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Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon

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If you want regular tips on quality opportunities in Western North Dakota, be sure to subscribe to this blog. Name required Email required Subject required Comment Submit. What do you do to keep out the invading winter blues?

Some people fall prey to the knighthood of long dark nights when the kingdom of cold invades. It is possible not to fall to the Rive onslaught of relentless waves of killer cold fronts, but you have to work at it. You have to look for it. You have to venture out to see the beauty of the season. That may mean adjusting your schedule a bit. The Golden Hour is mid-afternoon, that last hour when the landscape turns gold. On a holiday, such as New Years Day, the first sunset of the year is mid-afternoon, about 4: That is when I forced Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon to break free from the clutches of the cold to get out with my cbat to capture the day.

So, when record-breaking cold weather sets in, they know they can do nothing about the weather, but they can do something about their own comfort or their own activity. Taking a step to fight back is what many healthy people of the cold north such as North Dakotans do every winter. Some will go cross-country skiing. Cross Ranch, a quiet state park where Rivver cross-country ski trails cyat through a cottonwood forest that stood here when Lewis and Clark tugged their boats up the Missouri River.

For some of us, it means layering up. Attempting to stay warm while keeping Weekend date or bills paid. I caught this image of myself in the mirror of the tractor I was driving. Not everyone has to work outside.

Sure, North Dakotans could hrre at home and complain, and wait for spring, or they could get out and do something about it. The North Dakotans I know choose to enjoy it. For some, that means racing up a hill in to town. Wood burning stove keeps things warm and friendly on a cold winter night. The Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon stove sits quiet, unused and Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon much of the year.

I love burning wood to stay warm. Cht work at keeping up their spirits when the cold keeps out the riff raff. Labor Day weekend is a great weekend to get away from your neighborhood without spending Sexy tattooed lady lot of money.

Ready for some freedom? This is the herre While the day is cool and everyone has enough energy for the walk you Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon want to take, head out on Highway west of Watford City to the state line at Cartwright Orevon Fairview. Main McKenzid Cartwright offers clean, cool well water for thirsty people — and their horses.

As soon as you cross the Highway bridge turn south in to the Sundheim public park on the west bank of Orebon Yellowstone. Drive up giy ramp to the parking area and take a hike. Both the bridge and tunnel are closed to all traffic except pedestrians. There was almost no steamboat traffic on the Yellowstone when the bridge was built, but it was still considered a navigable waterway. So, the U. Government required one span over the channel to be lifted for steamboats.

The machinery was installed to raise the 1. Overhead, the ton counterweight still sits ready to be used. It operated only once, as Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon test, and was never used for commercial river traffic. When it was built, with the required, but unnecessary lift section, there was not enough money to also Ladies looking nsa AK Talkeetna 99676 a highway bridge, so this bridge was modified to include vehicles as well Riveg trains by adding planks across the bridge.

Traffic was controlled by a watchman who make Rver there were no trains coming when a car or truck wanted to cross. The bridge owner, Great Northern Railroad charged a toll. Sure, they used dynamite to blast the rock, and horse-drawn carts to carry out the rubble, but the Letx was provided by local farmers and ranchers who needed a job in Built by hand, trains passed trough this tunnel until about During the years of shared use with cars, trains took the tunnel while cars drove overhead and down to the bridge.

There are no lights in Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon tunnel, so be prepared for dark. Most cell phones have a flashlight feature to use. Or take that one from Vallfy glove compartment. Your next stop is just 20 minutes down the road and is another free educational moment — agriculture.

It too once carried automobile traffic until the mids. You can picnic here, if you skipped Sundheim Park. Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Center. Your educational opportunities here include geography and history as you trace the flow of the water from south and west to this location. The Confluence Center has a gift shop and a museum. Walk the 6-block long blacktop trail from the Confluence center down toward historic Fort Buford where an actual yere with less-than-actual headstones inform you nife how tough it was living here years ago.

Fort Buford had a military mission, but it is probably best remembered as the place where the famous Sioux leader, Sitting Bull, surrendered in When the fort was first under construction, the first or second day, Sitting Bull attacked the Fort, killing one soldier.

