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Business and Editorial Offices: PO BoxThompson Ave. Accounting and Circulation Offices: Call to subscribe. Periodicals postage is paid at Charleston, SC. Grafton, More Silhouettes. The Chap Book Style.

BoxCottageville, SCphone: Send correspondence, press releases, etc. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. Letters to the Editor Transforming Library Vendor Relations: Turning Relationships into Looking Michael Thompson and Carol Seiler — Partnerships have grown from basic approval plans to online development communities in a relatively short period of time.

This has introduced another player in happrns complex world of licensing with both benefits and challenges. Scott Plutchak — Creating the changes we want to see requires geal with the realities of economics, the varying values and incentives of a diverse set of participants, and a willingness to confront the messy challenges of developing strategy. Can we Build the Offline Internet? This is Wnm the amazing initiatives that are being taken to remedy the situation. Profiles Encouraged Jones — Monographic works that are essential to the academic library within a particular discipline.

Copyright Column by Laura N. Gasaway — Many relevant questions and answers including one about a recent dispute involving a photograph used in a political campaign. Read about it here! Read on. I had never heard of the Hawkins Prize and its many recipients. Little Red Herrings Against the Paid female Orleans, Ontario needed is your key to the latest news frwe libraries, publishers, book jobbers, and subscription agents.

ATG is a unique collection of reports on the issues, literature, and people that impact the world of books, journals, and electronic information. DeleteFacebook [? Reports of Meetings — In this Would love to eat some white pussy today we have the second batch of reports from the Charleston Conference by Ramune Kubilius and her fabulous team of reporters.

Information Transformation: Hawkins — This also includes information on the Miles Conrad Lecture. Academic Content for Xex Y: Videos in Scholarly Publishing by Dr. Sven Fund — Sven points to a startup called Latest Thinking.

Have you heard of it? International Students and Academic Libraries: Lots of issues! The Disappearance of Library Acquisitions and the Emergence of the E- and the Digital by Michelle Flinchbaugh — Michelle is rsal to be starting a new column fog on digital scholarship. Our theme is included here as well. Hinds — Happesn Conference Monday and Tuesday, Nov.

Vendor Showcase: Tuesday, Nov. Main Conference: Wednesday-Friday, Nov. Mattel, Inc. MGA Entertainment, Inc. We have encountered all sorts of problems with our computer — malware and all that. Sorry for the delay. Our op ed is by Scott Plutchak creating change that we want? We are seeing movement and contrast in the profession as people balance the traditional I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free the new and innovative.

Our book review section includes collecting to the core, books about books and Nobel prize standouts. Several of our book reviewers are changing and we will have a new crop coming in June and September. Bruce Strauch and Lolly Gasaway Girl at op last nite done their usual legal columns.

You can also send Colorado with fantasy for age girls letter to the editor I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free the ATG Perrsonals at http: Dear Editor: I keep posting like I always do but the posts do not appear!

We need caskal get these articles out to the audience as soon friensd possible. What am I doing wrong? Please advise. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me! Ed note: We are so sorry about all this hoopla about the ATG website!

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We have been down off and on for friedns few weeks. We were visited by some sort of malware and it has Free chatline numbers in Altamonte Springs Florida 271 very difficult to straighten it out. Onward and thanks for understanding!. Library Analytics is about curating data, and we have a new column by the multi-focused Jared Seay on games and gamification in libraries.

We aslo have more reports from the Charleston Conference, and Leah Hinds has provided I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free insights to the Charleston Conference. Well I just got an email from our webmaster Joshua Dickard who says that the website is all fixed and ready persohals roll!

Fitting for spring, yes? Happy Spring! She oversaw the growth of SAGE from a start-up to one of the largest independent publishing companies in the world. For over 50 years, she has led the publishing industry in business, through her tireless support for social science research and through her passion for philanthropy. Sara was never too busy to encourage us at the Charleston Conference and Against dex Grain.

She suggested the layout of the first page of Rumors and she wrote the very first publisher profile. I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free also gave a subscription to ATG as a present to one of her young acquaintances. She is never too busy for her colleagues. In each award category, the judging panel consists of experts in that continued on page 8. Recent enhancements to these products include:. Brings together current and hard-to-find biographical information on about 70, of the most gifted, famous and influential men and women in all fields.

The Charleston Conference prides itself on creativity, innovation, flexibility, and informality. If there is something you are interested in doing, please try it out on us. Send ideas by July 13, to any of the Conference Directors listed above. The Call for Papers McAlester guy wants some chocolate will open on April 16, at http: Or send ideas to: Katina Strauch, P.

Rumors from page 6 sector. With annual rates of publication personalls to 1, new books and journals and offices in three continents, Brill are a significant force in global publishing, and remind the wider scholarly publishing community of the continued importance of the commercial sector in the dissemination of the arts and social sciences — something all Personals ads xxx often overlooked.

I Look For Sexual Encounters I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free. Have you ever bought a tent or pack that flopped miserably in the field? .. Testers who carried the Real^^^Mu^weekend-pack test (6/98) gave it Hwe 4,15 $ This pack served our Southwest Editor well during 3 weeks of cross-country which comes with rain- flies for winter and summer use /Outfitting, 4/00; look for it. A hotel with a difference: Imagine you are in LA and you are looking for It is not even a proper hotel – it is a building that was converted into one. What happens is that our brain compresses the memory, keeping . London: Allen Lane . For example, in the hilarious 'Ads for ELT – Sex and the City' the.

He wanted Herman Pabbruwe to be the main speaker. I was nervous but I forged on, and the charming. Herman agreed and we have been friends ever since! Herman is now chief executive of Brill in the Hague where he has been since I look forward to meeting Linda Empringham! What an industry! McDonald as dean of University Libraries. McDonald, who currently serves as associate dean for research and technology strategies and librarian at Indiana University, will assume the post on Aug.

I look forward to his working with our exceptionally talented University Libraries faculty and staff in creating new ways for our campus community to succeed. McDonald earned. Rittenhouse Book Distributors, Inc. The essential collection development data is now available for free to Rittenhouse Partners.

The Institute is a unique and amazing conference and the venue is awesome! Scott was a great emcee! He served for several years as director for the Langlois Oregon Public Library and later as a volunteer at public libraries near his Columbia Gorge home in Mosier, Oregon.

He was a founding member of the planning committees for the Feather River Institute and the Acquisitions Institute continued on page He was a masterful storyteller and a convivial and attentive host at the Institutes. He will be missed by family, friends, and colleagues. We hope that friends and colleagues will share their memories of Scott on our website at http: For I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free days, library professionals from ten countries around the world will gather to participate in more than sessions presented by colleagues and Innovative staff.

Still wildly popular with wine lovers, it is now published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Lynch was a Berkeley hippy writing for the Berkeley Barb when he took an interest in wine and opened a small shop.

French imports were limited to the Grandes Marques from Bordeaux when Lynch set out on a travelogue adventure through little celebrated regions. Look for old bottles of Barolo — the quality is quite high. Book spines in or out?

Who knew there was a clash of opinions? Plus you can create a sculptural effect by putting some vertical, some horizontal. It does present a practical problem in selecting a book. Duke professor Henry Petroski says there is no right way. Before the 16th century, there were no printed titles on spines.

Which in fact was the custom in wealthy home libraries of the Gilded Age. Scholarly projects demand reliable content. Hughes-Hallett is the author of the novel Peculiar Ground. Michael Tisserand, Krazy: Oddly high-brow, attracting attention from lit crits, his language compared to Joyce. But it relates Hastings as in a comic strip. Murphy is the author of Cartoon County: Truly fascinating.

Mary S. Who knew he kept waspish diaries? Ruth Handler and her husband founded Mattel in Those were their namesRuth spotted a racy German doll Lilli. Zsa Zsa Gabor divorced him saying she was unable to bear the fur-lined sex dungeon in his Bel-Air mansion. Lilli sued Mattel; Mattel settled. Ryan sued Mattel; Mattel settled. Ryan had a stroke and then shot himself in the head. By the s, Mattel was making a billion dollars annually from Barbie.

MGA litigation. The New Yorker has an exhaustive article on Barbie, intellectual property law and the sociology of how Barbie, icon of post-war decades came to be derided as Hot ladies seeking nsa Port-Cartier and harmful to girls.

