic surgery to take it back a little, his eye healed in a different shape, awkwardly rounding out the outer corner and part of the lower eyelid falling off. Before agreeing to another operation to fix it, she looked for alternative ways to get her almond shape back.

With a little design strategy and carefully placed pigment around the eye, we removed the sagging and then, marked with striped scarring, restored the tonsillar point at the outer corner of each eye.

The application of permanent makeup can be combined with other forms of cosmetic plastic surgery for better results. Many cosmetic reconstructive procedures such as hair transplantation and breast reconstruction require permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup, known in medicine as micro-pigmentation, is the correct placement of color on the skin. Various colored iron oxide pigments are inserted through tiny needles into a deeper part of the skin known as the dermis.

When you think of permanent makeup, keep in mind that it is a tattoo. Permanent make-up classes help people get tattooed. Like other tattoos, this tattoo is difficult to remove.

As with any tattoo removal, the tattoo removal process can be very painful, time-consuming, and may not remove the ink completely.