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Pari a real Friar Francis were to have walked off the stage at the Globe Theatre and practiced his faith in public, he most likely would have been arrested and executed. Such was the fate of anyone who deviated from the Protestant orthodoxy of Elizabethan England. Brian Lewis, associate pastor of St.

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Like Jacques de Boys, Friar Francis fach at the end of the play. Indeed, Friar Francis becomes the voice of reason in volatile turn of events.

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He comes up with pari clever deception that may seem out of character for a holy man, but in the process transforms a tragedy into a comedy and saves the honor of an innocent maiden. The faith leaders will bring something of themselves and their faith to the role.

Each faith leader will be referred to by his or her name in the production and will wear something emblematic of their faith. Lewis will don a white alb, cope and a rope cincture, just like one Friar Francis might have worn. Horn will appear in a preaching robe that arose out of the historic Protestant Reformation.

Audiences will notice the biggest changes the night Beals performs. The rabbi will use a traditional Jewish chuppah for the wedding ceremony.

Beals says he hopes Shakespeare can stand the changes. Like Tonighht Francis, many of the faith leaders have had to be the voice of reason in a calamitous situation. Beals recalls the time he had to calm a distraught mother of a bride who had converted to Judaism for her wedding.

The mother feared that because her daughter was no longer a Christian, they would not be able to meet in heaven after death. You will always have access and it will be great. Only good people go to Jewish heaven.

Townsend remembers the time he had to conduct a funeral without a body. That was difficult. The faith leaders say the production has given them the opportunity to reach out beyond the confines of their respective houses of worship.

For more information about times and dates and to purchase tickets, visit www. Diversity and tolerance highlighted in Delaware Theatre Co. Shakespeare in Philadelphia's Clark Park backs up "Twelfth Night" with a glam-rock band of kids from the neighborhood. Sign up for our weekly newsletter. It will takemembers this year for great news and programs to thrive.

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