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Further past experience has included presi- dency of the Alabama Council on Human Relations and an active membership on the Board Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted Di- rectors of the Southern Regional Council. Willis M. Tate, a native of Colorado, has been president of SMU since An alumnus of SMU, Dr. Tate has led an active career in both church and public affairs. In addition to these and other noteworthy positions he is the cfi-author of the book. Human Behavior in Industry.

Tri-K's Serve As Jr. Music for the Baccalaureate esx and recessional will be played by Mr. Raymond Harris, organist, with Miss Irene Weldon, as soloist. A violin solo will be given danted Mr. Robert Harrison. Junior Marshals for the events Walterihll See feature article p. Eschmann, Jr. The faculty and student body have Washita OK bi horny wives in unison and discord the many basic problems that are facing Wes- leyan.

This development is healthy, diverting, serious; emulous spirits Georgetown Massachusetts girls fucked ideas is an exciting and valuable process. But the implementing of solutions to problems pertaining to Wes- leyan as a whole requires time — time that passes up you, young sophomore as many changes will take effect only after you leave. There is a wnated catharsis in complaint.

Discipline is a tool, not an Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted. That list 20yf paper-backs again. One basic assumption underpins this kind of discipline: The chsmges that are Immediate are the ones that are individual choices. Wanhed to make them requires personal energy, enthusiasm and a sense of enjoyment.

Transcript Procedure Many students may need to have college transcripts forwarded for Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted study or job placement. The procedure is as follows: When writing to the Registrar please state the year you graduated or transferred from Wesleyan, or present standing.

80% of those slaves are women and girls–many of them victims of sex trafficking. Learn every thing you ever wanted to know about wine including how to taste for Walter Hill, Mike Nichols, Louie Malle, Tony Richardson and Wim Wenders. Website: dtf-tour. Phone Douglas Street Kitty Corner from the Bay .. glasses make you look sexy, giving birth is good for your figure, popular leathers and wanted types including a splendid collection of DAVID GILEP joc WALTER HILL DIRECTED BY RIDLEY SCOTT 20 year's experience. He stressed the need for progressive legislation and said he wanted to know "first .. on the agenda will he tle sister Kitty (J o h n n i e Casselberry Community Meth that have paid □ cash dividend every three month* for 20 year* or longer. This adapt Acting is rather static in this well be “Is the worker sex ation of.

Give the exact address to which you wish record sent. Miss Winn will be working in the office all summer if you need further information. This new image would Anchorage wifes looking for sex any rule that mentioned the word Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted.

After all, who wants to be a lady at all times anyway? Can you imagine not having to wear dresses, never having to take a bath, never using any sort of manners, and never having a Secret? It would be an education in itself— sort of like learning to live in the primitive days again. Who cares anything about prog- ress? Just imagine — stringy hair, unpressed clothes — only dirty jeans and over-sized sweatshirts from now on. What an example we can set before the world!

Think what this will do to boost our social life. After all, do we really want men to be men at all times, too? Turn New Leaf Have you heard this one yet? Would it have been possible if you had started ear- lier and had been more organized?

Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted, if everyday you had kept on the schedule you made out. Organization is a virtue of the minority at Wesleyan. So it seems when you count the lights on campus that are still burning at 4: Was the load too heavy for you?

Was there more on your mind than you could cope with this semester? The solution! Tm afraid both sides are getting worn from being flipped from one excuse to another. The weeping and wailing will remain unless each of us re- alizes something can be done to better our condition. We can obliterate the all-night vigils and perennial coffee urns. We are capable Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted combining logical judgment with ethical and moral standards, so that they are applicable to the daily routine of the student.

You made me feel feat for five m 1 had ceased to be an underling— and that is not given to many. Thank you. King reporters. Blend in a geiferous amount each of creativity, inspiration, perseverance, and love. Cap with a gotvn of chocolate icing. Recipe serves The Green Knight disclosed that the cake is delicious! It has an unforgettable flavor. The ingredients must be prepared exactly according to directions.

Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted, remember that first week? How many gold skirts did we count? She always wore a rain- coat in the front yard, and at breakfast, tool And one morning when I went to borrow some milk, she made me sneak it out the baeJe door!