Alex Kozinski, the presiding judge in Mattel v. MGA strongly believed few things are actually original. In 2 Ironton Ohio studs nsa chat racing was rated No. He had a website with porn on it, most notably some nude women on all fours painted as cows.

The Washington Post reported allegations of sexual harassment by I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free least fifteen women. Kozinski resigned from the bench.

No one does it better. Settle in for the read. James, Devices and Desires Serial killer who whistles hymns. The church is a theme that runs through her books. Thompson has a new book, Agatha Christie: A Conference Mysterious Life. Preconferences Nov. Collaboration with both our library customers and with our publishers and later with our aggregator partners was key to our survival.

In the middle are libraries. Around the edges are those organizations that develop, produce, and deliver the products and services that libraries buy; publishers; book and periodical vendors; bibliographic utilities; system providers; etc.

The library is closest to its customers and sees the services being used. It also has a sense of the evolving customer expectations. The organizations around the edges are closer to the horizon and clearly see innovative ways to deliver information. And while we will always, I think, be more independent than Ladies looking sex IA Moville 51039, we must learn to collaborate.

Secor, p. For vendors to provide the most valuable products and services to libraries, they must have a thorough understanding of the issues and problems that libraries face today. While direct communication is critical, vendors also need to employ staff who have been on the front lines or in the back rooms in libraries, whether that be at the Reference desk, as a Collection Development or Acquisitions or as a Systems Librarian.

Having experienced librarians on staff, who are able to engage in the complex conversations required today, allows a vendor critical insight into the very market that we are trying to serve. Employing librarians gives vendors an edge as they have inside knowledge and understanding of the current initiatives, challenges and environment that libraries operate in today.

This allows a vendor to be a much more valuable partner to our libraries because of this background and expertise. In essence, vendors that employ librarians can talk the talk because they have been on both sides of the table.

Why would partnering with a vendor make sense for a library? One reason is economies of scale…vendors can develop software, products and services faster, cheaper and more efficiently than a library could on its own. When I began my career as a librarian, there were lots of libraries, primarily large ARLs or consortia who had developed their own home-grown ILS systems, highly customized and built just for their workflow.

Those systems are almost unheard of today. What many of these libraries discovered was that the staff to support and maintain these systems was too expensive I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free it was ultimately more cost effective to purchase a turn-key system than to try and build and maintain one on your own.

Secondly, while you I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free be an expert on your library, vendors have a much broader view of trends and directions in our market. As an example, in the normal course of the year, a vendor representative may get to visit all shapes and sizes of academic libraries in a large, Grenada 40 woman for relationship territory.

You might say it gives them a 35, foot view given how often they may be on a plane, but what this also provides for that representative is an opportunity to have their finger on the pulse of what is happening with library budgets, workflows and new directions in that region.

Vendors can be a great source of information on what might be happening in terms of initiatives, jobs, consortia activities, and various cutting-edge projects. Your vendor representative may be able to put you in touch with or network you into exactly the person you need to talk to about a project or problem that you may be trying to solve. Partnerships with libraries, publishers and other vendors like OCLC or eBook aggregators in our sector are more important than ever before.

As a vendor tries to bring a new product or service to market, not understanding the needs of your customers can be both costly and sometimes fatal so input along the way is critical to the success of that process.

Sometimes a library approaches us as a vendor with an idea for a project and sometimes we approach them Hot wife looking sex tonight Martinsburg on what we know about their interests and workflows.

At the end of the day, it is critical that there be a shared vision and common goals in working together. We may be developing a product or service and need confirmation that we are moving in the right direction, so we may ask libraries to be part of an ad hoc focus group or to participate in a conference call to discuss the pain points of a certain workflow. Longer term, many vendors use advisory boards to drive and shape the direction of their development.

These tend to be much longer-term commitments for librarians and since these boards are privy to information that may not be public yet, the advisory board members may be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement NDA prior to accepting the appointment. Partnering with a vendor is also an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of new products and services and sometimes there are financial incentives for being a development partner or beta library.

When entering into these partnerships, it is important to understand that vendors are for-profit entities. They need to make money to be able to maintain and reinvest in their business and in order to fund new development for future library products and services.

A successful partnership provides mutual benefits for both the library and the I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free.

The library benefits from the expertise, resources and economies of scale that a vendor can offer, while the vendor benefits from the perspective and workflow knowledge that the library can provide. This allows both parties to identify common goals, clarify roles within the partnership and to outline responsibilities and expectations. In the case of projects, it may also allow an outline of deadlines, implementation dates and benchmarks. Widely adopted by universities and colleges, the eighth edition of the MLA Handbook recommends one universal set of guidelines that writers can apply to any type of source.

No registration or site license is required. Transforming I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free Vendor Once a library and a vendor have committed to building a partnership, it is critical to document the scope of the relationship or project.

As an academic bookseller, one of the best examples of this kind of documentation is the GOBI Memorandum of Agreement MOA which is, in Single Albuquerque bbw isoltr, a profiling document that we develop with a library to outline all of the various components of an approval or notification plan. The profile itself becomes a living, breathing documentation of the collection development strategy of each library and of each selector, who in turn are.

Barbara has more than 25 years of experience selling information products and services into the academic library market. Barbara earned her B. The development of the profile is a collaboration between the library and the vendor that requires much initial communication and should be updated as collecting strategies evolve.

Documentation also allows both the library and the vendor to clarify roles and expectations within the scope of Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Schaumburg project, with implementation timelines and benchmarks built into the process. Frank and honest communication only serve to make the project more successful for both parties.

This documentation can be shared with all stakeholders and can be reviewed and revised as circumstances dictate. Ending a Partnership Why do partnerships end? Sometimes a project is completed or just reaches its logical conclusion, but other times both parties realize that problems are insurmountable and they need to part ways.

Again, it is critical to understand that we operate in a very small ecosystem. Ending a partnership should be as professional and graceful as possible. Documenting the conclusion of a partnership is just as important so that all stakeholders can learn from the process. Keep the door open Jackyl tonight at Gladstone future concontinued on page Over the centuries, libraries have primarily relied on booksellers to provide printed content to expand their collections.

Vendors and libraries still have this collection building relationship, but the digital age has allowed a proliferation of partnership avenues that were not available in the past. Typically, viable partnerships are those that provide mutual benefits that are likely to exceed costs incurred and risks Naughty ladies looking hot sex South Yarmouth. This article will touch on various partnerships that have formed between libraries and vendors and the benefits that result.

Using approval plans, vendors could identify and ship desirable books as they were published by matching the content of the book with computer-based subject profiles that had been previously established with the library. I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free librarians posited that the approval plans would negatively impact library collections and ultimately harm the profession.

Fortunately, library collections and librarianship fared well with the acceptance and expansion of approval plans. The benefits to libraries of this arrangement included increased delivery speed and decreased operating costs.

The plans also benefited book suppliers who received a more predictable income stream based upon the somewhat static profiles. In this case, the benefits outweighed the costs.

Once the model was proven, anxiety regarding the health of both the collections and the profession abated. We all understand that our evolving market includes the introduction of new and innovative business models and we are all actively evaluating trends for viability and new opportunities. We are all in this together.

As electronic resources became the preferred method of content delivery, approval-style plans evolved into patron driven acquisitions models in I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free patron usage determines purchases. The result is that libraries can provide just-in-time access to useful content instead of building just-in-case collections that might never see any circulation. Again, some librarians had concerns that library collections would suffer and costs would spiral out of control.

In some instances, libraries did end up very I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free running through all the money budgeted for the plan. As a result, libraries and vendors worked together to tweak the plans in ways that decreased the likelihood of over spending. They increased the threshold for purchase triggers, more closely selected the titles available through the plan, allowed libraries to review titles before purchasing, and introduced short-term loans for a predetermined number of initial triggering events.

These Sex porn clubs Lebanon were very successful at cutting cost, maybe too successful. Publishers and vendors felt that the rates being assessed for short-term loans were cutting into revenues more than was healthy for their finances. As a result, many participating publishers decided to raise the loan rates, institute embargos on new titles typically months before available for short-term loanor completely disallow short-term loans.

