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Ask to see our other entertainment centers! Channel 9, Info,: In front of San Francisco City Hall. Grove and McAllister. SF Info.: Kaiser Convention Center, ballroom. It was fixed last Friday. A Jan. Francisvo next to the phone, the only one in the building, were phone numbers for the police, Fire Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 and ambulance services. Levine did not return calls as of press time. That decision is on appeal. The announcement set off protests from community activists who Soll ladies sexy the channel was dedicated to public broadcasting.

KQED said the commercials would only be carried to cable subscribers, not people who pick up Channel 32 over the airwaves.

However, Tiano said he is Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 to look for private partners who might be interested in a commercial deal involving Channel The city of San Francisco has no jurisdiction over broadcast licensing.

However, a sizable percentage of the households in the city receive KQED through a cable service operated by Viacom under a city franchise. Please send checks or money orders. Winners will be notified before publication. Wednesday, February 21 fAll manuscripts must be casuzl the Bay Guardian offices by 5 p. Attach completed entry form to the back of page one of each entry. Send with check to: On Monday, the court decided to let stand a ruling that police Caligornia other government agents can eavesdrop on private conversations over cordless te lap h ones wi t hou t a wa r rant— something they're currently not allowed to do with regular or car telephones.

The case originated in Iowa, when a man named Scott Tyler was sent to jail for Iheft after Housewwives neighbors overheard conversations he had on a cordless phone and called the police. Conversations on public pay phones are also protected. Approximately loking percent of households in the United States have one.

This decision is just the latest in a long series of attacks on the right to privacy by the Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 and the Reagan and Bush administrations. Other possibilities are mind- boggling; in states where sodomy is illegal, will gay couples be arrested when they make dates over the phone? Will it be used to harass couples who live together in slates Wailea Makena new girls nude don't allow cohabitation?

Because the Court has refused to hear the case, the only way to get this ruling off the books is for Congress to pass a law sx cordless phones from eavesdropping. And some normally reliable observers say the odds are good that the Giants will go looknig. If that's true, it would put a serious crimp in any plans Mayor An Agnos has to put the China Basin ballpark initiative back on the ballot in June.

The deadline for the mayor to put an initiative on the June 5th ballot is March 7th, some two months from now. To make his case, Agnos has to be able to present convincing evidence to voters that the last-minute flier, produced by local political consultant Rich Schlackman and — according to Agnos — funded by Sacramento developer Gregg Lukenbill, was financed illegally. Well keep you posted. The two forums will take public testimony both orally and in writing, and the HRC emphatically encourages the public to provide such testimony.

Hate crimes span the range from physical assaults and fgancisco to graffiti and posted materials. Incidents of gay-bashing in the city are up again this year, as are the postings of white supremacist stickers and posters around the city. One note on the HRC: The HRC — unlike other, more politically wired city commissions — may actually be able to create the types of policies that could bring such problems under control. In other words, if Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 are in doubt about whether it would do any good to testify in front of this relatively low-profile commission, be encouraged.

There are some very spirited and committed people Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 this commission, who feel they have a fasual duty to perform, and plan to do it. The meetings will be held on Jan. For many of these people, the alternatives to their present housing Houssewives the city streets or the less-than-whoiesome city-run homeless shelters.

The public is encouraged to attend as a show of support for the amendments. Look for the newest member of the board. Vami — a businessman — highlighted tiis background in finance and budgetary matters when he was elected inand his experience is sorely needed on the board. Present budgets produced casial staff are all-but indecipherable, leading to Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 about how much money the district has and is spending.

Hopefully Eex will move to correct the situation. This week at City Hall appears weekly in the Bay Guardian. Tipsdex and suggestions for upcoming events and items can be sent in care of Jim Baiderston, Bay Guardian, 19th Sr. All of the nominations come from francksco. You may nominate anyone currently working in the visual and performing arts. Franxisco requirements are simple.

Final selections will be made by the Bay Guardian editorial staff and critics. Nominations should be sent to: Caaual do not submit original artwork. Congregation Shaar Zahav, Danvers at Caselli 66! Pulaski NY bi horney housewifes r Present and Future? Jehon Grist Jan. Jan 21 Interfaith Couples with Dr. Genesis with UC Prof.

Back to the Sources: The Class will explore the seminal texts of Jewish history and thought. They were frightening as hell. Print media and TV marched out the horrors of the decade in endless bloody franciisco, with only a few shots of Michael Jackson and Madonna thrown in for relief.

None of those retrospectives recalled the Her pussy is craving Mayersville Mississippi social changes of the last decade: There was no mention of the sort of socially illuminating statistics found in the Harper's index: The media retrospectives were a scary look at history, and historical amnesia, in the making.

Thank goodness the Eighties are over. The New Year's lists went on and on, careening drunkenly through arts and culture.

That's what happens when someone hired to be a foxy babe grows up and is asked to leave because she doesn't fit the image anymore. She gets to be lookimg good sport. If you happened to catch the interminable goodbye to Jane Pauley on Dec. The highlight of the Jane Retrospective, which lasted almost half an hour, was the review of her hairstyles. It looked like a long Clairol commercial. Not only did they give her this demeaning Caalifornia will they go through Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 Scott's hairstyles when he leaves?

Good Cougar wanted for company dining laughs and more, Jane.

Somewhere amidst this self-inflating nostalgia, someone on Tbeteymenrioned that the old shots of Tom Brokawmade him look like a rock star. But Brokaw, who seems fairly frabcisco in age to Pauley, has been allowed to shed his youthful image and become a respected, Califoenia newscaster. The story caxual how Haight St. Nor was it reported what alternatives homeless people in the Frqncisco have to being there. Moving to 16th St,? Killing francizco Now he's permanently on assignment somewhere else.

Managing Editor Frank McCullough says he killed the column three weeks ago because the doctor's lascivious meandermgs just got to be too much. But Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 you do miss Thompson, you can read about him in this month's Smart Thompson doesn't seem to write anything Naughty wives want sex Davenport Iowa anymore, he just gets written about.

Hunter S. The piece is about a neighborhood riff Thompson is having in Woody Creek, Colo. Real smart. I haven't really liked Thompson since I watched him do the Housesives returns intalking drunkenly to the TV set up on the stage at Cwlifornia Stone, fondling the Francixco sweeties that wandered onto the stage every once in a while ffancisco keep the show rolling.

Much more conspicuously absent from the Examiner's pages is David Armstrong's MediaWatch, the only media criticism column in any daily Bay Area newspaper. You have a food section, a travel section, a horoscope. Fem Henderson looking for dick Mon. Including dance. That isn't what Smib Dawson, the country's premier gay direct-mail fundraising outfit calls it, of Social sex com male members adelaide. It's dubbed its unique foray into direct-mail advertising the Community Cardpack.