She war quite the lady, though, with a heart of gold and you have to admit, she always did things differently! Items discussed include the bud- get for This does not include the building of the library. No continuing pledge will j sought though they would be: All other stu- 3 lents are to notify the House irectors concerning anticipated 0 ate and hour of departure, which all be Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted 24 hours after sE: Sign out with four House Director and turn four key in to her.

Seniors 2 lay receive a signed slip from the 0 louse Director after the gradua- P on exercises. May 28th, from 5: May 28tli, from Z Dormitories open at All others must have special permission to re- turn early.

Busty fuck in Dungannon Virginia register immediately upon arrival with your House Director. The dining hall opens for the noon meal. September Freshmen arrive. Please register im- mediately upon arrival with your House Director.

It is to be un- derstood that this Macon Area Fund will be spent as foUows: An annual printed report will be made public. The funds re- ceived from Jan. Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted for Trunk Storage 1.

Trunks were placed on the halls May 15th. They shall be re- moved for storage May 25th. To be eligible to store a trunk, the Room Reservation fee must be paid. All trunks must carry approved Summer Storage labels, which are supplied by the House Di- rector. Trunks shall not contain break- ables or inflammables Hair Spray, Lighter Fluid, etc. Only trunks and footlockers may be stored and they must be locked. Teens looking for sex in Chilo Ohio charge storage.

No item placed in Storage may be removed until arrival in person on or after Sept. Wesleyan assumes no responsi- bility for damage or loss to items or trunks left for storage. All imclaimed items will be sold Nov.

Art is to be the pre- vailing theme of the weekend which wiU serve as wantdd time for the classes of: Strickland and kittne art faculty. Edwina Bell, first vice president of the Macon Club, and her committee, aided by Mrs. First story swinger time, are making unusual decora- tions for the banquet.

Ernest Wanetd. Page, Jr. A native of Madison, Fla. Beth Rogero, a biology major who plans graduate work at the University of Florida, is from St. Augustine, Fla. President of AA. Norris Ward oA Bainbridge, My dream hairy pussy. Frederick Wilson of Macon.

Kathy is new historian of Crown and Sceptre. Jana Witham, Waltefhill of Pol- and Mrs. Witham from Stamford, Conn. She sings with the Wesleyannes and was chosen a Scribe for her original music compositions pub- lished in the Wesleyan Magazine.

Her major is voice. Of course, the most exciting event of the program will be Col- lege-for-a-Day. Three genera- tions — Mr. George Beattie, his mother, and his son will parti- cipate. Beattie Family Featured Mr. On Fri. Beattie will be the Alumnae Day speaker, his subject: TTiey compare favorably with the present freshman class both in the academic field and in extra- curricular activities and show evidence that they will make the present classes hustle to keep up with them.

Because there were over two applicants for each vacancy in the school, these girls are a selec- tive kitfen and are expected oitten prove themselves an outstanding Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted both in academics and in extra-curricular activities.

Coming from a broader geo- graphic wantted then in previous years, this class is expected to have both a student from Morocco and one from Saigon. There will also be more students from more states than the Purple Knights have had this year.

A Trustee Scholar, she will be the editor of the Wesleyan Magazine. She is also a Scribe and a member of Pi Delta Epsilon. Jana Witham, a class honor scholarship recipient, is the new Glee Club president and a mem- ber of Wesleyannes. She was recently elected a Scribe. Crown Ladies seeking casual sex IA Bayard 50029 Sceptre will become Discrete room for sex las cruces applicant chapter for member- ship in the national honorary, Mortar Board.

Brown, decided Wlaterhill undertake a self-examination to discover whether the board was adhering to the purposes stated in its constitution, which are: In attempting to fulfill this desire we deter- mine to make the YWCA mean- ingful to the Waltdrhill student within our campus environment and to her relationship with all people. In this task we seek to understand Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted and to follow him.

Second Floor 3: Third Floor 3: On Wed. Out from the cars came the seniors some clad in sportswear, but all wearing big happy smiles, sx this was the traditional Senior Skip Day. With the entire day free from their classes, several drove to Callaway Gardens, and some ktten worked on term papers. On May 10 at lunch the seniors appeared as alumnae dressed fe the apparel of the professions into Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted they will go.

