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Good looking man wifey

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A very common trope is the Ugly Guy, Hot Wife pairing.

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This is mostly because society's standards for female beauty are far higher than that for men, and women are often thought Good looking man wifey as loving people on the inside, while men love women for their bodies and sexual wiles. Or it can be for another very good reason.

However, as rare as it may bethe inversion does in fact exist; for example, there are many bird species where the male is brightly colored but Good looking man wifey female is duller in its feathers. While it's nowhere near as common, sometimes a totally hot hunk will end up with a Gonk of a girl.

This usually plays on previous misconceptions of men and women's stances on love. Maybe the man has some ulterior motive. Maybe the girl managed to force him into such a relationship.

Or maybe, just maybe, they really are in love. This is not a YMMV trope; this is when the woman is clearly ugly or Good looking man wifey visually displeasing in some way, while the man lookinb incredibly attractive.

Don't put down an example where "the guy is kind of good looking and Good looking man wifey girl is kinda ugly, I guess. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known wofey you don't have an account. Anime and Manga. Shiro's parents in Jubei-chan.

Invoked in Spice and Wolf: Lawrence explains that Horo who he introduces as "my wife" is hiding her face in a cloak because she's embarrassed Sexy housewives wants sex tonight Amos her horrific burn scars. In fact, Horo is hiding her Unusual Ears. Sumiyoshi's parents from the Excel Saga manga. His father is a "normal" attractive anime guy, while his mother looks like a girl Sumiyoshi Gonk.

Also hilarious is that the mother is the only one in that family that actually speaks, while Sumiyoshi, Good looking man wifey father, and his adorable little sister Canal all "speak" the same way. Manten inherited the mom's looks and Hiten looked like the Hot Dad, which gave Manten quite the inferiority complex.

Change gives us Kousukegawa's mom and dad. Dad is Good looking man wifey Kousukegawa aged up a few years, and given a good dose of Bishounen and glasses. His mom on the other hand is short, squat, and plain looking.

In a twist Good looking man wifey used to be beautiful, but she willingly scarred half of her body to gain her freedom from sex slaveery.

Takeo's parents in My Love Story!! His mother is more of a gonk than his father, though she's not portrayed in a negative manner much like Takeo himselfwhile Takeo's father is witey and produces Bishie Sparkles though he's not bishonen.

25 Things Girls Do That Make Guys Realize They’re Wife Material | Thought Catalog

After his mother died, his father probably lost his mind to marry an objectively and quite literally monstrously hideous woman who's got two equally butt-ugly daughters. His Cinderella life has gone downward even further after his father bit the You looked cold, to the point that he can't give up his servitude demeanor due to being abused by these evil relatives for so long.

Comic Books. They're aliens and from the way he acts she seems to be attractive by the standards of his race. Red Ears: The punchline to a comic where a young woman sees a hunky guy standing in front of an expensive sports car and logically assuming him to be the owner, starts imagining an elaborate, whirlwind romance before approaching him. Then an old, unpleasant-looking Rich Bitch returns from her shopping spree and yells at Good looking man wifey trophy husband to stop philandering.

Films — Animated. In Monster Houseat least when he was youngerNebbercracker was admittedly more attractive than his obese late wife, whose spirit possesses the titular house. Films — Live-Action.

The loving relationship between Good looking man wifey and Edna Turnblad in Hairspray. Especially in the movie musical, with Christopher Walken and a cross-dressing John Travolta singing and Good looking man wifey together in "You're Timeless to Me".

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A smaller example includes Mam a short, dumpy girl and Link Zac Efron. High School High: Clark took after his mother who looks exactly like Jon Lovitz. Downplayed yet somewhat Played for Laughs in Norbit. The eponymous character himself isn't exactly "handsome", but his Good looking man wifey, domineering, bitchy wife is a morbidly obese monstrosity.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights: This becomes the Sheriff of Rottingham's fate, after cutting a deal with the Witch Good looking man wifey save his life ; he reluctantly agrees to marry her in exchange for a magic pill.

The failure of such a relationship drives the plot.

In it, a man played by Ed Begley, Jr. It's stated that he was trapped into marrying her after getting her pregnant in high school. Rafael and Lourdes from the Spanish film Crimen Ferpecto. Granted, the Mussburgers are an aging couple, jan Sidney is played by Paul Good looking man wifey.

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In Tyler Perry 's movies Why Did I Get Married and the sequel, the buff and handsome policeman Troy gets married to the overweight Sheila, who just divorced her first husband Mike because he cheated on her. Subverted as Sheila isn't ugly, but she's overweight. Much like with the gender-inverted " Mzn and the Beast " version, though, the ugly partner becomes beautiful after the other person breaks the curse they were under. In A Brother's Price Good looking man wifey, breathtakingly handsome Jerin acquires one wife who has scars all over her face and upper body, a sight which disgusted her ex-lover so much that she left her.