And it makes the gay and lesbian market more credible to large consumer companies. Special Franccisco For Our Community The response to the mailing was quite acceptable by Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 mail standards. Guiliams said he believes the time is ripe for Strub Dawson's venture because advertisers are finding mass marketing too expensive, not an effective way to use their advertising dollars.

Though the gay sex industry and lesbian book Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 have long marketed their products through direct mail, Strub Dawson's enterprise is different in scope and approach. The size Hoisewives the mailing dwarfs most other gay direct marketers.

That's because Strub Dawson has painstakingly built a list ofmostly homosexual consumers who are known to respond to direct-mail appeals. The list is 90 percent gay or lesbian and 77 percent male, with 60 percent of the names coming from California and New York, according Strub Dawson's figures. How do Housrwives compile a list of gay and lesbian households? Guiliams, like most people in his business, was reluctant to talk about how the company gathered the names for what it calls its National Cbmmunity Masterfile.

But he admitted the obvious: To initially get the names of gays and lesbians who are likely Hoysewives respond to a direct-mail appeal, Guiliams says his company has worked feverishly over the last six years buying and renting lists of contributors from gay and lesbian groups nationwide. For example, Strub Dawson recently concluded lookjng Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 with New York Gay Men's Chorus that allows it to add chorus contributors' names to the master file.

Guiliams said the name-gathering can be as painstaking as buying a list of people who bought buttons at a gay-rights rally in, for example, Durham, N. Strub Dawson then keeps track of the people who Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 money to the fundraising appeals — and adds them to the list that it uses for its commercial mailings. That's a great way to harvest names — but it Housewies some potential pitfalls.

Guiliams says his company has gotten only five calls complaining about the mailing. It lowers your response rate. Future plans include four more mailings this year. Shanti, the local AIDS organization that offers emotional and practical help to people with AIDS, is looking for good-heaned folks to volunteer their time. The need is great.

Woman Seeking Casual Sex Aultman

Mike Frederickson, volunteer resource developer, says Shanti has a list of some 50 people with AIDS who have asked for a Athens swinger wife but can't Housewivee one. Volunteers Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 have two clients.

Interested persons should contact Frederickson at The next practical support training will be held Jan. Emotional support training takes place on two weekends: Hotline staffers work one Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 shift per week. Though the work Sab mostly giving callers information and referrals, some callers need emotional support as Hoisewives. Volunteers receive a full weekend of training in all aspects of the job. The next one is Jan. They're professional They're organized.

They're out to pave Alaska — and they believe that out door Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 is too important to be left to a few big billboard companies. The publicists and bill collectors have usually given up by that hour, so I figured it must be someone I know and sexx up the phone. Jack Napier. The BLF. I dosed my eyes and tried to make my memory Houdewives through the deadline- night bourbon-and-beer-for-dinner haze.

The Brothers of Love Family? The Black Lung Foundation? The Bourgeois Lunatic Fringe? I Housewivea not to sound baffled. On the back of the pillar on the right, about three feet above the ground, you will Find an envelope containing your instructions. Please retrieve it immediately.

We'll be in touch," He hung up, and I looked out the window. And suddenly, it all became perfectly clear. The midnight call. The secret mail seex.

This was no ordinary organization: But the press packet that came across my desk in May was of a different type altogether. And it summed up nicely Exxon's response to the Alaska oil spill.

Pave Alaska! Now there franclsco a novel idea. I scoured the press materials for an address or contact number. Californja wasn't until 1 had gone over the stuff a second Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 third time that I noticed a small line at the Housedives of the Iasi page: We know you radical environmentalists tove to attack the big corporations like Exxon that we're trying to defend. He said The BLF was here: I was excited. Order a gin and tonic and sit near the phone booth inside the bar.

Wait for our call. They had names like Daphne Boswell, Igor Pflich: The folks in the BLF obviously enjoyed the whole cloak- and-dagger game, but there was a very serious side to it, too: The Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 members are convinced that Gannett and Patrick have hired private srx to find the free-speech terrorists and bring them to justice.

Middle row: Atoert Fish, Ann S. Thesis, T. Shaw, in front: The missive from the BLF see main story advised me to arrive — alone — at Bouncers at 7: My code name was Mr, Francidco.

The bartender listened for a second, scowled and barked out: How much money did youisring? The fare to Treasure Island Housewves most of mv cash assets. I thanked the driver, told him not to Hookup sites Rosemont West Virginia and began hoping that somebody ran a bus back to San Francisco. By the time I reached the pay phone, it was ringing.

I stole a look at the half- dozen well-armed MPs at the gatehouse who had nothing better to do than look at mewandered as nonchalantly as possible over to the toilet and locked myself in.

Tell the driver Seeking cum Ridley Park slut take you to the Edinburgh Castle on Geary. Put the hat on f sit at the bar and wait for your next contact. I ordered a beer, pul on the cap and took a sip. I nodded. The door opened and several hands escorted me into what seemed to be a large van. We drove around in circles for at least 15 minutes, while I explained to the assembled crew Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 there was no point in trying to throw me off, since 1 had a perfect sense of direction and knew exactly where I was at every moment, even blindfolded, I just had Housewvies particular desire to prove it to them at that point in time.

When the van finally stopped, my finely honed direction sense told me we were iqside a garage, somewhere esx San Rafael and Brisbane. Yes t wc were indeed in a garage and Ladies seeking nsa Madison heights Michigan 48071 else there was wearing a gruesome rubber mask, I did my best to to look as if this sort of thing happened to meal] the time.

Sex Dating In Hurdland

For several long minutes, there was utter silence. Then finally, a voice announced: We Ye ready for the interview. Gannett found the message too disturbing and refused to allow it. The BLF sees billboards for what they are: It was time for someone else to pick up the torch: After this hit, Minneapolis hot hookups milf BLF was planning to go into at least temporary retirement.

It would leave quite a legacy. A ccording to the blfy official history, the group was founded in Novemberat the Pacific Union Club in San Francisco, by retired businessmen and civic leaders unhappy with the inferior state of bill- boa] l advertising.

None of them ever gave me their real names, and when we met, they always wore some type of disguise. The BLF spans three generations — the youngest member is 10, and the oldest is somewhere in his early 60s. The members represent a broad range of backgrounds, skills and interests. Whatever they do with the rest of their lives, ail the BLF members take the billboard liberation business very seriously.

The letters were stenciled onto a series of wood-and-canvas panels, some as much as Xxx girl for sex in Eugene Oregon feet long and six feet high, designed to collapse into a size and shape that could be carried in the back of a small truck and lifted 50 feet up by ropes and pulleys in total darkness.

It was surprisingly easy: A few close calls brought the Acme game to an end, and BLF security procedures began to get Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Oak Harbor. That was all I needed to know, I was told; when the time came, 1 would be contacted and given more information.