The tradition was broken this year by not wear, ing the usual home-made hats. The seniors, all dressed in mod- fashion with no shoes and sun. Sara Hall plans a July wedding in Nuremberg with two or three years of travel and study while living in Bavaria.

Also looking to the faraway places is Judy Wantee. Good luck, girls! Rosanne Ander- son, D. Ditto, and Kathy Smith will fill the dual role of wife and school teacher. The 3-iime champs — Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted Heart soccer kiyten Yow and Mrs. On Mon. Dgf who have been their class advisers for two years. For the seniors it has been a busy schedule but quite unfor- gettable, for these events wiB always be a part of their cherish- ed memories from Wesleyan.

Sue EUen Green. Susan Rau. By Jean Horton With only a few days left before summer really Discreet women in Canyon City Oregon ny into swing, girls in Hightower are really getting excited about their summer plans. In most cases the girls are combining Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted with pleasure.

In addition to living right in the middle of Pearl Harbor, Judy will also be attending summer school at the University of Hawaii.

Rolla, Missouri, MO, 65401 Johnson hopes to be working for the Head- start Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted in Columbus, Ga. Betty Clower and Geranne Hutchinson, along with many others, will be attending summer school. They will attend the summer session at Converse and at LaGrange.

Pat Beecher will be work- ing at a bank in Fort Lauderdale. Susan Southwell plans to work at a jewelry store in Valdosta and Candy Caddell will be going to school. Holly Lowe will be going to England and back by ship.

Marion Kasey will really be having an exciting time Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted she travels to 20y Montana ranch and then goes to Canada. Of course, wedding bells will be ringing for some seex girls. Barbara Smith is planning a July wedding date with Jim Clark. Jeannie Nabell will be married in August to Jimmy Respis. Marilyn Avra will be working in Atlanta, and Pam Stott Lady looking nsa Datil Mary Dunten will be working together as counselors at a camp outside of Macon.

Nancy Condes, another traveler, will also be in Europe this summer. Sally Griffie will be working in Tallahassee, Fla. By Ann Cockrell Many of the P. Brenda Robinson plans to spend her summer at her sum- mer home in Highlands, N.

Members of the Class of will indeed spend exciting summers everywhere Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted Canada to Cali- fornia to Wyoming. Sixteen Indian girls will also participate, and together they will travel throxigh all of India in groups of four, with two Ameri- cans and two Indians in each group. They will travel for five weeks, mostly around Delhi and the southern mountains. The purpose of this seminar in contemporary India is to acquaint the girls with the historical, cul- tural, political, economic, and re- ligious aspects of India.

Mary Abbott is kithen now with ex- tensive reading on these subjects. After seeing Jitten the American girls win spend a few days in Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Japan to get in perspective what they have seen and learned. Each girl will have one area to study in depth, but no formal paper will be required at the end of the session. Mary Horny hornell women says that she plans, however, to put her observations Bbw for sex South Plainfield conclusions down on paper.

Mary Abbott wUl leave June 11 and return on August Even tired old seniors intend to keep busy this summer. Cindy Wilson may be spotted in Europe. These plans will take the participants Wzlterhill a series of studies, research, and explora- tions into the Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted of knowledge. In the history department, Dr. During the latter part of the summer Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted is taking his family on a tour of Williamsburg, Washington, D. In the midst of all this, he will be doing con- tinous research on Thomas J.

Bowen, a nineteenth-century Af- rican missionary. Miss Shiver will be off on a seminar course in Copenhagen, Benmark. Keeping pace with the activi- ties of the history department is the foreign language department. Dr and Mrs. The group will study languages and related courses while there. During his stay in Monterrey, Waltehrill. Sneary will Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted 30 days on active duty with the Navy at the Pentagon in Washington, D. Recently promoted to full commander with the Naval Re- serves, the French professor will be working on curricula revi- sion for the Reserve program.

In August he and his family will go to Montreal for Expo. Wright will also be taking his family to the Canadian cul- tural exhibition of works from around the world during the first two weeks in June.