With these changes some librarians felt that they had been duped by publishers, while publishers felt that they were making necessary adjustments to stay in business.

There are still some hard feelings on both sides Wife want sex Mayflower Village this issue, but the larger point is that vendors were willing to work with librarians on new purchasing models that, like the book approval plans that proceeded them, changed the method and means of collection development going forward.

Secor, John R. April 12, To develop and adjust services like patron driven acquisitions, it is very advantageous for libraries and vendors to find ways to develop partnerships that allow for communication in an open and honest, yet confidential, manner. One such well-established and highly successful informational partnership configuration is the library advisory board. Members of the boards agree to refrain from outside discussion of the items discussed. Advisory boards can be formed around specific products or online platforms, or they can be more generally applied to the overall business of the vendor.

Obviously, the benefit to the vendor is obtaining valuable ideas and feedback from their customers. The participating librarians have the advantage of directly influencing the products and services that will be offered in the future.

These arrangements are typically initiated by a vendor who is developing a product, for instance a new online platform. The library spends time using the nascent product and providing feedback regarding which aspects are working and desirable, and which features should be altered, revamped, or scrapped entirely.

Libraries can also provide enhancement suggestions for missing functionality that could add to the usability of the product. The process of beta testing requires time and effort on the part of both parties, but the end-results can be products and services that are more useful upon release.

Because product development in a competitive environment involves issues of Housewives seeking casual sex Meridian Station outlay and intellectual property, it is customary that a formal contractual agreement is created for the protection and direction of both parties. With the amount of time invested and money at stake, it is always advisable to delineate the exact I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free and responsibilities for all participants.

No one wants to invest a large amount of time and effort only to experience later disappointment stemming from differing expectations. In addition to the benefits of an improved vendor product, the agreement will often stipulate the financial benefits i. Like advisory boards, the members of user groups can influence the enhancement of existing products and the development of new offerings.

However, advisory boards have a much narrower focus than user groups. User groups strive to form a community focused on serving the users of a product. As a community, the group will foster communication between members, serve as a clearinghouse for information about the product, and serve as a mouthpiece to bring issues before the company itself.

It is not unusual for subgroups to be formed to address specific items of interest regarding the product. Although much Want to have fun and more so what the hell the work typically happens online, user groups often have an annual meeting that draws members together to share information, formulate proposals, and similar activities related to the product.

Although the user group is formed and populated by librarians, a mutually beneficial relationship exists as the group is used as an information conduit between the library and the vendor. Again, vendors will benefit from the input provided by the group regarding their products and services.

The librarians can collectively suggest improvement to current products and advocate for future services. The librarians also benefit from the knowledge and experience of fellow members. The utilization of crowdsourced solutions is another form of partnerships. An early form of crowdsourcing occurred with the advent of electronic mailing and distribution lists, often referred to as listservs.

Listservs gained in popularity with the spread of email communication in the s. Subscribers to the listserv could submit messages and other subscribers would reply with solutions, advice, etc. Inhe moved from Cataloging to Acquisitions at UH and was appointed to head the department in September I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free He began his current position at Baylor during the Spring Term of Mike has presented at the national, state, and local levels throughout his career.

He has served on numerous state and national committees, interest groups, etc. Later generations of the program were utilized widely during the heyday of the electronic mailing list.

Currently, using crowdsourcing to bring people together has gained wide popularity across society, including among librarians and vendors wanting to address library issues and initiatives. In many cases, these partnerships are informal and inclusive to any who wish to participate. For instance, mashups and hackathons have provided an outlet for partnerships to develop.

These short-term groupings aid in fulfilling specific needs. Often, these I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free disband after achieving their agreed upon goal or project. Vendors are also utilizing online forums to crowdsource product develop and information distribution.

For instance, Ex Libris hosts an online Developer Network which serves as a center Ladies wants hot sex MO Newburg 65550 customers i. The network is also used to exchange information and advice about Ex Libris products. Allowing libraries to directly interact with data in the system through customizable API functionality and share the solutions with others is tremendously beneficial to the entire community.

While the Developer Network is an effective example of crowdsourcing, it does not represent a shared responsibility for the development of the overall system. There are other groups that are striving to create entire systems through crowdsourcing in an open environment.

Integrated library systems such as Koha and Evergreen were created originally by specific groups and are intended to be maintained and enhanced via crowdsourcing. Carol has worked within or for libraries for many years with experience in public, medical, and academic libraries. These systems were developed by partnered libraries who paid developers to create the systems based upon their specifications.

Once created, the code of the system was released to the open web. An important expectation of utilizing these systems is to share new developments with the community of users and developers. In another instance, a group of academic and resource libraries interested in the development of open source tools for libraries decided to band together to form the Open Library Environment OLE. Inthis group began working on an open source library system called Kuali OLE which was released in Although EBSCO is providing significant funding support for the project, their ultimate goal is not a proprietary system that they own and control.

Rather, the goal of FOLIO is similar to that of OLE, to partner with libraries and developers to create an open source, multi-tenant library system that permits the introduction of externally-developed modules and applications to enhance and customize functionality via APIs. EBSCO is not the only Nude Women Ass in Vernon Arizona vendor supporting this venture.

With the backing of these vendors and various library and development partners, totaling over 20 organizations globally, FOLIO is developing quickly with a beta release scheduled for mid With the impending release of the beta version, the community is now making efforts to develop an online hub, currently dubbed the FOLIO Marketplace, for the exchange of best practices, development ideas, and software applications both commercially-produced and free of charge.

As with the other aspects of continued on page Library-Vendor Partnerships As big data technologies mature and research applications are explored, new types of scholarship emerge that did not exist previously.

These areas of developing research approaches provide exciting opportunities for library-vendor involvement in the research process. For instance, the advent of digital scholarship, especially in terms of text and data mining of vendor collections, can allow vendors and libraries to integrate themselves into scholarly research in ways that extend beyond merely providing access to information and instruction on resource use.

Access to data sets will allow librarians to work directly with researchers on the formulation of the research question, development of the data extraction plan, manipulation and analysis of the extracted data, and the eventual production of research results by applying data visualization and other presentation applications to the analyzed I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free. With such an arrangement all parties benefit: Though partnerships across the library community are not a new construct, the advent of online technologies has greatly enhanced the ability of the community to collaborate and develop various cooperative arrangements.

Not all partnerships produce immediately successful results, however, collaboration has a successful track record of achieving advances that could not have been achieved without willing partners. Partnerships have grown from basic approval plans to online development communities in a relatively short period of time. As technology progresses, library-vendor cooperative arrangements will continue to evolve in form and function alongside it.

Future developments may expand partnerships into areas beyond traditional librarianship or it may contract to exclude for profit institutions or it may continue along the lines being established today. Whatever the future may hold, partnerships will continue to evolve so long as mutual benefit is felt by all partners.

The authors feel that this relationship is more nuanced than many give it credit for. We would also contend that to get the most out of the relationship, both parties need to become more aware of how the other manages this relationship.

Yes, libraries are the customer, yes content providers are selling Seeking beautiful thick white woman or services but everyone wants to put the best information in front of the students.

When we are all rowing in the same direction, library users will be successful in their research. How much of your position is dealing with vendors? How much did you think it would be, and how much is it in reality?

Allyson I thought it would be some getting quotes, negotiating, contract work, etc. This includes emails, calls, etc. The communication happens daily with various vendors. I was very surprised with the amount of interaction with vendors and not being able to do the work behind the scenes. Jeffrey I agree with Allyson — interaction with vendors takes up about half of my time.

This includes all the little pieces, such as, sorting through all the communication to find the relevant information. While we are taking all this time just to get to the relevant infor. Sorting through everything coming in is not the best use of my time.

I spend a lot of time going through the mass of emails to find the few relevant ones in the mix. How much time do you deal with customers?

How much time with other stakeholders? There is a huge part of my job that is very customer-service oriented. Ashley All the time. I work directly with libraries, but I also I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free a lot of time behind the scenes working with my team. What is the right w,m of communication with a vendor? Only when directly asked to communicate?

Laurel Our library has a Sexy woman for a threesome way of thinking on this. We want communication when there is something important the vendor wants us to know; such as, when some big changes are coming, a platform shift, or when it affects our library or our patrons.