I got a Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 from Jack about a week in advance, suggesting that I be near a phone that Saturday and not make any plans for the later part of the night. In fact, given the holiday, the new message might well remain in place for a full two Adult seeking casual encounter Caguas Puerto Rico. I was to dress warmly, in old clothes, and bring a sleeping bag.

Mabd had lookout duty. The miniature park was a perfect lookout spot: From the perspective of a couple of transients trying to crash out in the deep shadows of the trees, we could command a sweeping view of Fifth, Bryant and most of the freeway on-ramp — and a perfect close-up view of the billboard a few yards away.

Once again, I was impressed by the intricacies of the BLF planning: Killing the lights, Napier later told me, was simple: There was no reason to cut the wires — this was their Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 now, and when they Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 done with it, they wanted it to be fully illuminated for all to see.

A few minutes later, l saw the first person climb the structure and secure a place on the ledge behind the board. He passed down ropes, and in minutes, two others had joined him and had begun hauling up their tools and materials. Mabel and I watched and waited as the three people on the board hoisted the panels into place, lowered them down the from of the board, climbed a ladder on the face of the board, bored holes with a battery-operated drill through several layers of plywood and sheet metal and bolted the new panels into place.

Then the rope vanished and the last person climbed down the side of the support structure. A minute or two later, the lights came back on. Mabel and 1 gasped audibly. It was quite a piece of work. AIDS, crack, the homeless. On Tuesday morning, when a sign crew r from Patrick Media removed the new panels, the casino message emerged unscathed. Then the BLF officially faded into the shadows. But the ultimate message remains: As long as these jokers are at large, no billboard anywhere will ever really be safe.

Elections affirm democracy. Thus runs the sacred political mantra of the United States. But this simplistic dictum avoids the fact that there are elections, and there are elections. In the Soviet Union, Horny girls 76073 have been voting for years.

In South Africa they have a choice of candidates. S, tutelage. Equally ominously, in other countries — Chile, Panama, Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, Brazil and Greece come to mind — voters, in this century, have found their choices vetoed by military force.

And in the United Slates, fewer and fewer people bother to vote in elections that revolve around obscene amounts of money used to purvey images having little to do with the realities of candidates or issues. What is the effect of these colossal U.

What can we therefore expea from the covert crew at Nicaraguan election time? NED slush-fund money, as previously noted, is being laundered for good, old-fashioned vote-buying through the recruitment, at the pitiful rate of a dollar a day, of people to distribute small free items T-shirts, snacks to impoverished Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132.

Then, should the Sandinistas win, the polls can be used to discredit election results as fraudulent. Nothing would be simpler for the CIA and its stable of destabilizers than the creation Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 another fake supply of weapons from the Sandinistas to the Salvadoran guerrillas, or another simulated cross-border incident into Honduras, or the assassination of a Nicaraguan or Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 political figure.

Any of these events might be Horny singles in Nova friburgo to cause sufficient disruption — up to and including invasion — that elections would be impossible to hold. The Sandinistas, of course, are not exactly helpless in the face of such potentially destabilizing activities.

That is the reason twentieth-century, post-Marxist revolutionaries view elec- toraiism with suspicion. In many cases they, and their parents before them, have been voting all their lives.

Bay Area Reporter, September 2, Edition by Bay Area Reporter - Issuu

And watching the conditions of their fellow citizens grow worse under "elected" regimes. Unfortunately, we in the United States are kept colossally ignorant of such debates. Our media agenda is set by the rigid consensus mantra: One of the currently favored devils is Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega. Whatever the case, lokoing truth about Nicaragua is available to him and to anyone else who cares to look for it.

The upcoming elections Dating spokane unclewebster com a good place to begin. Open Daily 5: Bottle deposit mjuittd Get Acquainted Offer If you can wait just 2 weeks Watch for our Grand Re-Opening sale. Recently El Rescate, an L. Of those, 16 were arrested and deponed, two left after receiving death threats and Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 others left voluntarily or were recalled by their groups.

Working in Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 U. Now, however, Casolo has taken center stage to tell her own story and eex testimony about what she saw and experienced in El Salvador during the past four and a half years.

I just keep asking God to be with me when I am being interviewed. My goal is to strive for humility and simplicity in my life and in my work.

Casolo's arrest came two weeks after the rebel offensive began. But I just Sxn feeling this real sense of serenity that God was with me. So if there were guns really buried there, then there was plenty of time for anybody to do it. During the interviews, she said, she was told she had no rights and was accused of killing people because of the arms cache.

It was awful. She said conditions there were much better than at the National Police, and she saw no signs of torture there. During her incarceration at Ilopango, she said, 46 political prisoners were being held there, up from 14 before the offensive started. Calivornia prisoners included catechists, human-rights workers, church workers, students and peasants. All the political prisoners had been tortured, however, before they were transferred to prison. All the women held at the Treasury Police were tortured by being forced to wear a hood lined with lime.

At Ilopango, the women had divided up the jobs of cooking, cleaning and teaching classes. Casolo said she was assigned to teach a literacy class to other prisoners. We all cried when we said goodbye. Friday, Jan. Saturday, Californla. Sunday, Jan. Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 are 17 programs of films and videos in the four-day event, and one seminar. Only two features and a handful of shorts were unavailable for preview. Only a handful might have been made by men without being radically different.

The fictional films range from an Australian childhood horror story to erotic tales from the U. There are also documentaries, profiles of a feminist poet and a gay male author and studies of political and social Nude girls Santa Fe New Mexico wi in Chile, Cambodia and California.

The complete schedule follows, with comments. Call them at to verify show times. Casua to order tickets by phone. Nine-year-old Celia has reached the age where she Saj choose between listening to her parents or the government, Calkfornia listening to her heart. Winter Ade Goodbye Winter. Not previewed. Seminar Unsung Heroines: Women Making Music.

Dance of Hope. Lyn Lifshin: Not Made of Glass. An Odyssey Across Time. My American Boyfriends. Once star Erika Nagy loosens up she continued next page Photos, clockwise from left: Greenhouse Effect? ICs erne of the least expensive, gracious restaurants in town. The Long and Short of It: Bay Area Video and Filmmaking. Most of these local efforts showed in the Film Arts Festival last fall.

Lacking the light touch of John Hughes or Cameron Crowe, she fails to make her film very significant as drama either, just a respectable middleweight entertainment. Two shorts involving black women complete the bill. A scene from Samsara: The Reincarnation of Golden Lotus. With so many serious films in the festival, you should appreciate some good, glossy trash.

James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket. She is working on o wild game cookbook for Chronicle Books. The complex sauce made from guerros chilies, roasted tomatoes and pumpkin seeds was thick and perfectly balanced. The tomatilio-based sauce was light and flavorful without being overpowering. Houseiwves whole lot was surrounded by ripe orange Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 of Hickman KY adult personals — a wonderful and inspired salad indeed.

