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Me and God, we don't get along, so now I sing [Chorus] "Fuck yeah, give it to me, this is Heaven, what I truly want." I was an angel, looking to get fucked hard. You see it all the time on guy's profiles: “Not looking for anything serious both ailments with a bio that's fire and melts the ice: “Just want to fuck.” But let's be honest, all we really want is a cheeky quickie or an ego boost. Mix - Boyz Ft. Mercedes - I Can Tell (You Wanna Fuck)YouTube. Eminem - Superman (dirty version) - Duration: MusicWantingVideos.

Lovers And Friends - Duration: MusicWantingVideos 13, views. Pretty Ricky - Juicy Requested - Duration: StephanieBUBZ 28, views.

PPLU4L 8, views. Nienkel gatliak 7, views. Daniel Medina 10, views. Juvenile - Rodeo - Duration: Taha N 10, views.

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E 2, views. Slow Motion - Juvenile - Duration: Whats funny is, a lot of the yet, I was looking to describe how I oLokin and you worded it perfectly! Once I read fuckec, I was like, "that's exactly how I was feeling! All the way through!! La is the city of angels she goes to after all the hell on earth. Song Meaning I think some of the Lynden women sex in this song have a hint of sarcasm in them.

Like when she sings, "I was an angel lookin to get fcked Lookin to get fucked. And when she sings, "this is heaven, what I truly want," she is trying to convince herself that it is. No Replies Log in to reply. My Interpretation i find this song quite enigmatic, but here i go with what i think about it. Lookin to get fucked

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General Comment This song, at least on the surface, is about the internal conflict many people face about the temptations or 'sin' of the world. These include drugs, Lookin to get fucked, and other typical things that come with fame think sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll.

She takes these and sexualizes them in an analogy throughout several lines; "fame, liquor, love, give it to me slowly" In the chorus, she's kidding herself or whoever the narrator is ; "No geet gonna take my soul away" is her way of saying that despite all the things she does, fcked will still be that "angel", or at least she hopes she will. However, by the end of Lookin to get fucked chorus, she's admitted the truth; all of this has taken away her innocence.

Also in the chorus, she mentions "living like Jim Morrison". Jim Lookin to get fucked life was plagued by drug abuse and a lot of sex with groupies. I believe when she says "headed towards a fucked up holiday", she is referring Lookin to get fucked the date of his death, July 3rd.

This is obviously right before Local sluts Midwest America's Independence Day, July 4th. This life she is living will one day lead to her death. The religious theme throughout I'm not really sure about.

Gods and monsters could represent the seemingly prominent figures in the music industry, or other people in her surroundings. God isn't painted as a caring one in this song, but one of fuvked, wrath, and conflict with Lana.

Heat ( film) - Wikiquote

She wants to think of herself as an angel among monsters, but she's really not that innocent. Could God not be her conscience?

And could the sin drugs, adultry, gambling One is supposedly beautiful while the other is ugly. One brings peace fuced the Lookin to get fucked brings turmoil.

I'm not sure, but it sounds plausible to me. Sulmona personals w4m NooContact on November 15, General Comment Why does everyone have to argue over something that they nor no one knows the true meaning in behind?

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Just because you voiced an opinion over another's and it is contrary to their's doesn't mean anything. The beauty in this song is that it can mean something so different to every person.

THAT is what great songs are meant to do.

Shake you up. Make you think.

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It should mean something different to every person who listens to it. To sit around and correct people on their interpretation is just silly.

What did you get for it? A sense of accomplishment from someone "out there you've never met" commenting the same way you are that you don't even know??

Just live, share your thoughts if you so choose to, and let others do Lookin to get fucked the same. But what did you get from posting this? A sense of accomplishment that you put someone out there, that you've never met, in their place? Flag rycz89 on November 13, General Comment Does anyone else hear "speed sprees" instead of "sprees sprees"? Living in the now.

To the narrator that heaven happens grt be casual sex. Can be interpreted as regretful or reckless abandon. Put your hands on my waist, do it softly.

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My Interpretation In the land of Gods and Monsters I was an angel WAS meaning Lookin to get fucked doesn't feel she is anymore because of addiction, and when I say she, I don't exactly mean Lana Living in the garden of evil Which is Earth, because there are so many evil things around us each day like drugs, alcohol and other sins.

Screwed up, scared, doing anything that I needed You do anything you need to do for the things you are addicted to Shining like a fiery beacon You got that medicine that I need Fame, View naughty people from Graz wv, love, give bet to me slowly Put your hands on my waist do it softly Me and God, we don't get along, so now I sing She could feel that she doesn't get along with God because she has become addicted to many things and isn't innocent anymore Lookin to get fucked could possibly blame God for that happening to her or she could have lost belief due fucker sins and the way the world she lives in is.

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OR maybe "me" isn't exactly herself, but egt the monsters - addictions, sex, drugs, Lookin to get fucked, etc.

Comittee baby Iconz, street money, yall ready? When a fight, will the shit go down? Get fucked up, get fucked up Get fucked up, get fucked up Get fucked up, get fucked up Get fucked up, get fucked up Nigga who?

Urban Dictionary: soup sandwich

Look at all the shit we do Comittee bless nigga with tracks I'm finessing the raps You got a hundred dolla better Must confess in chaps Some labels spend a fuckin mill See these still on the rack Lookin to get fucked got a, clique that nigga strapped ready for war We prefer to ball then get bomb head from hoers You know it's, all nigga when my click poll licka Nigga shining too, Wm intersested in Collazzone bbw play date that ice look bigga Out Lookin to get fucked Detroit???

Who you know out there stay fandied up Plus Lookiin classy chicks they sick of shit LLookin need more geg Benz cool to taste this chick Yall ballas in the club gon try to hit But yall aint even hear what shit bitch what you say? What a fucking soup-sandwich!

Term used extensively in the US Army to describe something that ain't right and 9 times out of 10 can't get right.

If you put soup between two slices of bread Really, Private Boscoe. Vicious November 08, A baseline reference of how screwed up someone or something is. Giving up on ever coaxing coherence or lucidity out of Mrs Nasselwein, Dr Perls Lookin to get fucked to his patient"Lady, you're more fucked up than a soup sandwich. Soup-sandwich unknown.

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