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The Dutch West India Company worked to stimulate settlement in the area by granting patroonshipsland grants in which the grantee was given proprietary and manorial rights over settlers he sponsored. Ina trading post was established at the Jerseu of Bergen, New Jersey, which would later be developed as the first permanent white settlement in the area.

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Swedish settlements began in southern New Jersey inwhich touched off a rivalry between the two powers over the fur trade. The Dutch under Peter Stuyvesant successfully evicted the Swedes in These enterprising businessmen offered land at bargain prices and full religious toleration to attract settlers.

Confusion soon developed, however. The governor of New York, unaware of Berkeley's and Carteret's proprietorships, assigned lands to Jerseey Puritan groups. Tension developed between the Anglican proprietors and the Puritans with the latter refusing to pay rents to the former.

InEdward Byllynge bought out the Berkeley share to establish a Quaker settlement. The colony was divided into two sections that year.

As things turned out, the Quaker leadership was no more popular with Find women in Colonia New Jersey Jersey society at large than Berkeley and Carteret had been. Ill feeling and even rioting led to the surrender of the Quaker charters to the Queen inalthough the actual ownership of land remained with the previous entities.

The royal governor of New York served both colonies until public protests resulted in the appointment of Find women in Colonia New Jersey separate official for New Ni in The situation was further complicated by New Jersey's twin capitals at this period.

Perth Amboy in the east and Burlington in the west Cheating wife Oshawa hosting the colonial assembly.

East and West, though united on paper into a single colony, developed along dissimilar lines. The East had grown rapidly with the influx of many Scottish and New England Calvinists ; the West remained predominately Quaker and saw the development of large estates.

The s were years of great tumult, even by New Jersey standards.

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The religious fervor of the Great Awakening and farmer land riots served to divide an already discordant society. A steady stream of immigrants flowed into New Jersey: Colonial New Jersey New Jersey colonial history We have traced its progress from the period of its first settlements to that of its permanent political organization as a British colony, Find women in Colonia New Jersey a governor and Although Hudson was British, he worked for the Netherlands, so he claimed the land for the Dutch.

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