Six very slight wedges of sublime papas Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 fried potatoes adorned the steak, along with a wonderful goat cheese-stuffed ancho chili. Perhaps a larger portion of these labor-intensive potatoes would be more appropriate for the price and style of this particular dish. Desserts sound exciting, playful and truly unique. The almost light souffle-like pumpkin filling atop the dense pecan layer made Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 pie a real treat for all the senses.

An extensive wine list, mixed drinks of all persuasions and lots of imported beers make Corona Bar and Grill a great place for cocktails and appetizers or a full meal.

Wheelchair accessible. Drive a great r: She will perform a healing on a member s of the audience to demonstrate her techniques. Marjorie Valeri will perform on channeled harp. Mason Conference Center, Bldg. A Marina Blvd, at Laguna St.

This class is open to both beginners and more advanced practitioners who are deeply committed to heafing work Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 who would like to explore the possibility of entering a long-term, certified training program.

Complete payment must be received by Jan. However, other letters and articles, as well as advertisements by transvestites and services catering to transvestites, stress several as peels o f th e lifestyle that I find disturbing. And if a man is not gay, why is anal intercourse either by a female partner using a dildo or by a male an essential part of the letter, article or ad? There is an amazing variety of sexual turn-ons available to us all.

People cross-dress for various reasons — a broader range of clothing options being one of many possibilities. I have been married since last spring to a man my age 25 who is a big-time grouch. I mean, this guy can complain about everything. He has anger oozing out of Sex dating in Locustville pore. He is capable of being sweet, but anger is his first reaction to almost every situation.

I care about him, and sometimes i still love him, but he makes me nuts. I, on the other hand, am predominantly cheerful. It took me a while to learn to open up, but now he fits inside me completely without discomfort. Is there any danger to my body from this? The typical cervix does not open easily. Even with months of preparation for the event, and the assistance of uterine contractions Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 gravity, it is often a very long and painful process.

So even though you use deep relaxation and slow movement, it would be extremely rare for the cervix to open and allow penetration without pain. If it does, however, a normally inaccessible body cavity open to the outside does put you at much greater risk of infection. SF IQ. Looking to achieve that rebel! Well take those blues out of the washer— well-worn and frayed Levi 50i but- - tonfly jeans can be found jh abundance in the Say Area. According to legend.

Originally made from a tan, heavy-gauge lent canvas, the now-famous shifted to its current design and denrm materia! Recently, s. As for the Levi supplies, there are more than 20 cubicles, each Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 pairs high, with all sizes and shades—and of course, they re s.

The walls are adorned 'with leather, new and used: Abrams Sales Company Abrams has very few broken-in Levis at any one time. This is an army surplus store, so it carries everything from fatigues to Avirex flight jackets also comfortably broken InMon -Sat.

It has s and s the zipper kind. American Recycled Clothing The only kind of jeans this shop carries are s. As for the leathers, the Buflafo on Haight boasts a wide variety of used leather jackets, yet both other locations also carry them.

San Anselmo, Held Over Although there are three different Held Over locations, the Haight store seems to be the only one to qualify for this list. It also carries used leather jackets, Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 biker, which run about S Old Vogue This shop prides itself on having a great selection o!

The owner is always seeking out broken-in to buy from the public and cleaning them up, in order to keep the store Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132. There's also a nice selection of used leather jackets in stock; although most of them are flight jackets, there are a few motorcycle jackets on hand. But Old Vogue s greatest claim to fame is us authentic Hawaiian shirts and authentic greaser jackets from the 50s. Berk, Spellbound Spetibound always has at least 20 to 30 pairs of men s s in stock.

II carries the most regularly sought sizes. However, if you're looking for the ' I've owned these pants forever" look, you'll probably have to work on these Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 for awhile; they're 1 nicely worn" Levis, without holes. Worn Out West Worn Out West specializes in used blue jeans, and carries several hundred pairs, mostly s, which makes for some nice pickings.

It carries sizes 25 to You bring your body in and they'll cover it. Worn Gut West gets all its merchandise by buying directly from the public, and Cam free chat take clothing on consignment.

Photography Fine Arts. Graphic Design. Interior Design. San Francisco. CA Good equipment. Sound advice. Great prices. Raunchy jokes. And up-to- the-minute stats on the Oakland As.

They talk a good line, but they also have the best political byte in town. I know. From frame only Hew Rojo, California or Oregon bifold slider styles.

Solid walnut, whitewash, black lacquer or natural maple. Full or Queen sizes. Francisco Blvd. Palo Alto California Ave, N. Of course, a smattering of dogmatic ideologues will continue to mumble Marxian dialectic until the millennium. Remember, you Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 it in kindergarten: What always happens is the most avaricious and rotten seize control and screw everyone else.

In fact, the Jan. The author, Benjamin J, Stein, is an attorney, economist and respected financial journalist. Kleptomania is the disease he dreads. Recent events in the America of the s, however, suggest another scenario for the future of mankind: OK, try this rap on for size. Forget communism and socialism. Forget capitalism too. Or, less lyrically, how much freedom there is to throw the rascals out once they become incorrigibly corrupted enemies of the public good.

Taking this perspective, you have to cheer the changes in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, Under capitalism, as well, replacing the manager and coaches has been the best way to break a losing streak. Catamas were once men in love, buL behind the credits, Calamas' death from AIDS becomes a touching prologue, followed by a moving San Francisco memorial service. In 1afler being fired from Any hot women dtf tonight Jones magazine in San Francisco, Moore returned to his hometown of Flint, Michigan, to find Sexy slut in Billings mi GM had arbitrarily closed its plant there and left 30, people Horny Antigua And Barbuda women. Dog Productions mov i e 0 nt: Short of being called Camper Van Beethoven minus Lowery and the Violinist, all the Monks care about is being given a forum to play their own, original, mostly instrumental, extremely loud and guitar-heavy boy music, and to hell with the elusive trappings of fame.

We're more into progressive rock, more into things like Henry Cow, than Camper is. Musically, that is. That Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 be why it Lonely want hot sex Greeley recently asked to add a track to a new?

Musically we get along really well, so we only really need the germ of an idea to jam off of when we play. It's all kind of organic. Martin Luther King's birthday, "it exploded on us," says Fatdog, the subversive purveyor of musical instruments al Subway Guitars.

We got tons of cal is from Los Angeles, which really surprised us. We are linking together all the progressive night clubs on the West Coast," From Friday. Participating bands are asked to give 15 percent of their pay to the anti-racist organization of their Sweet housewives seeking nsa Bessemer. Ash kenaz.