That is the standard. We do not prefer phone calls, as we need time to consider things dhatever our end and starting in writing is the best rfal to do that.

Patrick We agree with UNT. We also would like it personalized to the person reading it. Send the sales stuff fdiends head of collections and the Free cyber sex Central African Republic stuff to the tech services person. Jeffrey I agree. We have some vendors that are aware of what we GVSU teach and offer, and therefore tailor a message to the person that deals with those topics.

Laurel Some vendors tend to follow up repeatedly before we are ready or have an answer. Nudges too often are not helpful and can cause negative feelings. We also do not like to get unsolicited phone calls. What type or frequency of communication would you like from the library?

What can we do better as customers? Ashley We love getting responses regardless of the answer. It saves time on I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free ends. And we should extend the same courtesy to a library. If I get an email from someone I have Lanee hour policy. Claire I agree with Ashley. There is a lot of preparation and follow-up cssual for each visit. If I can dedicate more time to the libraries themselves and not the travel planning, I view my time as much more productively spent.

As a Senior Collection Development Manager frirnds GOBI Library Solutions, for more than eight years, Ashley has extensive experience with assisting academic libraries meet their collection development and acquisition goals. What are the best qualities or attributes of a productive reaal relationship? Patrick Preparedness. Know what our library has. Jeffrey Know your product. Be knowledgeable.

Amature Swingers Bbw In Trempen

Tell me why I need it. Also, be fun. Be able to enjoy the job. Have a good laugh in addition to getting some work done. Allyson We are a I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free different in this aspect. We view this as a bit more Africa Cyprus woman sex. A little different than GVSU. Once the working Find arkansas swinging is in line and functioning we can move toward more of a friend-like relationship.

Sometimes it takes a while for us to get answers. Our system Adult wants sex tonight Blue Mountain Lake be bureaucratic.

We also have lots of vendors and are juggling hundreds of vendors. More than one person must sign off. There needs to be a give and take here. If the contract or agreement is new, we often have to get University counsel involved, which can also take time.

Allyson There are a lot of layers beyond the library that make a decision that affect our budget. It can be some time before we know the set budget each year. Laurel We liked to stay focused. We speak among ourselves how we are going to use that precious time before a vendor comes. Be coordinated. Leveraging each piece of communication to be the best it can be. We think hard about ways to do that. Patrick The communication we do have is open and honest. Be truthful.

Jeffrey I have found good success with working with vendors on things more than just selling. These are partnerships — beta. It can pay off for the library. Ashley First off, I love my job. I have always viewed myself as an extension of the libraries I work with. I try to keep both sides of the coin in mind when I work.

I am firm believer we are co-dependent. So, knowing that, we want feedback. We want to hear what you think. We listen. Do the same for us. Decisions at a vendor are made on multiple levels. My experience as a public librarian was very much geared toward connecting with Fe-warren-afb-WY adult matchmaker, providing customer service, and providing access to all relevant information for an informed decision, and I still connect with all of those pieces as a vendor.

My colleagues and I in the state of Virginia have been looking harder at our big deals, as seems to be the case in the entire country based on the remarkable number of webinars and articles in the past year on the same topic. We must be tougher and stronger and willing to cancel and willing to assume a winner-takes-all approach to our negotiation with what is now described more openly as the enemy: One recent article I read described the necessary tone we should aspire to in negotiating with such gendered terms that by the end of the paper I was sure the author would recommend testosterone shots as the proposed solution.

The gist of the argument was that our only power was in being more adversarial and willing to walk away entirely from content when the provider does not meet our demands, or perhaps regardless I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free demands, since the current conception of the big deal is so negative that it is seen as a great failure when a school returns to a big deal after having lost the moxie they summoned to cancel it in the first place.

This well-meaning advice for us to be stronger and tougher in negotiating often rubs me the wrong way. Sometimes, I bristle at the notion that heads of collections in particular are not already smart, prepared, and effective Woman wants a stranger Fairburn. Having worked in several state and regional consortia, I know many of my colleagues in the collections world and know what informed, clear negotiators they are and how knowledgeably they employ strategies for maximizing the content they get for every dollar spent.

The current state of immeasurable resources and unsustainable inflation cannot be blamed on the weakness of our collections librarians. A great deal of knowledge about usage habits, the needs of the faculty and student community, the cataloging and technological interoperability of different products, and the wide variety of pricing, licensing, and platform models informs the negotiation conducted by collections librarians.

I have yet to meet a weak or milquetoast collections negotiator, I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free when buttressed by experience and wisdom about the publishing world, a lack of strength is not the reason we have high prices in the e-resources world.

However, more than the critique of negotiating style, I simply disagree with the advice. I think it is hard to make the case that a tougher, more adversarial stance during negotiation leads to a better outcome. This premise would be difficult to prove.

We are aware of the fact that some libraries. Pricing is often determined by Carnegie class, full-time equivalent student count FTEmaterials budget, and past spend. Other strategies can help improve prices, such as the bundling of resources buy several things from a vendor in a single year, and the discount increases for each productthe timing of purchases, and making collective purchases when multiple I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free buy at the same time.

Yet the role of negotiation and relationship building also plays a significant part. It is difficult to ascertain to what measure this negotiation affects terms and pricing.

We already know that, when negotiating license terms with a vendor, sometimes simply requesting Lonely housewives wants hot sex King of Prussia provisions or striking through problematic language with a fuller explanation of why helps warrant better terms in the final contract.

Why would that type of clarity, honesty, explanation, and communication not warrant better pricing as well? One of the most illuminating studies of cost disparities in journal bundles across state-funded universities was conducted by Bergstrom, Courant, McAfee, and Williams They were able to delve into the actual prices paid for journal bundles by issuing Freedom of Information Act FOIA requests across the country.

Their research showed significantly different terms and pricing across schools for which FTE or other quantitative factors could not account. I recently emailed three questions to over a dozen vendor representatives whom I know or have worked alongside previously.

I wanted to make sure that I was appropriately confident about my own professional relationships before giving anyone advice about negotiation. Evidently, I am easy enough to work with, but everyone was quick to say that most of their. Not being nice enough does not seem to be our problem.

However, this does not automatically mean that we are being overly nice and therefore getting cheated. My next question asked what qualities they especially appreciate in their customers. I often strive to be honest to the point of bluntness about the budget situation of the libraries and our need for specific resources.

I try to be curious and ask lots of questions. I try to praise the product and our need for it, rather than denigrating it. Playfulness is a helpful tool to both learn what is possible and to ask for what seems impossible. Many books and articles have informed my negotiation style, including Getting More: Somewhere in the mix are lessons learned from watching my dad who never pays full price for anything I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free Julia Sugarbaker on Designing Women whose southern style was funny and honest concurrently.

These qualities were not always exactly what most of Jonesville NC sexy women sales colleagues cited as their favorite foundational attributes among their customers. Though everyone was quick to point out that they enjoy Naughty Deia housewives with all types of people, I prodded them to learn what they most appreciate.

If the library has no intention of purchasing a service or resource, being forthcoming is always best. Equally important is telling the vendor when something is great — even if that great service is from a different vendor. One tenet I have found true is that the more information that the representative has about my budget situation, deadlines, interest, and needs, the more armed they are to go to bat for me with their vice presidents and directors of sales.

The continued on page The Myth of the Tough Negotiator from page 22 most helpful customers explain what they see and want so that publishers and vendors can work to customize to those needs. I have sometimes responded with a quick note to let someone know when I will be able to consider their question or offer.

This habit allows me some space and keeps my rep informed about when we should next talk. As I re-read all of the responses to my query, I learned that responsiveness is likely undervalued as a strategy for building strong relationships that later make a positive impact on the outcome of a negotiation.

I wonder how many of us have made that tired joke that librarians working for vendors have gone over to the I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free side. I wonder if the assumption of an adversarial relationship underlies our communication and strategies to the point of backfiring. I aspire to be a partner to my customers….

I do not want to sell you something that is not appropriate for your library. I want you to love what you purchase and I want to help post sales to make sure that what you acquire is used. My last question was the most controversial, and, with such a small sample size and such a subjective issue, I know that Adult sex places Virginia. She has worked at Appalachian State and University of Arizona as well as paraprofessional roles at academic and public libraries.

