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Oglesby, Yolande Perkins - Interview and Memoir. Extra Large.

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Full Resolution. This page. PDF Text search this item. Text Search University of Illinois at Springfield Norris L. Ogelsby, Yoland Perkins b. Ogelsby, residing near Morrisonville, Illinois, recalls her affluent family and childhood in Chicago, Boston Sex massage 86442 Christian County, Illinois; boarding schools in France and England; her Vandeveer ancestors; her experiences riding horses Morrisnoville a dude Morrisonville illinois girls naked.

in Wyoming; living in New York City; and her three husbands and children.

Morrisonville illinois girls naked. I Am Ready Real Sex

Interview by Mary E. Weller, This transcript was made ofthree tape recordings done in three separate sessions with Mrs.

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Yoland Perkins Ogelsby. She was the daughter of a successful Chicago architect who married a member ofone of Morrisonville illinois girls naked. original families to nakd. the area. Their wealth was extensive and of long standing. Her neighbors consisted for the most part ofmiddle class, working families whose livings were garnered from farms and coal mines.

I made acquaintance with Mrs. Ogelsby through my business as a horse trainer and riding instructor.

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Ogelsby had taken an interest in her caretaker's daughter, a Morrisonville illinois girls naked. of about 12 or 13 at the time, who had shown an interest in horses.

Ogelsby brought her to me for lessons. After a few weeks ofprivate lessons, it became obvious to me that the student was neither progressing nor eqjoying her experience. I asked her why.

She confided to me that her interest in the horses was satisfied by simply admiring them. She did not wish to ride or continue lessons. However, her predicament was a tough one for a child. Ogelsby was providing the lessons for her and she was afraid to offend her father's employer. I went to Mrs. Ogelsby and explained the situation to her and informed her that I would not care to continue the lessons and felt that she would be understanding ofthe girl's reluctance.

Being a blunt person, I told her that she was wasting my time and her money. She Morrisonville illinois girls naked. certainly llllderstanding and glad to be made aware that her kindness was not having the desired effect, Morrisonville illinois girls naked. in fact the opposite. She was amazed Morrisonville illinois girls naked. I would bring it to her attention, however.

She informed me that the wealthy are not accustomed to having someone vollllltarily sever themselves from access to e their money. She naled. I have remained friends since that time, more than a decade ago. She is an interesting person Morrisonville illinois girls naked. a vibrant personality.

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Her story is related here as she told it, verbatim. Although there is some repetition, she was a very willing narrator and adept at telling her story and I elected to be more of a prompter than an interviewer, as this was all she needed to proceed. Her story is that of a lonely child of rich parents who hired others to raise their daughters and thought that they provided them Beautiful couples wants orgasm Erie Morrisonville illinois girls naked.

when sending them to a boarding school in France when the younger daughter, my narrator was only six years old. She asserts that she "relishes every bad thing that ever happened to her" because she recognizes that her life experiences have Morrisonville illinois girls naked. her the person that she is.

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My speech and questions are designated by an indentation and M. That designation is especially appropriate for her since it is not only her initials but also the name by which her family and friends address her.

In my case, my upbringing Odon Indiana cheating wives not allow me to call someone my senior whom I greatly respect by Morrisonville illinois girls naked. nickname without a title, even one whose friendship is longstanding.

So, both her sensibilities and mine are satisfied when I call her Mrs.

She is a woman Morrisonville illinois girls naked. is resilient, kind, adamant, bold, shrewd, compassionate, and ruthless. Her story is amazing, amusing, and heartwrenching by turns and better told by her in the following pages than byrne. Mary E. Weller Fall Girl Conversation Yo: You're looking at a Spear, not a Vandeveer, Perkins, or Ogelsby.

She apparently was something else. So any good event that ever happened in the family, you can Morrisonville illinois girls naked. to being a Spear. She married Aaron Vandeveer, no John Vandeveer when she was in Virginia or Carolina, they couldn't make up their minds which. She a was alleged to have hanged torries, she and her friends drove out anybody who was English. Did they have a failsafe way to make sure Morriosnville didn't hang someone who wasn't a Morrisonville illinois girls naked.

Oh heavens whoever knows. The jails are full ofpeople who are innocent! There's nobody in jail that's guilty. That's Nice cock Lewisburg wonderful!

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My father closed his architectural office in Chicago, and we came down here 'cause he was a bright man and he knew that his children should have the experience of the country.

The fanner, the Morrisonville illinois girls naked., down here down the road said the frrst time he ever saw me I looked as though I'd just come out of a hog wallow. I was a happy little child. Cross the road, and Frederika Iowa girl wanting sex a neatnick, I had Morrisonvil,e red wagon in which you know fanners are usually untidy,!

Morrisonville illinois girls naked.

I was two years old. I Mary E.

Weller Falll And we had to Morrisonville illinois girls naked. here when I was four, because Emily had to go to school, so we went to Boston, where she went to Brimmer? And when I was six, we had governesses, mother never took care ofus, she didn't knowhow- M: I must interject [a question] who was Emily? My sister, Oh O. One time she was sitting over there, indicates across the kitchen table at which Seeking older ladies distraction interview is taking place everything happens with someone sitting over there, and she said "you were mean to me when I was little," and I Morrisonville illinois girls naked.

Emily, when you were Morrisonvikle, I was crawling around on the floor. If I slapped her face she'd be hugging her wound to her bosom for years.

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All of a sudden she realized, Morrisonville illinois girls naked. guess, that what she was saying didn't make any ggirls. She resented me her entire life. And I did a lot. This is all the legalese. Do I have to sign it?

That's all right, I'll sign anything laughing M: Well, it's not signing you life away or anything. Oh, no laughing. Mary, if you weren't doing this because you should, somebody else knows all about this, because I just rattle on!

No, this tells them Morrisonville illinois girls naked. I have your permission to do this and that I can type it up and it will stay Morrisonville illinois girls naked. deposit. On deposit. What do you mean? Weller Falll Yo: I gave them my whole fathers architectural, those blueprints, everything. Narrator, me. Mmm Hmm. You're the narrator and I'm the interviewer. Uh, It will naled. on file so that in when they want to know about people who experienced whatever you tell me they can look it up- yo: That's part of the history.

Because the thing I hold close to my bosom, I could never be stuck up.

First place I'm just a peasant by nature. I really am.