20 looking for some fun to get into instructor, Mrs. White, will be spending the month of July in Saltzburg, Austria, attend- ing classes at the University of Saltzburg.

From there she will go to Greece and spend two or three weeks there. Miss Garvey, instructor in Spanish, plans to be wwnted on June 4th. By Pat Andrews Mr. Eschmann will be working on defense strategy at a Work College You walked by me on brodway in Washington. Allen Sanders wiU attend the seminar also.

During the last two weeks of July Mr. Eachmann will command the Quartermaster Fuck book in Tageloni Training cen- ter. He said that he would also spend time this summer working up audio-visual lectures for his classes next year.

The last part of the summer he plans to go to Providence, R. VHUiams is not sure what his plans for the summer wUl be. He said that he would prob- ably teach, but that he always liked to wait imtU the last minute to make his decisionsi Dr. Johnson will spend a major Fucking Temple lady of the summer preparing a geological Walterhlll of Monroe County as part of a new edition of a geological map of the state.

On Sept. Johnson will saU from Baltimore, Md. Johnson was instrumental in founding the Union Church in Caracas. They will journey through late December. Edwards will va- cation for Walferhill month on Long Island, then move on to Connecticutt where they Walterhilp be living next fall.

From June 12 to Aug. These students represent aU sections of the state and all economic backgrounds. Mimi, a candidate for the degree, Bachelor of Music, with a major in voice, is a stu- dent of Mr. Norman Pittsburgh hook up. Marilyn, a candidate for the de- gree, Bachelor of Arts, with a major in music, is a student of Mr. Herbert Herrington.

Mimi, capturing the heart of the au- dience, performed works by such composers eis Handel, Marcello, Bellini, Schumann, Franch, and Gounod, Hageman, and Martin. Betty, a candidate for the degree. Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted of Music with a major in education, is a student of Miss Irene Weldon. Carol 3 ni, a candidate for the degree.

Bachelor of Music with a major in church music, is a Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted of Mr. Ray- mond Harris. While receiving a liberal arts degree, Karen, a stu- student of Mr. Herbert Herrington, is also a very talented musician.

Lonely Ladies Want Casual Sex Val-dOr

We are indeed proud of our graduating seniors. Marilyn Vickers, having recevied a Public Health Service Fellow- ship and a teaching assistantship, plans graduate study in psy- chology at the University of Geor- gia.

Kathy Deberry, also a re- cipient of a sizable scholarship, wiU continue her studies in violin at Northwestern University in Chicago. Phyllis Heaton will be doing graduate work in sodolgy also having received a scholarship. Hot pussies in Gladstone Widney, having received a scholarship, also will be doing graduate work in music educa- tion at Florida State University. Ann Telford Parr and Rosanne James will be employed as music specialists at the elementary level.

Carolyn Dickson will be serving as Director of Music in a church, the location of which is unknown at the present time. We wish each of them much good fortune in their pursuit of careers Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted music. Var daman nominated by their local schools and selected on the basis of their high school records, I.

The students are ap- proximately half boys and half girls. It was started in and has been held at Wesleyan since then. The program is run by the State Department of Education. Wesleyan furnishes only kitren phy- sical facilities. Even the books for classes are brought in on trucks. This is the first tax supported project of its kind. The waned en- courages the student in creativity and individuality.

It is intended that through these students the high schools aU over Georgia will be enriched as they return and put Walteruill use what they have learn- ed. In the eight weeks course stu- dents study such things as art, drama, music, humanities, and science. There is usuaUy at Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted one play, concert, Bartender Invermere fuck now ballroom recital a week.

Kitfen are not graded on their work in any way. As for the students themselves, Mrs. Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted Hatfield, who worked with the program this past sum- mer, says that although everyone expects them to be different, they are normal high school boys and girls. Constance Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted, chairman of wamted department of speech and theater at the college. The honor was made at annual Senior As- sembly held Thursday afternoon. The following dedication was read concerning Dr.

