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Facebook Messenger Bot is changing the marketing landscape today. They completely changed the online marketing game. And they wield huge power for everything business-related. Enough of the teasing. In this piece, let you know how to effectively use Facebook Messenger Bot for business.

The major advantages of using Facebook Messenger Bot are: it is available for all platforms; it is very easy to install and use; it can be integrated into your website or mobile app and it provides great functionality. These are just a few of the major advantages of Facebook Messenger Bot. There are more. But let’s get back to the business applications. Here are some of the business apps that can be very beneficial to you and your business.

Facebook chatbot is a Facebook Messenger Bot application that provides you with the ability to connect with potential customers for free. By typing in the names or keywords of products and services that interest you, and clicking send, you can chat with your Facebook friends for free. This is similar to the Facebook viral list application. In fact, the Facebook chatbot is very similar to the Facebook viral list application in many ways. It allows your Facebook friends to get updated with new messages, while you get updated with your Facebook friends and vice versa.

Facebook Live Chat is a Facebook Messenger Bot application that enables you to engage with your Facebook friends while engaging with them in real-time. With Facebook Live Chat, you can share links, videos, images and text with your Facebook friends. In a way, you are able to live chat with them as if you were meeting them in person. You can also see how your friends are faring on the different applications and get to know what their live engagement rates are.

Facebook Messenger Bot has some major advantages and some major disadvantages. The major advantages are that these bots help you save time. Since these bots facilitate a free real-time communication, you do not have to spend any money in getting people to engage with you. They are simple to install and require little knowledge about Facebook and its apps. You can use these Facebook Messenger Bot applications for enhancing Facebook customer service.

Facebook Messenger Bot provides you with additional solutions for increasing engagement rates, like Customer Service. These chat bots help you offer better customer service by providing answers to common questions related to Facebook applications and Facebook fan pages. By integrating with Hootsuite, these Facebook Messenger Bot solutions provide additional functionality to your Facebook applications and Facebook fan pages. Facebook chat Bots is easy to install, customize and enhance Facebook service.

Facebook Messenger Bot is webhook enabled and it is capable of integrating with different services. You can add a Facebook webhook URL to Facebook Bot and set it up to perform actions automatically when people connect to Facebook through your webhook URL. For example, if a user inserts a Facebook URL in a post that you made, it will post an event on your Facebook timeline without your intervention. When the event is finished, it will send a message to your Facebook Bot and connect you to the person who inserted the post. This feature is helpful for webmasters that want to give their Facebook Bot an identity on their site.

Facebook Messenger Bot also integrates with Hootsuite. If you are using Facebook mobile app to promote Facebook business, you may find it beneficial to integrate this bot with your Facebook mobile app. It allows customers to access your Facebook mobile app through their Facebook Messenger Bot account and offers them limited options and subtypes based on their Facebook profile settings. Facebook Messenger Bot does not have an option to remove chat bots from Facebook, but if you wish to limit the number of messages delivered by your Facebook bot to a certain number, you may do so by setting Privacy controls in Facebook.