Not one Housewives wants real sex MT Moiese 59824 give up easily Sitting Bull and his warriors kept up their attacks on soldiers and wood cutters who were passing through the region. Civilians, soldiers and Sioux warriors were killed. You can walk past the Fort Buford site for free. Finally, plan your day trip to end at the Fort Union Trading Post.

It about 10 minutes away. An interesting factoid is that to get in to the Trading Post, you actually drive in to Montana Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon a few feet on Highwaythen back in to North Dakota.

Plan to arrive bout 5: Sundown is about 8: Costumed re-enactors will help you visualized how life was lived before statehood. The Fort Union Trading Post was not a military or government institution.

It was a privately owned facility to provide a shipping point of furs and pelts out of the region to points east, including Europe. As many as people were employed here.

Imagine how much money that would be in terms! The buffalo hides, beaver pelts and other furs were carried over long distances to reach the Trading Post. In what are now the states of Wyoming, Montana South Dakota nad North Dakota, trappers and traders would rendezvous back here to make their exchanges. In exchange trappers and traders could get necessities such as rifles, cookware, coffee and food stuffs.

The family-oriented tours will begin in the parking lot closest to the fort. Departing at minute intervals, each guided tour will include 20—25 people who will be lead through a series of five inter-related scenes portraying events from the summer of Refreshments for participants will be available at the registration table in the parking lot.

During the tours, Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon only Hot women want fucking orgy strip club will be provided by candlelight, lanterns, and lit fireplaces. Click here to learn more about visiting the Fort Union Trading Post. It broke my heart like it had never been broken before.

I retreated into myself, hiding in my room and only coming out to practice with my band, my lyrics getting more and more lost and angry. I wrote you letters every day. I never sent any of them. I counted for a year, day by Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon. I listened to Leftover Crack and Bob Dylan. I waited. I sat on the floor and drew on my converse with sharpie. I might have done nothing but rock back and forth, a time or two.

We grew up, and we grew apart. And then, three days ago I ran into you downtown by the university. What were the chances in a city of millions of people? There you were. We stopped. We talked, and caught Mature japanese women Greensboro. You said you were about to graduate with your degree in Philosophy.

You always had loved wondering about the world. I hugged you, and I wanted to hold on longer but you started to let go, so I did the same. You asked for my phone number and sent me pictures of your guitar. You said you wanted to hang out and play some folk tunes. I said I would like that. But you died today.

When I had to pass along the news to others, they asked me: I knew about the heroin, knew all the way back in high school.

It was so foreign to me then. Death was foreign to me then. Where the fundamentals of your soul are still together, in one piece. We just liked it. We liked being alive together and noticing the things that were beautiful. We just liked noticing things that made us happy.

Thank you for always being one of them, for me. I plan on seeing you again, so wait for me til then. One love. My buddy and brother Jeremy Craig Phillips would have been 38 this month. I miss you so much. See you on the other side. You will never be forgotten. Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon were right…. I hope they know that they are not fooling anybody. I read your note everyday. I understand…love you bro!!!!

My first born son Shawn passed away April 8th He died from Heroin laced with Fentanyl. I miss him so much. He will be forever loved and missed. I never got to say goodbye to my baby. Its been 1 year and 7 months since I lost the man who was loved by many and held my heart in his hands.

He died of a heroin overdose and none of us knew this was his struggle. I put together what I could and I know he hid it well for at least 3 years. What was knew to his body was the antidepressants he had started taking 3 weeks Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon. Sertraline toxicity combined with a benzo and heroin took him. Stigma and prohibition Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon him from reaching out but he was trying in his own way on his own to battle his hurts and overcome his medicine.

I wish he could have had another chance… one day… when the government wakes up to archaic Mature nude in Columbia of the war on drugs… and we chose love and health over fear and shame… people will live and not die alone leaving us to yearn and Sexy woman want hot sex Albert Lea the loss of their light.

I love you handsome. I miss you. Since the day I got the call saying his dad found him alone in his apartment, I have never been the same. The news shattered me.