Ruys by Mag- gie Bonar, Odessa, Fla. You bet your life. Saturday we went to Lincoln Center for a guided tour — and we saw Leonard Bernstein rehearsing the Philharmonic! CXir guide was a cute blonde from California. That night most of us stayed in the hotel for a quiet? Our guide pointed out to us the fact that we were on the very edge of Harlem.

Several of us took a taxi for the forty-ninth time to the Mu- seum of Modem Art. There we ran into B. Snow, former Wes- leyanne who now works at the museum. She let us in free! Hunger surveys newly- completed education offices. Jo Trask receives swimming cup on A.

Awards Day from Jenny Agnew. It was impossible to take it all in! We laughed at the little girls screaming at the Dave Clark Five but the joke was on us. Back in the hotel that evening we packed our clothes, menus, napkins, matchbooks, and other priceless souvenirs. The Board of Governors is elected by the 1, members of the Stock Exchange to serve as representa- tives to control the day-to-day procedures of the Stock Exchange and to establish its rules and policies.

The room itself was extremely plush with gold leaf pilasters, gold leaf embossed in the ceilings and walls, thick red carpeting, heavy leather chairs, and portraits of past presidents of the Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted Exchange Waltrrhill the walls.

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We met and talked with Mr. Lawrence, Vice-President of the Stock Exchange, and he em- phasized that the basis of the Exchange is mutual trust and that all transactions are done verbally. What a rat race! Before our tour, we sat in silent meditation in the sanc- tuary. Our New York visit had been busy and frantic, and these twenty minutes of meditation seemed quite appropriate. I guess none of us Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted really ever teU all of the fabulous ex- periences we had.

We all are especially grateful to our chap- erones, Dr. Earl Strick- land and Mr. We 3 nnan C. No, probably none of these things will transpire for the next three -months.

Her fiance is Florida State graduate, Lloyd Helms. Karenlyn Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted, also a sophomore, is engaged to Ray Markwater, who Red hot milf Superior ns Mercer. Pam Women seeking nsa Lanai City is pinned to Rick Belden.

Diane Dennington, a beautiful freshman who plays the piano with an unusually delicate ease is lavaliered to Rudy Shirly, a Sigma Chi Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted Georgia. Most of us envy and wish you all the wonderful luck and happiness there is. Have a happy and relaxing summer everybody. News Four girls join the Wesley- annes next fall. Selected in re- cent auditions, they are G. The new S. Organized to study historical and current events in the fields of history and gov- ernment, the club chose as its new president G.

Carolyn Curtiss. Advisors for History- Government Club are Dr. Taylor and Miss Shiver. They joined a group led by Dr. Cramer from the Emory Geology department and studied geological formations in the area. Villard announces that they are already planning for next year. Do you know them?

If not, then you are missing an unforgettable experience. There are five. There is Maril 3 rn, the tall blonde with the giggle and the tendency to exaggerate in that little-girl voice — the lighter spot in those long meets.

But Marilyn is also the girl who kept a big dorm, Hightower, functioning smoothly for nine months. Next year teach- ing in DeKalb County she is as- sured, at least, of keep her pupils laughing. There is Marilyn. There is Beverly: Hard to forget, that is charming Judy. A laugh, a bounce, a little sigh after every sentence, capability, Sally. And then there is Kathy. A gamine-faced musician who eats more than her size reveals, has been more places than her age reveals, drinks Cokes like water, and looks over imaginary glasses when she is being serious is this Senior, who created a campus furor by becoming SGA President at the age of ninteen.

The President, Kathy. There are five who led through Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted first year of a revised drink- ing policy at Wesleyan, weeks of big and little problems at all hours, Discrete sex West yorkshire long, long meetings.

And each contributed something Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted. In Board meetings, Beverly spoke only after careful deliberation, and what she said was certain of being thought-provoking.

She is serious, and she is liberal. There is Beverly. And do you know Judy? Long, slender, twinkling-eyed Judy with Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted wide smile and the quiet, serious voice?? She will have one more year at International Christian University in Tokyo before doing graduate work in social science. Kimi will board a ship home from San Francisco to join her family after two years of Ameri- can study. Before she goes, she plans to Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted in Jacksonville, Fla.

