As long as employees are using shredding services, financial company employees will not worry that their personal information will fall into the wrong hands.

When documents are destroyed, a paper shredder can issue a document destruction certificate certifying that the documents have been destroyed and that they comply with confidentiality laws and regulations.

Identity theft, confidentiality, and theft of financial information are the fastest growing business crimes in the world. An effective paper shredder should prevent businesses from falling victim to criminals who try to exploit information.

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Nowadays it is imperative for the financial industry to use security protocols to manage and dispose of sensitive information in their documents. Implementing a scheduled file destruction program using a file destruction service should be part of your document protection program.

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Credit card statements – keep for at least 45 days. Anything you need for tax purposes or proof of purchase should be kept until you confirm payment.

Buy or Sell a Home – Save Six Years After You Sell Your Home.

Tax register – should be kept for about seven years. If the IRS suspects you of wrongdoing, the IRS can review you for up to three years. If you suspect that you've set your gross income at 25 percent or more, the IRS can review you for up to six years.

Medical information – Must be kept for at least one year. If you have a refund dispute, you need this notification. It is also assumed that for any type of treatment you will need your records from the time of treatment to the end of symptoms.