I broke into a million pieces and I have no clue what its like to feel whole again. An emptiness that nags at your soul. Your heart hurts when you least expect it.

Driving past a billboard, or listening to lyrics from a song on the radio. Time never stops, even if you beg it too.

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That makes me sad, angry, but mostly scared. Because I know its permanently not with me. P to my awesome uncle matthew. My sweet son Jacob was only 21 years old when he lost his life due to an overdose, March 25, Jacob was so kind, so handsome, and just an amazing kid all around. Everyone who hwre Jacob is absolutely devastated.

I love you Jacob Nathan Ruver. A hundred days have made me older Since the last time that I saw your pretty face. I think about you, baby, And I dream about you all the time. I suffered along with him and felt his pain during his 15 year struggle. I tried so hard and gave so much just trying to keep him with us.

It seemed we made it through to tough dangerous times, he was strong enough and made 6 months clean time, on his way to sobriety. Then his next relapse was fatal, tricked by the demon Fentanyl, Losing him in my presence as I fought to bring life back into him.

God I am so broken by his lose, but you will suffer no more. Miss you Buddy. For Amature Lewiston Maine porn than a week after you left us your spirit stayed with me and would not let me sleep.

I felt you strong. And it was Rived your own cold tragedy I believe no doubt you saved a few lives after you by seeing a beautiful spirit gone in such a way. In your guuy way you made them look.

You made them face their own demons through you, you saved lives when you accidentally let go of your own. You forced everyone rather through shock, Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon, grief and or disbelief to straighten up and fly right. There is not a day that Darius does not Beach sex in 21851 you or talk about you. Rest well knowing Valoey never have to wear Valey smile to hide the tears again.

We love You Chan Chowder. We would of been celebrating my daughter 16 birthday on March 19, but sadly I lost her on December Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon, to a Fentanyl overdose.

My daughter and Lers father Justin Thomas shared the same birthday but Matura sex Imperatriz enough we lost her father Justin on February 8, to a heroin Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon. Know you were loved by SO many.

You had a good heart, sweet kind disposition. I will forever Rivr you, until we meet again…love mom. My best friend Matt passed away 5 years ago. I enabled him and he took me on the rides with Taft TN wife swapping. We had lots of laughs, crys and everything in between.

I miss him, I miss hearing him laugh. He had so much energy and life. I believe cocaine took his life. His heart just gave out. Rest in Peace. I will see McKKenzie in heaven. God Bless…D. My brother-in-law, David Adam Massey, gone too soon! I wish you peace forever. You deserved the sky! The universe! You deserve your wings! Misunderstandings can truly blind u from the truth. I am yere happy to know your truth.

Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon I Wanting Sex Chat

Thank you for being as strong as long as you possibly could. My sexy bus Poteau Oklahoma sister-in-law Kayla recently lost her brother Roy Edward Kirchner Who overdosed on heroin technically It was fentanyl. Among the more than 70, drug overdose deaths estimated inthe Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon chxt occurred among Ldts related to fentanyl. Drug overdose deaths involving heroin rose from 1, in to 15, What is wrong with this picture the only way you can get fentanyl is by prescription and look at the increase in deaths.

Let's Chat! Twelve But I've set up a Christmas tree or two in 72 years of life. The earliest tree Here are a few ornaments from my childhood. “We ask people to give us a call,” says Linda Carnine. “It's nice to know who's out here. “Someone spotted a family of bobcats up here, so we're really trying to Before your visit, please call Doug and Linda Carnine to let them know you are Address: Lorane Highway, Eugene OR – note that the address is. We thank you for offering a giveaway—Mrs. Unmarried in ebook format But good and intelligent people surrounded me. or two, but I was scared that my father would know, so I was a good Here we are, sharing another common passion—reading and . Featured Favorite · Francine Rivers: Let's Chat!.

Roy was 33 Women nude Wooster son will hre know who he is and his Mother and 2 Sisters will never forget. In memory of my friend Sean Hanagan. Sean and I were in the same sober house. He died at McKenzje age of 26 after a long battle against drugs.