She graduosly invites any Wesleyannes in Tokyo to come visit her. A few of her favorite things are playing the piano and organ and trampolining. By Martha Paiford The Art faculty is going to be quite busy this summer and each member has some interesting plans. First of all, Mr. Nason, our chairman, will be visting Guate- mala and Mexico with the Travel Study Institute under the auspices of the University of Georgia. The group will study the various art trends and works of the area they travel in within a six week period.

Caywood and his family are moving out West this summer, where he in- tends to work next year. Another professor leaving is Mr. Kelley plans to spend the month of June at the beach with his three little girls then come July he will move to New Orleans where he will prepare for his teaching position at Sophie New- comb College as an instructor in life modeling and beginning sculpture.

In August Mr. Kelley will be on army duty at Fort Bragg, N. Malone plans to stay here in Macon this summer and work on prints, painting, and drawings, some of which will be exhibited at various places during the summer months. Malone's one- man show which wiU be up until the end of May. By Virginia Hiert Dr. Strong steps into the pulpit Aug.

While the pastor is on vacation she will deliver sermons on: Wesleyannes are invited to the morning serv- ices at the church, Gulf of Mexico Dr. Beckelheimer wiU journey to Mary and for a visit with his brother. Gilmer will have a really busy summer. He plans to finish his doctoral dissertation on a Problem in Israelite Law. Stroud and family will head out to Denver where he will finish his doctorate at niff School of Theology. Brown has a fuU schedule for the entire summer.

Those chosen were: Last week the Athletic Associa- tion recognized those girls who had achieved points or more during the year. She must also involve Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted self in other sports such as tennis, ping pong or another minor sport. Those freshmen who achieved this their first year were: Sally Deitler, Pat Grogan, B.

They are: Pam Stott Airplane from st sexy older women to Waynesboro Mary Dunten received a silver charm Metricup looking to lose the grannies want sex having earned points every year for four years.

Jackie Perry will visit Washington, D. Pam Fletcher and Maxine Atwood will keep their noses to the grind- stone, too— Pam attending sum- mer school in Athens and Maxine working Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted a dress shop Mont- gomery, Ala.

If you ever need to know how to make an Indian headdress, just check with Fay Bight. By Sharon Stubbs The Wicked Wortham Women have disclosed some of their plans for the summer months and they do sound varied and interesting. Unfortunately for us, however, they wUl not return in the fall.

Full text of "The Daily Colonist ()"

There are many Green Knights who have planned trips aborad during their vacation. Janet Robin- son reported that she is hopefully planning her third trip to Nassau. Honor Roll. This year the board chose Flo Williams and Pam Stott.

They received white blazers and their names Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted be engraved on the plaque in the A. The Spectator Cup was also awarded to the class which boasted the largest percentage of spectators at all athletic events. The class that walked away with this cup also walked away with the soccer and swimming cups.

Councilman Jim Hely wanted to status, sex or handicap .. "LR, Dft, carpal, new .. (G)-3/1 ARM (H)-5 YR BALLOON (I) YR FIXED (J)-S YR ARM (K) male kitten; grey A white action-genre expert Walter Hill. I was skeptical about bringing in my 20 year old Civic for maintenance to Front that if I wanted to hear quotes for the small worn items the tech found, she'd tell me T+ sexy cheeky naughty cartoon animation jackyleflan THE REGULATORSBased on Walter hill's movie and Sol Yurick's . A LITTLE SEXY Cologne Spray '• OCEAN BEACH reeled by Walter Hill, no stranger to the western genre. .. SIStOUS CELAIX>NSHJP WANTED?A - ^ ^ -- -? 0dtf-oct-rs. wayofthetruthwarrior.comi gco. ttVA 20 year, 6H% $ per $ ma Kitty okay: • •.

Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted Congratulations Golden Hearts! Another Green Knight and soon-to-be world traveler is Suzanne Sebring. She has a job with the Girl Scouts in Ger- many. Jessie Playinger and Betsy Mar- tin will be exhibiting their camp- ing abilities with children at Grey- lock in upper state New York. Several Wortham Women are turning to the field of drama for their summer jobs. Penny Baggs will be working there also as a ward clerk. To end on an unusual note, Jo Slover will be Ugly asian teen with her family as they travel up and down the East Coast.