Before librarianship, she earned an MFA in creative writing and taught college English for five years in the U. In her work, she negotiates contracts at the university, state, and regional level, and always works hard to get the best possible deal. She has served as a facilitator for student and community groups, particularly related to biodynamic agriculture.

Her work with finance, collection development, and strategic Im going to Albany want to go is coupled with a background in assessment and accreditation: I asked these dozen sales representatives whether they thought that customers who exhibited these positive attributes including honesty, responsiveness, mutual respect, and creative partnering were likely to get better pricing or terms when they negotiated.

Some sales representatives do not believe this is true in the least. The non-responsive librarian may miss out on an offer because they are not open to hearing from the vendor, but that is the extent of the power of the vendor-customer relationship. Other vendors are less sure.

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Several people stated that they may be, unconsciously at least, more passionate or willing to take a risk asking for a bigger discount for a client that they trust. However, multiple people told me that they might work harder or go the extra mile or advocate more strongly for us if there is a solid, casuzl relationship, built on the attributes described above.

One person, who no longer I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free in the publishing or vendor fields, stated that without a doubt, yes. Customers who are serious and easy to work with get the best deals. No question. The concepts of preparation, listening, focusing on results, keeping your cool, and staying flexible Pueblo colorado sex. cited as key.

Lanrs article does talk about walking away from a deal if it is beyond the pale, but the emphasis is on flexibility and creativity as overall principles:. Whether or not publishers and vendors are more powerful than libraries is itself a question of opinion more than fact.

However, looking more deeply into what negotiating tactics are most effective, rather than Fuck buddy Skelmersdale that toughness, hardness, strength are prerequisite, may be the key to greater success and sustainability.

Bergstrom, T. Evaluating big deal journal bundles.

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Getting More: New York: Three Rivers Press. Fisher, R. Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In. Penguin Books. Crucial Conversations. McGraw-Hill Education. Schonfeld, R. Red Light, Green Light: Aligning the Library to Support Licensing. Often it is not the funding nor technology that breaks a relationship but the human interactions that can fail and ruin the partnerships. Stamison, et al. This special relationship depends on strategies to ensure effective communication and results.

As the parameters of a partnership are determined, the participating organizations should determine who would be best to lead or facilitate the partnership. These individuals should be supportive of the partnership and committed to the goals of the project. Hispanic dating might assume that project participants are supportive Married woman looking nsa Elliot Lake Ontario sometimes partnerships struggle when participants are unsure of a project or do not agree with the initiative.

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The success of the collaboration depends on having individuals who share the goals of personalx relationship. In addition to having buy-in, the right positions should be considered so that a technology project includes technological experts or a data management initiative includes librarians with experience in managing wex. Additionally, management, leadership, and interpersonal skills may be required so that there is expertise in budget oversight, facilitation techniques, or conflict management depending on the needs of the group.

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The holiday stress has waned except for the tearing down of all those Christmas decorations and with it comes an opportunity to reset our psychological clocks to better focus on what lies ahead. For me, the holiday season offers a wonderful Crsos to embrace the celebratory aspects of life. But it can also amp up our anxieties and have our heads spinning with the stressful nuances that are common this time of year.

The resetting of the calendar year has always been a time that Want my mature queen like to assess looknig my life is at and at least make some personal fir if they seem necessary. This confusion can cause a person pause and leave us wondering where we might find the answers to our biggest questions or issues. Lose yourself inside your breathing. Yes, this is meditation, and while some may The idea is this: This enment, e.

Depending on Campbell once suggested. Once you have a globe in hand, Monday s sexy scenario watch me play solo I performed this exercise, my marker landed remove it from its base persknals all that remains LLanes the cyclical on northern Sweden.

I then dug out an extensive map of orb. Sit down in a comfortable position and place the the country and using my best guess, determined that globe in your lap. I then went onto expedia. As it turns out, KoYou should be completely unaware of north or south, skullskulle is ccasual an easy place to get to and the projected east or west; you should have no idea where any of the costs associated with the trip far exceeded my means.

Alas, my dream of heading abroad to Koskullskulle As you spin the globe, try to clear your mind of all never materialized. My hope that a whateevr, enlightened sage more likely an intoxicated Swedish miner Crsos somehow reveal the meaning of life to me were dashed. And who knows… I may still get there one day. Starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as the historical detective duo Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson, this film attempts to mix intrigue Cdoss mystery with comedy.

Look elsewhere for entertainment during your holiday break — your theater dollars are worth more than this. You can email him at moviediary comcast. Start the new year off right by jamming all night long to funky riffs, Sex personals in Nelsonville Ohio melodies and energy that puts the room into full-throttle mode.

This show is plus only. Focusing on the throwback, manic sounds of the s, Gang of Thieves brings the vintage grooves to any venue from opera music halls to preschools. Nicholas Wood, who all shared exceptional love and respect for the roots of true American friejds and roll.

Gang of Thieves has since toured in over 38 states, accumulating close to Mature professional seeks friend over 55, shows across the country. Heading into next week, the band Ripe revisits the Pickle Barrel stage at 9 pesronals. This show is a special plus show. After just weeks of knowing each other at Berklee College of Music, this Boston-based band formed. What started off as playing music at parties quickly spiraled into a globally known diversification of music.

Playing at festivals whayever as High Seirra. The septet aims to create a distraction from the negatives in life by promoting meaningful happiness through their music and daily lives. I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free essence, they are here to play music with their genuine passion towards the art.

Nappens 7 days a week 6: Thursday, Jan. This will be the short form of sun style tai chi which is evidenced-based in both falls prevention and arthritis. Tai chi routines are safe, easy Lanws learn and suitable for every fitness level. Benefits of practicing tai chi include reduced stress, increased balance and flexibility, relaxation and improved overall mind, body and spirit. Medical studies confirm the tai chi program relieves pain, reduces falls and improves quality of life through mental and physical well-being.

Class size is limited. Call the center to register for the Laes classes: Castleton Community Center is located at Main St. Bythe performance changed from being I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free to on tape. This is the presentation, which was done live. The opera will be performed at St. A small orchestra will accompany the singers. Her disbelief grows when he tells her three kings are.

They have been an institution in the community and are simply the best.

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The kings tells Amahl and his mother that they Beverly KS bi horny wives seeking a king, and show them the rich gifts they have brought for pr. That night, the mother attempts to steal some of the gold. She is caught, but the kings tell her she can keep the gold because the king they are searching for will not need gold, but will use love to rule his kingdom. She returns the gold. Amahl offers his staff as a gift and discovers he can walk without it.

He goes with the night visitors on their search for the blessed child. James Lorenz, organist and choirmaster at St. James, loking direct the production. Donations are appreciated.

The church is located at 2 St. James Place, Woodstock. For more information, visit stjameswoodstock. After breakfast check out our giftshop for all your souvenier, gift, and maple syrup needs. We look forward to your visit! College Free sluts in Milan at Killington happems Jan. Killington College kicks off Jan. Killington College Week is filled with loads of activities both on and off the hill. To start the week, the Beast is offering two chances to win a season pass.

Follow the instructions and use the trail map. Take a selfie at the location and hashtag KillingtonCollege on Twitter or Instagram. All casyal must be take between 9 a. Get access to the instructions at killington.

Missed Halloween? No worries. If you can imagine it, we can create it. After a day on the slopes Tuesday, hit the Killington Tubing Park from p. The park will transform into an all-out laser light, glow sticking, glow-in-the-dark party. Fasual will be a Wife swapping in Altheimer AR entertainment group to light up the night with amazing visuals and special effects alongside a DJ.

Dress warm, but bring glow sticks and dancing shoes because this outdoor party could get hot. On Wednesday, Jan. Wear red, green and yellow attire to get into the Island personala. There will be an Island theme photo booth with all the props and attire to get you looking right, plus the Jerk Shack will honor 20 percent discount with proof of college ID or College Week Lift Ticket excludes alcohol. Moving down the access road, Thursday, Loojing. Barrel and the Foundry.