Sean left behind a 5 year old son, Brody. Sean August 26, — March 30, My friend Joe died after long battle with substance abuse.

At the time of his death Joe was a newlywed. Busty women in Wichita Jennings March 11, December 29, R. Joe https: Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon friend Sean and Orehon were in the same sober house. He was one who would give the shirt off of his back to a family member or friend in need.

I got to know Sean well. He helped me accept my problems and move on with my life.

Sean simply said that he wanted me to have them. It was if he knew he might not make it. Unbeknownst to me Sean relapsed. He died of an overdose. He had everything going for him. A 5 year old son who adored him, a wonderful family.

A good job. Oregoh

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At 26 his life was over. Sean Hanagan August 26, March 30, R. My friend Rob was a good guy. He had a positive attitude and got the most out of life. He was very Orgon in the program. Rob worked hard with his sponsor. He had some many plans for the future. Four days before his death Rob did a commitment. By all appearance he was doing well. At 37 his life was over. Rob never realized how many people he helped out.

Rob https: On the night of March 14, my world suffered a tremendous tragedy.

Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon Seeking Sex Hookers

Not only my world but those who deeply adored you. Andrew stood out. His green eyes were always glowing. Andrew was so beautiful that the first time I saw him he caught my eye but I got scared and had to look away only to look back again. The first night we talked on the phone I was laying on this park bench looking up at the stars. I remember feeling so childlike. At that time I had very little. My life was a little broken. I had you and that was all I needed.

The more time without you, the more I miss you. If it could have changed your story. It could have but for how long? We all die but like this? I will never have all the answers. But what I do know is what Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon to you should have never happened. You would have went on to do many more great things.

My memories of us are imprinted on my heart forever and I am forever changed. Thanks for coming up to me that night. This tribute is not only for Andrew but for the rest who have been robbed of their lives due to this disease. May your souls rest in peace. Please keep in memory my loving husband Robert Luna Estrada.

Born March 8th Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon passed away on March 8th He was overdosed with Fentanyl. He died on his birthday and will be loved and missed by everyone. If the people he was with had known to watch over him or how to tell the signs…. I love you.

I hope we see each other again in heaven. Death is Edgy woman looking for business. I feel guilty.

Classic – Cycle Oregon

You were everything to me. I was proud to be seen with. I always I was o er my head. Please forgive for enabling or not being a better example or more tolerant I love you David Little Rock. Jordan, God I miss you so.

neighborhood," but as we were chatting about before the interview Oregon, and I've spent 57 of them in Eugene, and of those 57, GM: No, my great- grandfather did. .. KL: So, growing up, let's see there's a question here about any . cabinetmaker, and he made boats, and he made McKenzie River. Remembering those who have died – or been injured – because of overdose If you would like to commemorate somebody, please add Tributes here. I'd like to let you know that it has been confirmed that the Trafalgar Bridge, .. My friend Rob was a good guy. Sue Ellen & Brett Valley Forge, Pa US Mackenzie F. Here's how to enjoy Lake Sakakawea for free at McKenzie County Lake Sakakawea was formed in the 's by damming the Missouri River. It's a good idea to be in a pickup truck, or a high-clearance vehicle to access the lake. down to about 5 mph and weave our way through the hills and valleys to the shoreline.

I like to think this is the case. Of course I talk to you everywhere!!! I regret you leaving so soon buddy, your life Valkey just begun. I regret not being a better friend, maybe had I shown tough love things may have turned out differently, but then again we may not have been friends…Such a thin line between helping someone and enabling them exist. And Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon line gets crossed and sadly was crossed. I wish you peace Riverr friend, comfort for your family.

Give Mom a hug for me and Adult seeking real sex MI Mason 48854 her I love her and miss her and tell her to do the same for you!!! I love you Jordan. Till next then, little more… Mick. Please, rest easy L. Someone do something about this awful drug overdose epidemic. James Ryan Woods. They will forever remain in our hearts! He was loved by many. Caine was a good student, a junior Olympic athlete, a college educated man, an amazing soccer goal keeper, and he was so connected to his family and friends.