Bay Area Reporter is San Francisco's oldest and largest local newspaper The Times started publishing same-sex wedding announcements after “It was inspiring to look up and see an out, proud, leather dyke at the podium of the church. Assets Management, N. Lake Merced Hill, San Francisco, CA California Labor School, and San Francisco. Politics," an oral history Well, at a certain point, I think Jimmy took a look around and thought to. Violet Blue, Special to SF Gate . Which is how I found myself first at the Castro Safeway, with a basket of Desperate Housewives sex toys, staring at Cherry Casual Encounters: "Safeway M-F seeking F-F for four-way in frozen goods. Privacy Notice · Your California Privacy Rights · Interest Based Ads.

From left: Oakland, Co. Courtney B. You need something — say, a ski mask with an electric heater in it — to keep your face from freezing over like an open pond. While 1 was back East, the great playwright Samuel Beckett died.

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They sneak up behind them with a spray can of DayGIo paint, and whoosh! Instant S cleaning bill. His sweet, patient moneylender has no venom, no avaraciousness. Back to the mink census: The play has been on the boards for about a year now, with Joan Allen as the post- femitiist heroine Heidi, followed by Christine Lahti in the role, and now Brooke Adam is coming on to take a turn at the wheel. Since the supply of well-known thirtysomething actresses seems bottomless, this show could probably run a lot longer.

After Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 seeing it, I know' why: It equates feminism with whining. Heidi, whom we observe in various situations from to the present Hosewives, gets her consciousness steeply raised and actually winds up as a wisecracking feminist an historian, an expen on the work of women painters.

In the end, she solves her post-feminist malaise the way Diane Keaton did in Baby Boom: She adopts a kid. Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 can be a quick gal with a one-liner: My Africa! But despite the sketchiness of its characters and the stiffly triangular structure, the play still managed to hit home.

Mounted at the New York Theatre Workshop, a cozy brick-walled playhouse in Greenwich Village, the piece looklng feelings and situations that you simply could Califronia discount. My Francisc It raises the even more troubling question of what bonds can remain between two generations of blacks: Much of the credit for that can go to Courtney Franciscco, a young actor of great vocal and emotive power.

But even when Fugard is not at his very best, he still zeroes in on the heart Califfornia the Hot fuck Henryville — just as his model, the late Samuel Beckett, did. But the labor movement and the crisis in the Middle East have long been concerns Ladies looking sex Plains Georgia Seeger.

One of the bad sides of specialization is to say, now the only way to get anything done is to concentrate on one job and forget about all the other jobs.

You sing a few songs and then the talking goes a little easier. We are a group of young people who are trying, through our traditional music, to sho w that our music is part of the world's music.

Call or Houseiwves information. The concert takes place at 7 pmSunday, Jan. Entrance 941132 15th St. Saturday, Dec. And I do mean Housewibes. Not a bad way to start the new year, but one that was unpredictable just a few years ago.

For a good long while it looked like the record would stiff. The few people 1 did see in the lobby, in Califoria for the toilet or a beer, were hopping impatiently from one foot to the other, singing along and waiting distractedly to get back in the arena. Throughout the show, singers Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 Schneider, Cindy Wilson and Kate Pierson provided constant visual stimulation, whipping at their various instruments and dancing around each other as if high on tropical pink drinks.

The Bs have been playing together for 13 years, but they sure look like they still enjoy it.

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Guitarist formerly drummer Keith Strickland was dressed like the Mad Hatter, and Kate Pierson wore a two-piece fringed bikini. This reverence is really curious: Califodnia so doing, they have created some of the most Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 musk of our time. For one thing, it really is a tribute: This is not a problem with the Sonics, Hosuewives, because they were basically a singles band of short lifespan.

Terre and Suzzy Roche like to dress up. On Speak, their major-label comeback, the sometimes preciously ,ooking singing sisters dress up their seductive vocal interplay with layers of programmed synthesizers, percolating keyboards and chiming guitars. Although they're too smart and too "quirky" to make a pure pop move, Speak comes too close. SlilL Ladies looking nsa Bloomville d bet that in concert, even those songs that sound inconsequential on this glossy record, will give reason to fall in love with the Roches all over again.

The Roches appear Sunday and Monday. And while it is true to the genre, do we really need a new lyric like "She's Cold As Foothill Ranch California sluts fucking Rogers' forte — his slide guitar slicing across jangling acoustic and electric accompaniment — comes through sharply, however, on the closing uptempo romp through Robert Johnson's "Ramblin' Blues," and cazual his own spirited "You Better Run" and the retro-rocker, "Drearnin' At the Juke.

Please Don't Go"but Rogers makes the most of his reedy voice and its francisc range. He could well appeal to fans of the early, blues edition Housewiges Fleetwood Mac.

Jan, 13th. The exception to this Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Tallahassee is the quickly put- together Los Angeles' outfit Pippi Eats Cherries, which, by utilizing a female vocalist on the song 'Dirty Old Man.

And though the band is known casua, for Its raunchy casuak sound, many of the francixco guitar substitutions — like one by the Pontiac Brothers' great Free real mature swingers websites Dotson — are just as down and dirty.

Lastly, because the Sonics' albums, unlike those by Neil Young, the Kinks, etc. They like to work. But they francksco to commute. So they walk to work. Or climb on a free private shuttle bus for a 5 minute jaunt to the Financial District. They like living dose to everything—the Financial District, the Waterfront, the Czlifornia new shops and restaurants South of Market and right downstairs at Bayside Village!

Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 Beach Bunts don't have to commute. Sure, they're stuck with a bunch of extra time on their hands. Time to sit around the Hoousewives, spas and fitness center at Bayside Village. Sound rough? Gheck the rep film listings for a complete schedule. All screenings at the Cannery Theatre, Leavenworth.

Docent tours of the exhibit are available in Spanish. Museum hours are Tues. The show runs through March 11th. Iturbide gives a free slide-lecture on Feb. Center, and on Looling. Gallery hours are Mon. The show runs through Ssex.

John of the Cross, a 15th-century Spanish mystic imprisoned fn a tiny monastery by the Inquisition. It plays Wed. Life on the Water, Building B. Cazual two just completed a collaborative LP, Dedication. There may even be some Ffims and other visual s he n an ig an s to make the event ng a multimedia kind of thing, so come with your mind's eye wide open.

Klub Komotion, 16th St. The sh ow runs through Feb, 23rd. York Theatre. That comment stinks of a brush- off, Californua iTs a shame, because the former L. The best rumor I heard w as that Lee had retreated to upstate Houaewives r York to live with his mother. Maybe someday, but in the meantime, just seeing and hearing this songwriting legend in the flesh is a pretty wild trip Into the past.

Larry Polansky, music editor of Leonardo magazine, presents his piece for two Interactive computers and Good looking 25yr old massage with Gordo Alabama ending 107 at icc. Check the listings for dates and places, or call the RAR hotline at And you can expect the whole process to Cashal from weeks.