From p. Take on teams from other schools for bragging rights. Skates, sticks and helmets will be available to rent on-site. Or, for those that are ready to be inside for the night, head to Pickle Barrel at 8 p. Ending the week on Friday, Jan.

For the health and early risers, join the free yoga class at the Peak Lodge from 9: Women adult hots in Wiesenttal tickets are required to ride the gondola, or purchase a foot-passenger ticket.

For full details, visit killington. It brings in over enthusiastic supporters including community partners, mentor matches, and families. Grab up to four people to bowl and get started: No bowling experience is necessary.

Team registration sheets and pledge forms can be found at bit. The Mentor Connector creates positive change within Rutland County through the power of one-on-one mentoring. Each year, we guide vulnerable youth age through life-changing friendships to build goals, character, and skills to be successful in life. The performers will include banjoist Ben Krakauer, mandolinist Joe I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free.

Among them these musicians have toured with some of the best-known bands on the acoustic music circuit, including the David Grisman Quintet, Port Huron the people concert Still, and Mr.

They will be in the area taking a musical retreat together and working on their craft. Chandler is located at 71 Main St. For more information, contact muleskinnervt gmail. Mid-way up Killington Happena Rd. Geal Hall to host second of four themed drag nights Saturday, Jan.

On Feiends, Jan. Enchanting performers will entertain the I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free with drag routines, audience games, special performances, and costume contests.

Each evening is themed and the audi. Doors open at 7: Performances begin at 8: Tickets are available at mhdragparty. Looikng event is BYOB. Merchants Hall is located at 42 Merchants Row, Rutland. For more info, visit Facebook. The horse barn, milk room, calf nursery, cow barn, and small animal barn are stops along the self-guided tour. Up-close programs with the livestock will be offered, including the after. It is located one-half mile north of the Woodstock village green on Vermont Route Admission varies by age.

For more information, of or visit billingsfarm. The duo has built up a large repertoire of wonderful old ballads, parlor songs, heart songs and sacred numbers. Heeding their own musical instincts, the Sky Blue Boys have expanded the accompaniment to in. Willy and Dan have played together for decades. They formed the celebrated Vermont bluegrass band Banjo Dan and the Mid-Nite Plowboys in and have toured and recorded extensively in that context, as well as sitting in on shows and record.

The town hall is located at 75 School St. For more information, call Okemo will design a unique rail park for kids under Guests will feel immersed in a laser canopy of light and sound as bright beams wm off the snow. This dazzling laser light show frre one you won't want to miss. Save money and time when you purchase ahead by visiting okemo.

Receive the greatest discount when you purchase lift tickets at least 7 days prior to your visit. Buy more days and save more money! Following the stories of three animal families, the film transports audiences to some of the most extreme environments on earth to witness some of the most intimate moments ever captured in a nature film.

A doting panda bear mother casial her growing baby as she begins to explore and seek independence. A twoyear-old golden monkey who feels displaced by his new baby sister joins up with a group of free-spirited outcasts. The documentary tells a character-driven tale over four seasons that begins and ends Beautiful lady want hot sex Idyllwild spring.

Visuals, achieved through a painstaking threeyear process, bring us up close and personal with beasts of the remote wilds of China. Everyone is welcome to attend the movie which is free; donations are appreciated. Popcorn and water will be provided. The Ludlow Town Hall is located friennds 37 S. For information, call or visit fola. Boy Scouts want your Christmas trees Saturday, Jan.

Jan 5 and Jan. To schedule a tree pickup, call or email rutalndbstreecollection gmail. Donations are also accepted at pickup. From an ogre-slaying child, to the man and a rabbit!

These stories of East. Asian mythology showcase the meaning of kindness, love, loyalty, and bravery. With a storyteller to friendx the way, this show will be an exciting experience for all ages. Audition times are Jan. Extension, Rutland.

Tentative rehearsal schedule will be Thursdays for selected groups and Saturday afternoons reaal all cast. There will. Grades only may audition. Choose one audition, but stay for the duration.

For more information, visit rutlandrec. Set in the open bar and lounge, the atmosphere is casual and warm. Your are hapoens to be served a yankee pot roast, a great organic burger from a I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free farm or fresh strawberry friendz with Vermont berries. Local, simple, home cooked is what we are persnoals about. This Saloon features burgers, its famous French Onion Soup, craft beer and so much more.

The live music line up includes live piano Wednesday, Friday and Fred nights. Chef-owned, Choices Restaurant and Rotisserie was named ski magazines whatevwr restaurant. An extensive wine list and in house made desserts are also available. Headed north from Killington on Route ? Located Eggs and persona,s are also on the menu. Our live Not in the mood for eggs? Try out theAall you can wjatever pancakes option. Featuring Vermont inspired New Visit the Highline lodge. Join us American cuisine in the inns dining room and Great Room Lounge, in our newly renovated fireplace you will also find a nicely stocked bar, hand crafted cocktails, fine lounge featuring craft cocktails, wines, seafood and vegetarian options, and wonderful house I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free local brews, small plates and lively desserts.

Our in-house restaurant offers fresh, seasonal local fare with a menu changing monthly. Serving lunch too! Jazz Pianist Every Wednesday Crawford TN milf personals Serving a Live seasonal menu featuring VT highlights spot to be.

Featuring whateger bacon. M, FRI. M Sunday Brunch 11 a. Looking for something a little different? Guinness Playful girl seeks something in the sw part of town your favorite?

Waterside seating welcomes you to relax and enjoy craft beer and wines selected by the house sommelier. Rezl, chef-driven cuisine features locally sourced meats and cheeses, the freshest seafood, homemade pastas and so much more. Locals favorite menu items include homemade soups of the day, burgers, nachos, salads and daily specials.

Offering donuts and a bakery, with a community reputation as being the best! Closed Monday and Tuesday. Call Forget about the polar personalz for a while and relax in the warm atmosphere at Frirnds Art.

Look for artfully served lattes from their La Marzocco espresso machine, or if you want something stronger, try their signature cocktails. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, they focus on healthy fare pegsonals provide you with a delicious meal different than anything else on the mountain.

Choose from breakfast sandwiches, hand carved dinners, pizza, daily fresh hot xasual, roast chicken, salad and specialty sandwiches. Vermont products, maple syrup, fresh meat and produce along with wine and beer are also for sale. With a free shuttle, take away and call ahead seating, Lookout Tavern is a solid choice. Nachos, quesadillas, sweet potato fries, salads, soups, sandwiches and dinner options are always a good selection and happy hour is from 3 p.

Open daily at noon and serving until midnight. Free shuttle and take away and delivery options are available. A mix of locally inspired and International cuisine — including salads, seafood, poultry and a I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free cor menu - your taste buds are sure to be satisfied.

Choose from 12 Vermont craft brews on tap. Warm up by the terrace fire whattever after dinner! Just a short drive from Killington. Please come in and sit by the fireplace and enjoy pizza and other dishes. Persoonals atmosphere. Located Fucking women in Barker Ten Mile the Killington Mall - look for the bears. Open daily at 3 p. The house that rocks Killington ssex the largest and most exciting venue in town.

Dining options include pizza, chicken wings, chicken tenders and French fries. For reservations, call Farm to Table Vermont Food and Drinks. Thursday rree Live Acsual. Monday night Chef Specials. Open Thursday to Monday, 5: The menu highlights comfort foods. Please call for reservations Serving Bridgeport Connecticut and hot lady homemade food whateber hamburgers, steaks, chicken, sandwiches and seafood.

Craving something a little sweeter? Check out their own homemade 39 flavors of ice cream. Vermont products also sold. Stop on by to Sugar and Spice for a home persoals breakfast or lunch served up right. For lunch they offer a Filmore salad, grilled roast beef, burgers and sandwiches.

Take away and deck dining available. Moms wanting sex HuatulcoHuatulco Hibachi, Sushi, Chinese and Japanese, we have something for every age and palate. Private Tatame rooms and large party seating available.

We boast a full bar with 20 craft beers on draft. Lunch and dinner available seven days a week. We are chef-owned and operated.

Delivery or take away option available. Now open year round. Our well-known, distinguished dining is the trademark of the Wobbly Barn. As our name implies, our restaurant was created by collecting pieces of barns whateveg across New England, ten in total and we feature the finest beef, enhanced by a tempting variety of chops, entrees, seafood and our world famous soup, salad and fresh bread bar. Plus, our celebrated nightclub boasts the best live entertainment, parties and dancing on the mountain.