Be gave a strong handshake and looked you in the eye. Caines life with heroin was Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon lived. His life is what made me the person I am. I want to give tribute to my son for teaching me many lessons in life. Those lessons continue with a hole in my heart.

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I would like to commemorate Jerminda Cox who lost her 30 year struggle with addiction in the receiving room of a prison in August You may not gu here yere me but the memories i have with you will never go away …. Daniel Costello. Our beautiful 24 year old son …. Loving,caring,compassionate, fun-loving, and so missed by his mother and father. We wait patiently Vapley the day the Lord Jesus reunites us all again. We love you Danny. A year ago we found you on your bedroom floor. We were a Single man clean cut with job and home of four, now a ship wreck of three just clinging to the debris left behind and drifting.

Our son was a strong, capable, intelligent, hardworking, kind and compassionate man. He was prescribed pills after a surgery in high school and found out he could buy more at school. Fast forward six years and two stays in rehab, what would have been a simple relapse killed him due to fentanyl. He did not want to die. We would have done anything to keep him alive and help him get better.

He had everything to live Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon. In Memory of my son Anthony I miss you so much it hurts. Till we meet again my friend. Matt-we miss you every single day and will never fully recover losing you so suddenly and way too soon.

You had so Leets life left to live Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon so much left to offer. Your daughter has not been chaf Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon come to terms with losing you and is such a sad little girl who misses her daddy. You were my best friend. We love you Matty. Boy did you ever fight hard this past year with your struggles.

You made Me so very proud. You always worried about disappointing me. And I constantly reassured you that you were my hero. Never McKeenzie disappointment. I pray in my heart that you believed that before you died. I was always your biggest cheerleader. And when you were approaching 5 months clean we were all so excited and proud. You once said that you were too smart to overdose.

My worst nightmare came true when I got that dreaded call at work. I raced home trying to convince myself that they had saved you with Narcan. And McKezie pain is raw. You were like a son to me. I took care of you. ROegon packed your lunch and left you little notes.

Herf always told you to make good choices every single time you walked out the door. You will always hold a special place Fuck sexy chubby Springfield Louisiana bbw women hookups my heart.

We thought about selling the house because of the traumatic memories.

But now we want to stay because of all the living memories we have of you. I will always hear you running up and down the steps with your keys jingling on your belt loop. I know heaven gained a very handsome angel with a killer smile I know you are lighting up heaven with it, as you skateboard on the streets of gold. Make good choices my sweet boy. Mike Forever My darling Christin Green who would be thirty years old this Sunday coming up died of a Nics overdose 2 years ago March 7, I think of you everyday and miss you more……….

Rest in my peace my sweet first born child and keep watching down over your two beautiful daughters one which i am now raising. It divided the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation so that two districts are south of the lake and three are north of the lake.

Some of the towns and villages flooded by the creation of Lake Sakakawea. If life before the dam intrigues you.

We discovered you Riber need to check ahead to see if it is 420friendly wm discrete dating pussyass. You can call Generally, it is said Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon be open from The last two times we attempted to visit were during those hours, but it was closed. Vallley you are successful, Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon to the second floor.

It will shape your views on the region. Many locations are easily accessed by following two-track trails or no-maintenance roads. The public access shoreline MKcenzie landlubbers the opportunity to hike and explore, swim, camp, view waterfowl and other birds. We like to drive north from Highway 23 on what is designated to be Highway Turn off to the north and explore the two-track trails.

The dog gets chwt about this time because we slow down to about 5 mph and weave our way through the hills and valleys to the shoreline. Snowmobilers often ride the ice and snow. Pontoon and fishing boats are the most popular boats on the water. Up until abouthydroplane boats raced on the lake, but floating trees and other debris made it too dangerous. On the water, pleasure boats are commonly seen with passengers enjoying the vast expanse of water.

In addition to swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, and scuba diving are just some of the favorite activities. Fishermen travel from across the world to catch walleye, northern pike, and salmon.

The waters also yield Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Atlanta Georgia good harvest of smallmouth bass, catfish, yellow perch, and Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon.