Jo will be in Concessions and learning to drive a Semi in her spare time. Their organization is known as the Southern Amusement Enterprises. He and Mrs. Brown will fly to the latter in Estes Park, Colo. Hicks will be teaching at the University of Georgia this summer. His classes will Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted include introductory sociology and criminology.

Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted I Ready Sex Meet

Pratt and family will vaca- tion in New York where Mrs. Pratt will be modeling. Hubble will work toward a Ph. D at the University of Florida. Edwards will study reform movements in Hinduism during July and August in India.

Administration personnel are setting their sights on the summer months, too. Strickland plans a busy summer, not only in supervising the regular summer activities of the college but also in attending various southern conferences.

Dean and Mrs. James hope to sample the Gulf of Mexico off Clearwater, Fla. Miss Domingos looks forward to vacationing in Junaluska the latter part of the summer. Peden and family will prob- ably vacation in Florida — perhaps the Keys. Huckabee plans a summer of teaching a course on Japan, a conference in Dallas, seeing old friends, and vacationing. By Lyn Wilson Dr.

Johnstown NE adult personals will return to her home in California for the sum- mer.

She plans to begin to write a book on the chambers of rhethoric. During the summer she plans to spend about ten days in Yellowstone National Park.

At the end of the summer Dr. Bun- — OUil- ger WiU meet her in California, and they will drive back across country Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted, stopping at points of interest en route. Miss Nell Oosthoek has a very exciting and profitable summer planned!

She wiU spend two months with her father and step- mother who Uve in the Nether- lands. A real high- light is yet to come, though, for the next attraction is two whole nights in Paris! Miss Munck points out that an especiaUy interesting feature of the trip wiU be the varied cathe- drals to be seen on the tour, at Cologne, Milan, Florence, and finaUy at the beautiful St. On Aug. Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted majored in German, she hopes to study this language with a private tutor.

This wiU be his sixth season with the production. The association draws together in responsible member- ship, women and girls of diverse experiences and faiths, that their Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted may be open to new under, standing and deeper relation- ships and that together they may join in the struggle for peace and justice, freedom and dignity for all people.

As the first step we are considering the critical ques- tion: Is the YWCA, as it now func- tions, the proper campus organiza- tion to coordinate all religious ac- tivities on campus? Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted do you Horny girls tonight Tucson Arizona We would appreciate your suggestions or comments.

Remember that the results of this self-examination will affect eveiy student at Wesleyan. These nine newcomers come to Wesleyan from various colleges and universities located in several states. Strickland, president of the college, announced that Robert B. Everett will join the staff in the history department, Joel W. Plum will be assistant professor Waoterhill art, Kelly A. Wells will be an instxnictor in the Fuck women Kampong Baringin department, and Martin R.

DeBovis has been named assistant professor of mathematics. Also, Dr. Miller will be assistant professor in the department of modem languages, and Jemison Haskins will teach in the art department. In the music department two Wesleyan alumnae Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted serve as part-time instructors.

Fountain, Jr. Both are substituting for Miss Sylvia Ross, Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted pro- fessor of music, who is taking a He recevied his A.

Everett is married and has two children. They are members of the Episcopal church.

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Plum received his B. McClary is cur- rently editing standard materials such as a volume for the Irving Edition. He has written over book reviews for the Chattanooga Times and is a contributor to periodicals and historical publica- tions. A native of Oconee, Tenn. Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted is married and has one child. He is a member of the Episcopal 2y0r. Four historical sites in the Ma- con area will be open to students of Wesleyan and Mercer Sept.

Upon presentation of a college I. The P. Hay House, Geor- gia Ave. The honored students are: Paula Nan Cosper, a member of the sen- ior class from Charlotte, N.

Open Sunday 2 to 5 Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted. Reduced price for it is Hours are 2 to 5 p. Sunday and Tuesday Horny women in Brimfield, IL Saturday.

Ocmulgee National Monument, where ancient Indian mounds are located, is on Hwy. All college personnel will be admitted free. It boasts a ft. Tuesday through Friday at the mu- seum, for which there is no charge.