As sororal polygyny is the norm, not all of his wives are ugly, but this one is. Would have been Good looking man wifey even straighter if Charleston in furness milf had had to marry the Brindle sisters, all of whom he thinks "look like horses".

10 Things Men Secretly Love about Their Wives

In Dragon Good looking man wifeyGarranon, the favourite i. He is married to a woman who is "no beauty". To everyone's surprise, they really love each other - Garranon may or may not be bi, but he hates the king, Good looking man wifey only prostitutes himself in that way to protect his loved ones.

In Harry Potterit is established that the late Merope Gaunt was "no beauty" and got her handsome Muggle husband Tom Riddle by feeding him love potions. Wives seeking hot sex TX Camp verde 78010 she stopped drugging him, he fled the relationship, she fell victim to Death by Childbirthand their child Tom went to an orphanage where he grew up to become Voldemort.

Idalia, while certainly a beautiful human, has an elf pining for her. Then, at the end of the series, it's subverted, when Good looking man wifey reincarnated as an elf, though it's acceptable because this is the only way both would find long-term - by elven standards - happiness.

Semi-used with Kellen and Vestakia—the fact that she looks like a Demon may repel others in-universe, but the reader is more likely to see her as a Cute Monster Girl.

In FairestAza, who receives rude stares and comments about her appearance Dating sex in Austin Texas is implied to be descended from gnomes, has a handsome prince fall in love with her.

A Type of Love Story".

Although the ending implies that Sarah may not have Good looking man wifey as ugly as Lookign claimed she was. One can't believe someone so handsome settled for a woman so plain, Free porn Chandler another speculated Good looking man wifey Free indianapolis fuck was because she was a good cook, as "kissing don't last".

In Deep SecretMaree, despite being fat, smudgy, and whiny of voice, had a rather attractive boyfriend before the story proper began, and later ends up with Rupert, who's rather handsome if not the most handsome fellow in the story; that'd be Andrew and has a fondness for leather jackets.

In Gone with the WindMelanie Hamilton is described as plain and homely by everyone who encounters her, and she marries Ashley Wilkes, whose good looks are expounded upon more than once by the narrative and the main character, Scarlett O'Hara. Good looking man wifey life gets better.

Ki is dashing. However, she has a lot of charisma, a keen mind, a strong will and is very compassionate, which is what draws people to her.

Hot Guy, Ugly Wife - TV Tropes

And she's definitely far from ugly. Belisarius Series has Good looking man wifey Sanga and his wife. Sweet wives looking real sex Kearney Nebraska Sanga is tall, handsome, broad-shouldered, widely considered the epitome of Rajput manhood and one of the half dozen best generals and personal combatants in the world.

Lady Sanga is a short, pudgy, plain-looking woman whose hair was completely grey before her thirtieth birthday. Needless to say, Rana Sanga loves his wife more than anything in the world and turns into a tongue-tied teenager in her presence. The Conquerors Saga: Lada is ugly and has no illusions about it; Mehmed is described Good looking man wifey be extremely handsome.

Protector of the Small: Kel is compared by her sisters-in-law to a cow, but she has many many other attributes, including being one of the first women in the kingdom to become a knight. She also gets with wlfey handsome men as well. Tanith Lee's short story "The Beast Good looking man wifey Beauty" is a Gender Flipped retelling of " Beauty and the Beast " where the "Beauty" is an exceptionally handsome and successful male artist and the "Beast" is an exceptionally homely and self-conscious female author.

No one in their town has any earthly idea why he'd marry Gokd of all people, but they're genuinely happy together.

Until the woman can no longer bear that her husband's effortless perfection serves as a constant reminder of what she'll never be like, and she kills Good looking man wifey in a sudden bout of spite. Live-Action TV. Amanda Marcy Bearse was loooing uglybut the joke was that she was Good looking man wifey "chicken", a scrawny woman with no feminine features, and Jefferson was her trophy husband. She especially counts if the viewers go by the same standards in Goof Guy, Hot Wifesince like everyone else on the show, she had some glaring personality Adult singles dating in Roscoe, New York (NY). that did nothing to help her Hollywood Homely appearance.

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Miranda constantly makes Good looking man wifey about Miranda Hart being masculine, overweight and very, very looing. Yet she gets attention from quite a few very handsome men, especially Gary, her main Love Interest. However, it should be noted that Miranda Hart writes it herselfand there are a few real-life men who consider her attractive.

On the Hong Kong television drama Only Youone of the clients that employs Good looking man wifey services of the Only You wedding agency is an extremely handsome and wealthy playboy and his fiancee, a short, frumpy, and very homely microbiologist. She's insecure about the wedding because she feels that she's way out of Swingers Personals in Mooers league since his model ex-girlfriend re-appeared and attempted to break them up.