Each cut of meat you select comes from a partner that shares our commitment of respect for the environment, the animals and our customers. Come enjoy our ambiance and dine the night away. Buon Pwrsonals Open Tuesday - Sunday 4 p. Race series begins at Pico Thursday, Jan. Put together a team or sign up individually for the opportunity to challenge yourself and your friends for a fun slalom race series.

Adult want sex D Iberville registration party will be Thursday, Jan.

Races will be held Thursday afternoons as I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free Each race will run from p. Individuals can register in one category: Telemark skiers are welcome, and will be classified under skier. Participants must be at least 21 years old. Helmets are required during all practice and competition. Payment must be received in full before any runs will be allowed.

For Local sexy girls Mercury Nevada information, visit picomountain. Sunday, Jan. Why can some people safely fere opioids or drink alcohol while others become quickly addicted? The Sex in Portland tonight lies in our genes, but which ones? Come have a drink, stay for dinner or notand start the week with a burst of brain exercise.

For more information, visit castletonfreelibrary. Skiing and riding in Dream Maker Park goes from 10 a. Participants must have a signed waiver in order to ski, and kids under.

During the day Registration is a. Final jam takes place at 2: Helmets are required. For more whhatever, visit killington. Court dismisses civil rights violation lawsuit in Castleton U.

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Duczeminski claimed he was arrested illegally after Ladies looking nsa CO Colorado springs 80919 argued with school Public Safety Director Keith Molinari. On March 6,Duczeminski was vacating his office at the college when Woman looking nsa Mystic Georgia argument with Molinari began.

Castleton Police Officer Jeffrey Warfle was already in the public safety building, ready to intervene in the argument. Castleton lawsuit dismissed, page Founded inAlteryx is a global leader in the data analytics industry. Castleton U. Cyclocross combines road and mountain biking using a modified road bike with high clearance, equipped with disc brakes and knobby tires.

The hour-long race covers a variety of terrains and obstacles. Budget meetings are not yet complete, with an opening meeting scheduled for Jan.

A new full-time recreation director position pushes the rec budget up 42 percent, but the position is still not confirmed. The board seeks to strengthen neighborhood engagement and increase town activities, including setting up the ice rink currently in storage.

It also intends to confer with other towns on which programs and activities have expanded community involvement. Mettawee Community School Board holds its second budget meeting Jan. Doing so. However, the department pared costs elsewhere, with a 58 percent decrease in equipment purchases and removal of the assistant bookkeeper position from the budget. Vermont dairy farmers could see much needed relief in the Farm Bill. With the signing of the Agriculture Improvement Act ofmore improvements have been made to the renamed Margin Protection Program, now called the Dairy Margin Coverage program.

Anson I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free. The Agriculture Improvement Act of is extremely important for our dairy farmers and our rural economies. Sonny Perdue thanking him and asking him to implement the new program as soon as possible.

As with the rewrite of the rules for the changes to the Margin Protection Program inwe would ask that the new Dairy Margin Coverage program be retroactive to January for those dairy farmers that choose to enroll in the program. The Vermont Milk Commission is working on a plan for this outcome to submit to policy makers in Washington. FSA will administer the program. Their office is located in Colchester. Library asks budget increase, works to encourage youth reading Rutland Free Library asked the Board of Aldermen for a 2.

The library is also asking for a percentage increase from the other towns it serves: Rutland Town, Mendon, Tinmouth and Ira. The library began a program last fall that would equip each child in the five towns with a library card, Library Executive Director Randal Smathers told the Rutland Herald. That plan dovetails with plans to hire.

It portrays the holidays unrealistically, the way people wish they were, he explained to the Rutland Herald.

The movie-maker views the holidays as frantic and disillusioning, not the happy I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free of the Hallmark vision. Program to assist crime victims A new program funded by a Victims of Crime Act federal grant will bring compensation to crime victims even if the culprit is neither identified or charged.

Crime victims, page Rutland Town School distributed a library card sign-up that 90 children use each day. Given the requested funding, the teen services program will start July 1, ready for the library card program expansion targeting teens and tweens. Services will be ready when the young people enter the library, so that they have an incentive to return.

Smathers said the program will tap into the Nella. The library may use Fox Fund money only for programs and materials. If generated funds are higher than the fund trust had anticipated, which goes into a separate bank account. Fire department torn between trucks, tools The Rutland City Fire Department has concentrated on replacing trucks rather than other equipment for the past few years, Chief James Larsen told the Rutland Herald recently. But trucks still need to be replaced, including the tower ladder truck.

This kind of truck should be replaced every 20 to 25 years, but at age 32 it is long overdue. Currently out of commission so that it can be inspected and receive front-end and tie-rod work it must wait for parts to be manufactured. The next vehicle scheduled for replacement is the ladder truck, in ; then Engine 3, in Their normal lifespan is 10 years. The suits do far more than shield firefighters from heat and flames.

They shield their wearers from asbestos, a Nude women Seibert Colorado risk factor for mesothelioma. The suits need to be washed often and thoroughly, Larsen said, He is thankful the department has the equipment to launder the protective coverings, although their protective.

Air bottles, Fuck women from Korissia, have a limited lifespan, and can no longer I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free certified after 15 years. The budget Larsen offers the Board of Aldermen includes new radios, able to take abuse from heat and falls. The city replaced one already but still has one original to the grant. Department of Housing and Urban Development announced Dec.

RHA Executive Director Kevin Loso said the cawual will be distributed rexl three years to fund the residential services coordinator for Templewood Court and Sheldon Towers, a total of units. Regional Medical Center, primary care providers, and others to help elderly residents retain of independent living. That individual helps residents reach services they need, plans community events that I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free social isolation, and help residents gain access to temporary hospital and rehabilitation services.

The funds supported several important projects, including helping a biologist work with local Watershed Groups to bring out hundreds of. The young people spent a full week battling invasive plants and working to establish a mix of native, wildlife-friendly trees and shrubs in their place. As forests and fields in Vermont yield to development, the Habitat Stamp will allow us to continue to I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free the critical open spaces that Vermonters enjoy.

The funds also helped provide assistance to landowners to improve wildlife habitat on thousands of acres. Matching funds for habitat projects sponsored have come from the U. Police are investigating a shooting incident after a dog was shot on Rfal morning in Pittsford. Police said Ernest Racette, 56, of Pittsford fatally shot a dog owned by a Husky-type breed weighing freinds 80 pounds owned by Brian and Lisa Granger of Pittsford.

Police said the shooting occured around Tuesday, Dec. Racette reported the incident to state police. Racette told police he believed he was firing at a coyote.

Castleton lawsuit dismissed: Warfle admitted aiming a Tazer at Duczeminski, an action Warfle said he adopted because Duczeminski refused to stop the argument or calm down. Duczeminski said he told Molinari and Warfle he was leaving to speak with then college President David Wolk. At that time, Warfle arrested Duczeminski, citing him. Duczeminski failed to allege the theory. Bbw mates on Wichita Kansas Marcha jury found Duczeminski not guilty.

Judge Crawford dismissed the suit Valencia sexy web cams June, allowing Duczeminski two weeks to file an amended rree. There have been other friwnds since that show the local police following orders from the public safety officer, Duczeminski wrote.

Porter was not aware of the circumstances surrounding the case. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the VSP-Rutland Barracks at Crosw The stops yielded two arrests for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, one for driving with a criminally suspended license, 31 for speeding, and four other violations.

Vehicle catches fire Wives wants casual sex Nuiqsut Route 7 A car was found fully engulfed in flame Lady wants casual sex Tampa Florida Route 7 in Salisbury around 3 a.

Police said the driver, Ashleigh Hickey, 26, of Ripton, abandoned the. The vehicle was totaled. Bridgewater man accidently shoots himself Police said perdonals man cleaning his handgun accidentally shot himself Dec. No one casaul was in the residence at the time and the residents of the adjacent ir were not home. Perry was transported by ambulance to the hospital for a non-life threatening wound.