Good luck to them, and keep your eyes and ears peded. T pm, and the show runs through Feb. This early Tarkovsky feature centers on 15th-century Russia and a monk and Icon painter named Andrei Rublev.

The film nears three hours in length, but Hot housewives looking real sex Stoke-on-Trent gorgeous black- and-white cinematography and slow, well-tempered pacing makes every second worthwhile. It Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 organized by the institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia.

Museum hours are Wad. Qn Feb. From Jan. Pacific Film Archive, Durant, Berk. The band sounds tight and together, so check them out tonight In a free show at the I Beam. X-Tal opens. I9th-2lst, and features more than artists and craftspeople from throughout the western U. S, Hours are Fri. We regret we can't accept listings over the phone. Address your notices loooing Judah L. Magnes Museum Russell, Berk; Mon-Wed, Sun, llam-4pm. Oakland Museum of California Oak, Oakl; Wed-Sat, 10am-5pm first Fri, 10am-9pm ; Sun, noon-5pm.

Sustaining Parklands in the 21st Century. Painting is Lookiing Ordinary Object. Phoebe A. Wed-Sat, 10am Selections from the Permanent Collection. Wed-Sun, llam-5pm. Artists Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 to a Changing Planet. Through Sept. Sprinkled throughout Hlusewives interviews with horror luminaries like makeup master Tom Savini. Aside from producing a Crazies remake nooo! Still, ammo enough for walking-dead fans sick of all this fang-banging comes in two forms: Currently available as an On-Demand selection for Comcast customers in crappy dubbed formthis Norwegian import — a comedy with plenty of satisfying gore — opens July 17 at the Roxie in presumably superior, subtitled form.

Get some! So the WestWave is about as small as it can get: However, it boasts a good, fresh lineup that showcases quality artists who represent the richness that is Bay Area dance. Including world premieres by experienced artists is always a good programming decision, and these are judiciously chosen. The Hpusewives new works will be by hula master Patrick Makuakane, ballet choreographer Amy Seiwert, modern dance collaborator Manuelito Biag with Kara Davis and Alex Ketleyand dance theater Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 Kim Epifano in a song cycle about her recent travels.

The Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 also includes film and live work by the excellent Benjamin Levy and Katie Faulkner. One-nighters can be a lot of fun and leave sweet memories. This one looks promising. Performance times may change; call venues to confirm. Opens July 9. Runs Thurs-Sat, 8pm. Through Aug 8. Only the Truth is Funny: Opens July Runs Sat, 5pm; Sun, dex.

Through Aug Previews July Through Aug 1. Runs Thurs-Sat, 8pm; Sun, 7pm. Whoop Click! Dark Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 Theater, Mission;www. Runs Sat, 8pm. Runs Fri-Sun, 8pm; also Sundays at 8pm. Previews July 9. Performance days vary. All shows at 7: Runs Thurs-Sun, 8pm. Woodminster Summer Musicals kicks off its 43rd season with this musical version of the James Barrie story.

Osage County Curran Theatre, Geary;shnsf. Tue- Sat, 8pm; Wed, Sat, and Sun, 2pm. Through Sept 6.

San Francisco Drag legends Heklina and D'Arcy Drollinger opened San Francisco's hottest new nightclub, OASIS, New Years Day in the heart of San. Bay Area Reporter is San Francisco's oldest and largest local newspaper The Times started publishing same-sex wedding announcements after “It was inspiring to look up and see an out, proud, leather dyke at the podium of the church. Assets Management, N. Lake Merced Hill, San Francisco, CA MILLS SLAG el Camino RuOi MOUNTAIN VIEW California St. £ El THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN was anjudkalcd November 5, as a . Meanwhile, it's time for the commission to take a hard look at the record of somebody ought to tell the truth about the kinky sex practices these guys are.

Fri- Sat, 8pm. Fri, 8pm; Sat, 8: Fri-Sat, 8pm. Fuku Americanus Intersection for the Arts, Valencia;www. Thurs-Sat, 8pm. Fri-Sat, 8pm, through July Actor- comedian Kenny Yun came of age in Salinas.

And for a closeted gay Asian teen in an all-male Irish Catholic school, the stakes for being different are high. Fri-Sat, 8pm, through Aug Pearls Over Shanghai Hypnodrome, 10th St. Starting July 26, also Sundays, 7pm. Wed-Sat, 8pm; Sun, 2 and 7pm. Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132, 8pm; Sun, 3pm. Fri-Sat, 8pm; Sun, 6pm.

New, Reeconstituted, and Sponaneous Dances. Tues-Sat, 8pm. Sun, 3: This Afternoon of Dance features the ballet along with guest artists. Thurs, pm. Man Dance Company Call for location.

Sat, 8pm. Sun, 2 and 3pm. Sun, 8pm. Free admission. Celebrate this new creative art space and help raise money for the Savant Foundation. Featuring 3 live music stages, 4 electronic music stations, boardwalk carnival and rides, tons of sand, and five swimming pools swimwear encouraged.

ShEvil Dead vs. Witness this duel on the docks between two fierce all-women, flat- track, roller derby teams. Vegan Prom a. Muse Gallery, Alabama, Lonely lady looking nsa Suffolk Throw on your best Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 store formal attire and mingle with other vegans and vegetarians to help support Vegan Outreach.

Good for both first-timers and those looking to diversify their collection. Enjoy a night of poetry and performance to celebrate the th birthday of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, Idaho mature ladies the poetry of Neruda, poems by local writers whom Neruda inspired, and an interactive wall poem that everyone gets to help construct.

Noon, free. Join the San Francisco Bike Coalition for a fun and tasty ride. Bring a Adult looking hot sex Millersburg Indiana 46543, water bottle and ice cream money.

Join this Bay Area singles social network for those of use who are choosing to lead a single life. Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 is not a dating event!

Over a Champagne brunch, pool resources on how to get things done, as one, like buying a house, dining for one, running a company, and more. Blonde Redhead at the Independent Wednesday: Advanced booking strongly recommended.

Mention this ad for, one Complimentary dessert with dinner Zagat Rated Find our menu sfbe. Many people will recognize the word as referring to a stew of Moroccan or other north African provenance, but it also refers to the pot in which the stew is cooked.

But the spectacular part of the tagine is the conical top, which looks like a space capsule or a hat from Beach Blanket Babylon. The tagine top looked very much like the one I have at home, and perhaps the tagine dish itself Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 the one that would soon be brought to me.

More on this important matter anon. Aicha opened late in the spring in a storefront space on Polk Street, in that transitional zone between the Civic Center and Russian Hill. Authenticity is a central Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 at Aicha. This is never an easy undertaking in California, land of bravura salad-tossing, but so far the place is off to an impressive start. The food is modestly priced and not elaborate or precious, but it does offer an intensity of flavor many kitchens charging two or three times as much might envy.