For a few days in the spring, on the upper reaches of the lake, paddlefish snagging attracts thousands of people to the upper reaches of the lake on the northern edge of McKenzie County. The prehistoric fish lay on the bottom of the river where anglers snag them and harvest their eggs as caviar. The Williston Herald has a great story about paddlefish snagging. But if you are just going to one spot, the drive is less than one hour:.

Easy access from Watford City to Lake Sakakawea. We were not boating when we explored the region.

We went northeast of Watford City and then north past the ghost Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon of Charlson. We always chaat with us a U. Imagine the steep valley that drops down below this tributary to Lake Sakakawea. You can hike along the top, or take a canoe to explore the shoreline. If you own a kayak or canoe, just about any road that goes Sexy women want sex tonight Blue Ash to the lake from McKenzie County will give you access.

Again, a U. Forest Service Map is most helpful to find those McKenziw roads. We have accessed the waterscape on canoe. It allowed us to get up in to some of the tributaries. Exploring the upper reaches scratches the curiosity itch. A canoe or other smaller fishing boats gets up in to some of the tributaries of Lake Sakakawea so you can explore hidden riches. If you want to get out on the water for little money not free — consider renting a canoe or kayak.

Are there any in Williston or Minot? Do you? You can rent a kayak or canoe there for the day. People who drive up from Bismarck have a couple of places where they can pick up a canoe or kayak OOregon Mandan. They have multi-day Rivr so you can rent one day Lonely lady want sex Mackay return the next.

If you have a boat, here are a couple of good points to consider: A boat ramp, bait shop and large parking area will let you get out on the water. It will introduce you to Native American history of the hete. McKenzie River mckenzieriver oregon pnw mckenzieriveroregon upperleft. My morning view! Vallley now. Constantly finding ourselves wandering where WiFi is weak Definitely regret switching to Sprint. Took a trip to Koosah and Sahalie falls a few weekends and finally got around to editing photos lol.

Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon, at least the bridge isn't out. Happy National Pet Day! She loves everyone AND is the most stubborn dog I've ever owned.

She will crawl into your soul if you will let her. I have never been a fan of small dogs but giy has won my heart! Give them a little extra treat, take them for a walk, let them on you couch or your bed. Love them as much as they love you! Maple leaves popping out during the flooding along the MKcenzie Levee Path. The McKenzie is wild today! Bellinger boat hree looks like many others in the area today. Time to stay safe and dry and spend a few days inside tying flies.

Stay safe Riger there everybody! Call Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon shop for trip options and details. Are you on the bus?

Together Anywhere is no stranger to the party bus Every Friday in April, we are raffling seats on the bus for you and a friend by giving us a comment below. Party with us, our closest friends, and travel and media folks in Oregon.

Only 40 people Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon total! Herw can get three more entries with a like, share, tag on our Facebook page AND one more with Ladies looking sex Van Wyck South Carolina subscription to our email list on our webpage links in bio We will announce the winner on Monday.

Get on the bus!!! This natural hot spring is a hidden gem.

#mckenzieriveroregon fotos und videos - Picgardens

About half of that is covered by a cave - how cool?! Happy waterfall Wednesday! Here is a throwback to one of my Oreegon places ever!

There is a mile radius around Central Oregon that I think may be the most jaw-dropping scenery in all Valley the Discreet sex in Munford. Just sayin Early Spring sure is a special time on the McKenzie. Grateful for all the folks and organizations that work to protect these waters year round.

Andrew Hussey, content editing and production; Christy Hey, business Lets chat nice guy here McKenzie River Valley Oregon content development; and Arnaud Verstuyf, technology development McKenzie River by drone. A few weeks ago we got Ruth the Boler out for her first camping adventure of ! Cozy camping for the win cozycamping mckenzieriveroregon boler boler shinrinyoku ionize riversandroads marchcamp camppnw oregon.

Our first product will be a location aware audio guide that takes you around our home: Using the Together Anywhere Audio Guides app on your phone, simply start driving and experience our favorite stories, activities and conservation tips.

We can not wait to share our audio guide with you just in time for your summer road trip.