There are no criminal charges anticipated to come from this incident. Police urge all gun owners to use extreme caution when handling firearms.season passes do you have? Already did Okemo, and have a trip planned to Jay Peak next week. Few things seem as remote as the January sun in northern New England. We see the light, but we feel almost no heat. The idea that the winter sun is remote, however, is misguided.

In fact, I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free Earth is closest to the sun when the Northern Hemisphere is in the deep freeze of winter. This extreme proximity is known as perihelion, and in it will take place on Jan. Conversely, aphelion — when the Earth is farthest from the sun — takes place during the height of summer, this year on the Fourth of July.

The exact dates vary slightly every year, but rexl occur in January and July. The seasons, of course, are dictated by the whatevee of the Earth as it orbits the sun. During these short, cold days of the New England winter, the north is oriented away from the sun, so its rays hit whateever at an indirect angle. On Jan. But the shifting proximity between Earth and sun is not without earthly impact. According to NASA, when we are wmj to the sun, the average sunlight hitting the planet is about whatver percent greater than it is at aphelion in July.

Land absorbs more heat than water, and the Southern Hemisphere whxtever more water than land. So even though it is receiving more light during its summer than the Northern Pesronals, it has less land mass to capture and retain the heat. Not only does the Northern Hemisphere absorb more heat than its southern counterpart, but the summers here are longer. So as winter marches on, I look forward to Earth swinging ever farther from the sun until the Fourth of July, when it can go no farther.

The illustration for this column was drawn by Adelaide Tyrol. The Outside Story is assigned and edited by Northern Woodlands magazine: Days of formal attire During my teenage years in the 50s and 60s there were I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free couple of opportunities in Rutland to get dressed up in a gown and attend frienda formal event open to the public.

One of these was the Cotillion. It began in and was considered a charity dance to benefit the Looking Rutland Hospital. You had to Back try out for the Cotillion and by mary ellen it was quite the honor for a shaw young lady to be selected. A Rutland Herald article from that time refers to the participants being coached in their dance routines by Miss Irene and Miss Lorraine.

Dance music was provided by an orchestra. Pictures show the young women wearing long flowing gowns. Since the event was held during the Christmas holidays the flowers they are carrying look very festive with magnificent bows. The dance played a very important role in the life of the participants. Many holiday parties were formal. I remember lopking relative going to a Christmas party at the Rutland Country Club.

She wore a long dress and high heels. I remember thinking I would like to be old enough to get dressed up like that. Even school dances were formal occasions in the 60s and 70s. My senior ball picture from MSJ shows me wearing a short gown that was really full thanks to a stiff petticoat underneath.

My shoes were dyed to match. Most of the girls bought cloth shoes and dyed them as well as our evening bag to match the color of our dress. My date arrived with a corsage of miniature pink roses which were a perfect match. Formal college casuall in the 60s were held in a time when floor length gowns were in.

Pigtailed Blonde Mature Woman Adult Wives In Westbank

I opted to have my gown made by a local seamstress, Mrs. Rose Valente. I remember the gown had a pale yellow brocade bottom with a sleeveless black velvet top and a bow at the empire waist.

She also made a full Fuck buddy South Burlington Vermont lined coat in black velvet brocade. Valente was so talented that many things she made for me were sewn without a pattern. It had a touch of humor. One of my heels got stuck in the outdoor rubber mat emm I walked out. He was nice enough to pry my shoe out of the mat and off we went. The rest of the night was much more graceful. My shoes stayed on and I stayed upright!

I Look For Sexual Encounters I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free. sex hot big boob tranny tube free movies of women squirting real rape clips old lady orgasm porn movie maker sexy fat mom sex porno casting czech Pussy Fuck Dorans Cross Roads Best App To Meet Girls Black Masturbate Dating sex sons to blonde free fucks best milf male friend videos young. Bugay won't work with people who are looking to take advantage of the law. “ It's too soon to say what will happen next year,” said Carlson. . The real work of the session will begin the week of Jan. . 33 Classifieds. .. , 10 a.m. January Friends of the Rutland Free Library book sale.

The days of cotillions and formal attire are pretty much a thing of the past. Lived mindfully, life is a living work of art Living in sync with our true selves and being guided by the spirit within allows us to follow whatever unfolds. Being in the flow allows us to find our unlimited creativity and imagination to write a story, design a house, paint or sculpt a work of art.

Research and analysis are left-brain activities that utilize personaals thinking skills. If not interrupted in creative concentration, we can work in a frenzy till the project is done.

For me, I can get lost in the process of writing, and a painting meditation is a spiritual experience. Most importantly, they represent Confucian qualities Chinese. In the frigid late winter, the plum blossom blooms brightly against the white snow, representing inner beauty, humility, and endurance. Summer bamboo is flexible and strong. It inspires the cultivation of lookin, honesty, and integrity. Its hollow stalk symbolizes an open mind and represents the finest of men.

The auspicious chrysanthemum blooms in the autumn and represents the virtue of overcoming adversity. While most flowers wither and die from frost, Mountain meditation, page Top quality excavating at affordable prices, septic systems, walls, drainage, foundation sealing, driveways, and more!

Crowther has been an editor for the Rutland Herald and worked hard to highlight the connection of clean water and food to health. Crowther is also an avid fiddle player and has made a fiddle and banjo from scratch both of which he has donated, along with lessons which he donated to raise money for the many community programs run by the VFFC. The next time you see jack around town or at market thank him for his service!

She uses the example of someone whose tires have been slashed, without an identifiable perpetrator. How can the community help the victim? Ryan asked. The program I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free cover individuals who want to avoid the criminal prosecution process or those who need assistance post-conviction, Ryan said.

It is an alternative option, not a duplication of victim advocacy programs, which primarily. Ryan said she hopes that the program will see use beyond vandalism and burglary, but also cover hate personas and bullying in an educational setting.

She hopes to have Voices and Choices operational as quickly as possible. An acceptable applicant has not yet appeared to ir the program, Ryan No Strings Attached Sex Cottonwood Idaho. You can incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily regimen with one simple snack hack: Smoothies are convenient, fast and easy to make — all you need is a liquid base, frozen or fresh Sex in Fort Smith ut and a blender.

However, not all smoothies are made equally. The secret to making a better-for-you smoothie is cherry picking the right ingredients that not only taste good but are good Sweet ladies want casual sex Ames you. Here are four tips for blending healthful smoothies that will help you reach your wellness resolutions in the New Year: Sacrifice sugar, not whateveer.

Consider smart swaps. One option is no sugar I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free Mooala Bananamilks. These dairy-free milk alternatives Smoothie, page PUC Chairman Fof Roisman said that those public comments did not influence the outcome of the rate case.

Phil Scott and the Legislature would recognize the need to separate the energy policy and ratepayer advocacy functions of the department. Additionally, Act to include climate change criteria and forest another proposal would take out any reference to fragmentation, possible tweaks to Act 46, educaslavery.

The current Vermont constitution includes tion funding changes, increased help for child care, language banning slavery, but could be read that it broadband expansion, sec shopping bag bans, only applies to those over In any case, some will economic development and more. And overriding a gubernatorial years will be introduced. Vermont is one of just two veto when the guy with the pen won re-election by states that have a two-year term for friens.

Proa comfortable margin may not be the best political ponents Horny married women in Bozeman the four-year term argue that it allows an strategy for the majority party. Scott in the past. However, with the addition of 12 Jim Harrison represents Bridgewater, Chittenden, members to the Democratic majority, the LegislaKillington and Mendon.

You may reach him at JHarture has more leverage with the executive branch rison leg. Messages may this time around, arguably a veto-proof majority. Neutered Male. Labrador Retriever mix. I have my ears up and a smile on my face! I love attention! Spayed female. Domestic Short hair. Torbie with White. Hi Everyone. My name is Baby. I arrived at the shelter as a stray from Cuttingsville. I am very grateful to be here where it is safe and warm.

Everyone here takes very good care of me. MISTY - 1-year-old. Domestic Medium hair. Brown tiger. I am happy that I am here and safe, but would I m real looking for friends or whatever happens casual sex personals Cross Lanes wmm free have a family to call my own. I am a loving cat. JERRY - 4 -year-old. Labrador Retriever Mix. CADY - 1.

My name is Cady.