These are of the smaller, navy-bean size; are expertly cooked al dente i. But if you served these at a party, you would run out in five minutes. The romaine was too much with us and diluted the potency of other players. Frasiers Dr. Niles Crane, complaining about a Cafe Nervosa cappuccino: Valencia Tourists eat sourdough bread. San Franciscans eat sourdough pizza. Real San Franciscans know what makes this town special.

Things like Goat Hill Pizza's sourdough crust. Everybody in the City knows us for our Monday night "all you can eat" special on Potrero Hill, but now you can get that same deal weekdays at lunchtime at our new Howard Street location. You can also get our sourdough pizza delivered to your door by calling Internally cooling, watermelon builds body fluids and moistens the intestinal tract. It has been used to treat canker sores, depression, and urinary tract inflammation.

The seeds have been used to lower blood pressure and the rind to treat diabetes. Get your movie times on the go for free! Screening is on Tuesday July 14 at a San Francisco area theatre http: Saskatchewan cute girl le.

Reality checks, like hip checks, send you. What can you do but regain your skates and glide along? Both times the brisket was great. But the pork ribs wavered from bone to bone. One would be tough and dry, another just fine, and anothernother fantastic.

Same with the beans: Second time overly mustard- ed and therefore not so great.

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Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 What was consistent was the sauce. And Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 brisket. And I would always make a mental note, driving by, to check out Brick Pig next time. Want us to bring you anything? I was hurt because I was on duty and would not be able to join them. She finished my thought, or rather, perfected it. And she called while the kids were in the bathtub. I would only have to run across the street and back, but if anybody drowned or anything on my Sweet wives want nsa Bangkok, I knew I would never be able to enjoy barbecue ever again.

I decided to play it safe. So story time was hard. I kept losing the thread, and mixing metaphors. You may as well put on a pot of coffee and light them each a cigarette. Meaning my first taste of Brick Pig barbecue was cold and crusty by the time I got to it, but still: I licked the plastic clean.

For my second taste, I took the childerns with me, and Lennie took hers, and that equals four childerns. She said I shoulda brought them in with me. For starters, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is now an actual contender. Seeking the meaning of life, one figure buys a book called The Meaning of Life.

Guess what: Martel is attracted to locations where her characters can sink, like pools and beds, and she arranges her multiplanar compositions so that these figures appear as floating heads and torsos. Her new work, The Black cock Aurora Woman, is her most expressly psychological yet, and thus entails a newly concentrated application of her unusual narration style — a kind of intimate, hooded third person in which neurosis Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 desire register as phenomenology.

Perhaps amnesiac, but at the least traumatized, Veronica Maria Onetto reenters her everyday life in a fog. Remember, also, the cursory attention afforded Scandinavian black metal in the sprawling doc Metal: A Headbangers Journey The Scandinavian Black Metal Wars — an interesting if technically rough look at the subject — because it screened locally just once, as part of a Yerba Buena Center for the Arts series on heavy metal cinema. Metal Storm featured interviews with a young circa Vikernes.

He claims he provided the shotgun ammo used by another Mayhem member, Per Yngve Ohlin a. Seriously, these were spooky dudes. Not mentioned in the film: That sad end — she was despondent over a married lover and their unborn child — provided high contrast with her live-wire persona on and off-screen.

As his highly temperamental, jealous sweetheart, she gave as good as she got, frequently engaging his rakish hero in knock-down fights — a rehearsal for notorious later public spats with short-term husband Weissmuller, perhaps? But this rare antique is still worth a look. Castro Theatre, Castro, SF.

The film intern is Laura Swanbeck. For rep house showtimes, see Rep Clock. For first-run showtimes, see Movie Guide at www. For complete film listings, see www.

The Last Vampire In Blood: Ultimately, the paper-thin plot, cartoonish CGI, and mediocre dialogue drag this film down. Vampire lore has an interesting history of exploring traditionally taboo subjects, and die-hard anime and manga fans may insist that Blood is a veiled indictment of American imperialism in post-World War II Japan or a commentary on traditional Asian and gender roles, with Saya, a modern warrior, fighting Onigen, a throwback to feudal females in her full-on geisha garb.

The filmmakers only substitute one stereotype for another, that of the fetishized schoolgirl beneath the glossy samurai fapade.

The idea that Mayor Newsom of San Francisco is a good liberal who is still willing to . Thursday, July 9th • 10am - 6pm Battery St. (@ California) () . look of the day, Spanish delights SEX SF More of our hilarious interview with Catherine Sun 24th Ave, San Francisco, CA filed a petition with this . San Francisco Drag legends Heklina and D'Arcy Drollinger opened San Francisco's hottest new nightclub, OASIS, New Years Day in the heart of San. California Labor School, and San Francisco. Politics," an oral history Well, at a certain point, I think Jimmy took a look around and thought to.

Peter quickly befriends Marie Zuzana Bydzovskaan older widow- farmer who seeks succor francjsco her hardknock life in her ambiguously affectionate friendship with Peter. Sussman Downloading Nancy In one of the many oblique exchanges between potential suicide Nancy Stockwell Maria Bello and her killer-cum-suitor Louis Farley Jason Patricthe sadist asks his victim how she imagines death. Staring at oloking Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 aquarium teeming with wandering fish, Stockwell gleefully responds that death is a release — like one of them, you can breathe underwater.

Renck employed cinematographer extraordinaire Christopher Doyle to enhance the feeling of mise en abyme by coloring everything in etiolated blues and grays. In contrast to his predecessor, Sgt. This is particularly galling to next-in- command Sanborn Anthony Mackie. The srx is often viscerally intense, yet less impactful than it would have been if we were Mature xxx emotionally invested.

However, suddenly the tables turn in Mexico when extorters capture Tom, Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 Julia scrambling to his rescue. Cheri 1: E Departures 2: Easy Virtue 1: Eldorado 1: The Girl from Monaco 1: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 1: E Moon 1: The Proposal 1: Public Enemies This one seemed almost too easy: Eddy E Revanche 2: E Summer Hours 1: The Taking of Pelham 1: Tetro 2: Revenge of the Fallen 2: Unmistaken Child 1: Year One 1: Please go to sfbg.

Embarcadero Center Cinema 1 Embarcadero Center, promenade level. Marina Theatre Chestnut, www. Presidio Chestnut. But it helps. IP aid F. Director and year are given when available.

All times are p. Linda Blair Tribute Weekend: With Linda Blair in person both nights. The Golden Year of Cinema: Coraline Selick,Mon-Tues, 7,9 also Tues, 2: Unmistaken Purple prelude Portugal Baratz,call for dates and times.

Tetro Coppola,call for dates and times. The Kid Brother Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132,Tues, 7: Lester,Fri, 8. Manhattan Allen,Sat, 8. Gotta Dance! Shall We Dance? Suo,Fri, 6: Overlooked Oddities Caalifornia Ecstacies, Parkway Park, Oakl.

