These are the steps needed to be taken by the company removing prints to fix your mold problems.

Assessment for molds

The mold presence assessment is the first step in resolving this problem. This is done by observing the foundation and corners of the house or facility visually. This is a method that doesn’t interfere. However, it can only distinguish the visible mold and smell. In some cases, a more disturbing method is needed. ¬†You can find mold remediation companies through

Attention must be given to the area where there is water retention or moisture. This is the same as the area where the previous water incident, flood, or leak has occurred.

Sampling mold

Sampling must be done by a professional remediation company or mold if needed. Check whether they have certain certifications or specialists (delete company mold) which have extensive knowledge in dealing with problems.

These are various types of sampling molds:

  • Air sampling: This is the most common type of sampling. Air samples are taken inside and outside the home or facilities for comparison. Using this technique can provide sufficient information about the existence of an invisible mold.
  • Surface sampling: This type of sample gets specimens by wiping them on the wall or surface of the house or building. Dust particles can also be used as specimens.
  • Bulk samples: This type of sample can be done by removing materials from an infected or contaminated area to determine the concentration of fungi in the specimen.

Mold remediation

As discussed earlier, determining the cause of the mold is the first step in solving the problem. After assessing the extent to which the mold problem, the steps needed are taken. There should be enough sunlight and ventilation at home or affected buildings. Chemicals can also be used. However, you must consult with a remedial remediation company to ensure that this mold does not grow back.