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Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real

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The gag, of course, relies on a pun on the word humpwhich Wednesdays metaphorically share with camel physiology.

In general usage, professionals and students wish each other happy hump day as congratulations for making it through the beginning of the week and as encouragement to make it through the second half. The phrase is also often used in the media to headline content published on Wednesday.

In reference to the popular Hump Day Fun Discreet and Real commercial, hump day is often paired with images or GIFs of Caleb the camel. Brands and sports teams with the camel as their mascot have also made use of the association in their marketing efforts. Camels have been brought to schools and public events for no other purpose than to Hunp Wednesday—to make it a happy hump day.

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Rfal Comments Only backers can post comments. Log In. Russell Martocci on February 9, I guess what every filmmaker really wants is suggestions from the peanut gallery, right?

Woo hoo! Wednesday givaways!

The remainder is a downhill ride. Thank god it's humpday - I'll coast downhill towards the weekend.

Wednesday, or the hump of the week The absolute BEST day of the week, the day of maximum hope that maybe, you might make it out of this week Discreey. A particularly good hump day can last you the rest of the week, and by Doomday morning Monday you survive by anticipating hump day.

Nothing goes wrong on hump day Most other days can be defined by hump day. Tuesday is the day before hump day. Thursday is one day after hump day.

Hump day has nothing to do with sex. Unless one wants it to.

I like to declare the existence of hump day just to see people's faces.