Emery Bay Christie, Emeryville. Oaks Solano, Berk. Orinda 4 Orinda Theater Square, Orinda. Rialto Cinemas Elmwood College Ave. Shattuck Cinemas Shattuck, Berk. UA Berkeley Shattuck, Berk.

COM SisterThurs, 8: Examined Life Taylor,Sun-Tues, 7: Katyn Wajda,Wed-Thurs, 6: Older lady wants women looking for men Positive Wein,Wed-Thurs, 7, 8: Visit www. With live music and free popcorn. The Films of Lucretia Martel: Winners will be chosen at random from all viable entries and notified via email. All federal, state and local regulations apply. Prizes cannot be exchanged, transferred or redeemed for cash, in whole or in Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132.

Not responsible for lost; delayed or misdirected entries. All federal and local taxes are the responsibility of the winner.

Void where prohibited by law. No purchase necessary. Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 Vacation Package. Call No adult ads. Call Rick at Call Jenn at Until filled. If So Call us Now! Stop Wage Garnishments! Out of Debt in Months! Credit Card Relief. Call Credit Card Relief Grace can help you to to reunite separated, heal the sick, help financial problems.

Grace will not ask you why you came, she will tell you. Grace will call out friends, enemies, and loved ones byname.

Call today to have one free reading. Bad credit, No credit - No Problem. Be more productive, save your back. Call Jason Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 Log skidders also available, www. Norwood I n- dustries. Northern California College of Construction. Call NOW! Ads, TV, Film, Fashion. One week class. Stable job in weak economy. Details at http: AwardMake- UpSchool.

Call Attorney Timothy J. Kodani fora Free Consultation In practice since Personal injury too. Mail resume to Like. Owner Operators-2 or 3 Axle: Home Daily! Paid Weekly! LTL Freight Exp. Clean DMV. Earn supplemental income placing and supervising high school exchange students. Volunteer host families also needed. Promote world peace! All Looks, Types and Ages. Feature Films, Television, Commercials, and Print. No Experience Necessary. Paid Training, Vacations. No Experience, No Selling. Be Your Own Boss!

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Relocation available. Call Mon-Fri Great pay. Will train. Bilingual a plus. Request info online: Expand your skills through career training. Talk with caring agency specializing in matching Birthmothers with Families nationwide. To Whom It May Concern: Type of license applied for: Date of Filing Application: July 1 This business is conducted by an individual.

Signed Akitoshi Kawata. This statement was filed by Patrick OfConnell on June 19, Signed Melinda Louie. This statement was filed by Lena Lee on June Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132, Signed John Vasconcellos.

This statement was filed by Lena Lee on June 10, Signed KalungTung. Signed Sead Sehovic. June 24, July 1, July 8, July Fem for a Long Clawson date. The following person is doing business as Franklinis Building Lady want sex tonight KY Hustonville 40437, Inc.

Franklinis Building Maintenance, Inc. Registrant commenced business under the above-listed Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 business name on the date Signed Ciro Franklin Alberto. This statement was filed by Maribel Jaldon on June 17, Jasmin Trading Co. James T.

Signed James T. This statement was filed by Lena Lee on June 24, Signed Gerardo Martin. This statement was filed by Magdalena Zevallos on Signed Peter Gleason. This statement was filed by Maribel Jaldon on March June 30, Taqueria El Sol. Located at: The fictitious business name referred to above was filed in the County of San Francisco under File A on: Melinda Louie, Terra Vista St. Said items include approximately the following items: Cash only, and purchased items must be removed from premises immediately.

Tenants and any owners of the personal property are entitled to remove the personal property at any time prior to the sale. CNC San Francisco, CA Garcia for change of name. Petitioner Edgar Real horny Blackfoot wives. Garcia filed a petition with this court for a decree changing names as follows: Present Name: Edgar M.

Proposed Name: Emily M. Aug 18, Publication date s: L Lo Esta De- mandando El Demandante: A letter or phone call will not protect you. Your written response must be in proper legal form if you want the court to hear your case. There may be a court form that you can use for your response. If you Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 pay the filing fee, ask the court clerk for a Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 waiver form.

If you do not file your response on time, you may lose the case by default, and your wages, money and property may be taken without further warning from the court. There are other legal requirements. You may want to call an attorney right away. If you do not know an attorney, you may call an attorney referral service. If you cannot afford an attorney, you may be eligible for free legal services from a nonprofit legal services program.

You can locate these nonprofit groups at the California Legal Services Web site www. The name and address of the court is: El nombre Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 direccion de Lady looking sex tonight IL Shannon 61078 corte es: The name, address, and telephone number of plaintiffs attorney, or plaintiff without an attorney is: El nombre, la direccion y el numero de telefono del abogado del demandante que no tiene abogado, es Earl L.

Jiang, Esq. Fecha January 08, Publishing dates: Present NameJoanna Veronica Niedzwiecki. Joanna Veronica Guidi. Upon reading and filing evidence consisting of a declaration as provided in Section June 24, July 1 8,15, Raouf Nasser, Valencia St.

This business was conducted by an individual. Signed Raouf Nasser. This business is conducted by a corporation. Registrant commenced business under the above-listed Housewives looking casual sex San francisco California 94132 business name on the date Nov.

This statement was filed by Janette Yu on July 3, Signed Tracy Yi Zhou. This statement was filed by Maribel Jaldon on June 28, Signed Alma Sandoval. This statement was filed by Jeanette Yu on June 29, Signed Taryn Desmond.

This statement was filed by Magdalena Zevallos on July 2, New Closed Cargo Trailer, 6x Hands on Hauling: Enjoy days of sunshine. Rocky Mtn. Excellent Financing! Call Today! Colora- doLandBargains. New Mexico. Ranch Dispersal. River Access. Northern New Mexico. Great tree cover including Ponderosa, rolling grassland and rock outcroppings. Abundant wildlife, great hunting. EZ terms. LOW Down Payment. Guaranteed financing, low down! Going Fast! See Pictures At: Onsite security.

Two SF Locations. Private setting, beautiful landscaping. Aaron Because of its picturesque hills and heaps of sea views, its site is often compared to San Francisco. Numero Uno to Latin America!

Tax and fuel charge is extra, restrictions apply. Browse thousands of rental listings with photos and maps. Advertise your rental home for FREE! Browse hundreds of online listings with photos and maps.

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Find your roommate with a click of the mouse! Toland, SF. Family owned since Travel Smart with H. Please ask our agents for other restrictions. A-Rod has lived with another dog in the past, so he might be a fit for a home that already has a pooch. He would love to have a yard where he can run and play, or frequent trips to the beach or dog park. All Married wives looking sex Ozona and an absolutely fabulous dog: Seeking man for friendship, maybe more.

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