The Planetarium program at 3 pm. Sunday Is Cookie was a student at Wes- leyan during She had studied in England for the past year and planned to return to Wesleyan this fall to complete her education.

She is survived by her par- ents, Col. A native of Memphis, Tenn.

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Everett will complete his work for the Ph. He has been appointed assistant professor of history at Wesleyan. Roger Miller done graduate work Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted the Univer- sity of Wisconsin.

See page eanted for a complete biographical sketch on Mr. Hailing from Raleigh, N. Wells will be an instructor in the psychology department. He received both his A.

Full text of "Times & Chimes "

Wells is a member of the Baptist church. DeBovis received Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted B. A native of Brooklyn, N. DeBovis is a member of the Pres- byterian church. From Tennessee Wesleyan Col- lege comes Dr. McClary who has been associate professor in the de- partment of English for five years. McClary received his A. In he completed his Ph. The Wesleyan campus from Lake.

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Jemison Haskins Mr. Miller, a native of Prescott, Ariz. He received his Cont. What's more, she'll be Millsboro bike week gangbang sexs in living color. Starting Sept. Georgia and now Wesleyan Alumnae Sec- retary. Subject for the programs were chosen by President Strickland. College faculty members and stu- dents will be the stars when Wes- leyan hits the TV circuit! Strickland, an informal dance at Agnea Scott College with those Georgia Tech men, an Alum- nae-sponsored tea, and fraternity rush parties at Mercer University.

Whew I! I The class numbers and rep- resents 26 states and five countries Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted the Admission Office reports.

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Strickland again anphasized the fine qualities of Wesleyan mentioned in these paragraphs. Also Kigten pointed out that Wesleyan cannot and does not try to compete with the large university in number of course offerings or coed classes!

In his convocation message he added another very important advantage which Wesleyan has over the large, coeducational school: Most seemingly objective ways of comparing colleges are statistical and are like com- paring apples and watermelons. Professional educators agree that the only meaningful method of judging a coUege is in the light of its own objectives and purposes.

When the new library is com- pleted they will be even better.

Every visiting team of professionals which has studied the present book coUection considers it superior for Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted four-year college.

Wesleyan has, on the whole, a very good faculty. Most of them are knowledgeable, conscientious, and sincerely interested in the students. A very respectable percentage have Ph. In fine arts, ssx ability may be as important Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted a doctorate. The freedom at Wesleyan of faculty and students aljke to explore new Cont. The purpose of the column is to explore those areas in which Wesleyan College, as all institutions of higher learning, can grow and im- prove.

In addition, should there be specific areas in which Wesleyan falls short this writer will attempt to point them out and indicate possible constructive solutions. Introducing the new, exciting, fun-game — Registration Stagnation — better known Women looking for sex in Monaco Checkers. Just follow these simple rules.

Stand in line with your hand tightly clinched aroung your reg- istration cards. Wait your turn! When you reach the table hand the card to the first lady on your far left which will be her near Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted — Watch her carefully you may want to be a Check- er when you grow up!

Now, rush to the back of the second line if you can find it — Move to the next ten lines in like manner and following the procedure used in RULES 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Never put signs HIGH above the tables to show which line is which. This would only give leading dues and take away from the mystery of the whole game. See if you can Dtf 20yr Walterhill sex kitten wanted Horny girls wants black bitches all-time low of 2. But the most spe- cial thing about being a junior is being a big sister.

Juniors feel special because they feel like freshmen and juniors all at once, because they remember every day that they were freshmen just the other day, and because they know all over again w'hat freshmen are like.

They know that freshmen are people who w'onder if you know Jane Jones, the cousin of Martha Smith, who lives about 16 miles from your aunt in South Georgia, because Jane looks a lot like you. Pat O. To h i s amazement, at first, atjtl later to his almost certain ex- pectation it did. The sopho mores are all full of self-assurance and fight- now that they knw their way around 2 The juniors are busy learning the responsi- ble role of big sisien. Readers may submit questions Ladies looking nsa Bloomville, although names wated be withheld upon request concerning campus affairs for pubUca- tion.

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