Have you been suffering from lower back pain and have tried out everything that is possible either through medication or by exercising to get rid of that pain which has been bothering you for sometime now? It's time for you to meet your neck and lower back pain specialist to find out the main cause of pain. 

Lower back pain can be caused by muscle sprains or for other reasons. It is not easy to find out what actually causes pain as a X-RAY or MRI scanning is not effective in showing the problem. It could be due to a slight misalignment of a spinal bone which is causing back spine and goes unnoticed.

A series of tests are carried out by a doctor to eliminate the possibility of causing pain in the lower back. The doctor will manipulate your foot movements to see the extent of the pain that can produce other body parts too. Almost everyone is accustomed to reflex tests when doctors can also do some other foreign tests. Further tests are determined by the doctor after he feels the need to determine the exact cause for back pain.

Doctors can also use high-tech gadgets for testing that will provide detailed reports of spine and surrounding muscles and ligaments and problems associated with it.