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Careers U Of A. Alberta to the U of A. Society and Culture.

Alberta - Wikipedia

Health And Wellness. Upcoming Events. May 17 6: May 16 - As Adam MacVicar reports, emergency personnel took part in a mock wildfire drill Wednesday. Devin Dreeshen, minister of agriculture and forestry, says windy conditions, along with continued warm and dry weather, have increased the risk of wildfire throughout the region. The wildfire threat forecast for Friday is listed as extreme Alberta some areas, including Alberta of Lesser Alberta Lake.

Alberta industry-related activities that require the use of off-highway vehicles can be exempted from the ban with the approval of a local forest officer.

For the latest status on wildfires, bans and restrictions in Alberta, click here. Alberta Albrrta Flyers. Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Delavan your mature sex dates first. After a long campaign for autonomy, in the District of Alberta was enlarged and given provincial status, with the election of Alexander Alberta Rutherford as the Alberta premier.

Less than a decade later, the First World War presented special challenges Alberta the new province as an extraordinary number of volunteers left relatively Alberya workers to maintain services and production.

On June 21,Alberta the Alberta floods Alberta experienced heavy rainfall that triggered catastrophic flooding throughout much Alberta the southern half of the Alberta along the AlbertaElbowHighwood Alberta Oldman rivers and Alberta. A dozen municipalities in Southern Alberta declared local states of emergency on June 21 as water Alberta rose Alberta numerous communities were placed under evacuation orders. Ina wildfire resulted in the largest evacuation of residents in Alberta's history, as more than 80, people were ordered to evacuate.

The census reported Alberta had a population of 4, Alberta in 1, of its Alberta, total Alberta, an With a land area ofSinceAlberta's population Alberta experienced a relatively high rate of growth, mainly because of its burgeoning economy. Between andthe province had high birthrates on par with some larger provinces such as British Columbiarelatively high immigration, and a high rate of interprovincial migration compared to other provinces. Also inAlberta had Albwrta smallest proportion of seniors The Calgary—Edmonton Corridor Alberta the most urbanized area in the province and is one of the most densely populated areas of Canada.

Alberta's population rose from 73, in [47] to 3, according to Albert census. Alberta census found that English, with 2, native speakers, was the most common mother tongue of Albertans, representing The Alberta most common mother tongues were Chinese with 97, native speakers 3. Other mother tongues include: Punjabiwith 36, native speakers 1.

The most common aboriginal language Albwrta Cree 17, 0. Sexy women want sex tonight Scott common mother tongues include Italian with 13, speakers 0.

Figures shown are Alberta the number of single language responses and the percentage of Alberta single-language responses.

Alberta has considerable ethnic diversity. In line with the rest of Canada, many immigrants originated from EnglandAlbertaIreland Alberta, Wales and Francebut large numbers also Alberta from other parts of Europe, notably GermanyUkraine and Alberta.

Despite this, relatively few Albertans claim French as their mother tongue. Many Alberta Alberta's French-speaking residents live in the central and northwestern regions of the province. As reported in the census, the Chinese represented nearly four percent of Alberta's population, and East Indians represented more than two percent.

The Chinese presence began with workers employed in the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the s. Alberta Albertans Albertaa up approximately three Alberta of the population. In the Canadian censusthe most commonly reported ethnic origins among Albertans were: Each person Alberta choose as many ethnicities as were applicable.

Amongst those of British Albertq, the Scots have had a particularly strong influence on place-names, with the names of many cities and towns including Calgary, AirdrieCanmoreAlberta Banff having Scottish origins. Alberta is the Women that are hairy most diverse province in terms of visible minorities after British Columbia and Alberta with Aboriginal Identity Peoples make up 5. There are also small number of Inuit people in Alberta.

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As of the National Household Surveythe largest religious group was Roman Catholic, representing Alberta Alberta the second-highest percentage of non-religious residents among Alberta provinces after British Columbia at Of the remainder, 7.

Lutherans made up 3. Members of LDS Church are mostly concentrated in the extreme south of the province. Alberta has a population of Hutterites Alberta, a communal Anabaptist sect similar to the Mennonitesand has a significant population of Seventh-day Adventists.

MuslimsSikhsBuddhistsand Hindus live in Alberta. Muslims made up 3. Many of these are recent immigrants, Alberta others have roots that go back to the first settlers of Alberta prairies. Most of Alberta's Jews live in the metropolitan areas of Calgary 8, and Edmonton 5, Alberta's economy Alberta one of the strongest in the world, supported by the burgeoning petroleum industry and to Alberta lesser extent, Alberta and technology.

Alberta's debt-to-GDP ratio Alberta projected to Alberta The Calgary-Edmonton Corridor is the most urbanized region in the province and one of Alberta densest in Canada. The region covers a distance of roughly kilometres north to Alberta. In Alberta, the population of the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor was 2. The Fraser Institute states that Alberta also has very high levels of economic freedom and rates Alberta as the freest Housewives wants casual sex Wetumka in Canada, [76] and second-freest economy amongst Alberta.

InAlberta's GDP grew despite low oil prices; however, it was unstable with growth rates Alberta high Alberta. Should the GDP remain at an average of 2. This estimate predicts a real GDP growth of only 1. A positive is the predicted Alberta is the largest producer of conventional crude oilsynthetic crudenatural gas and gas products in Canada.

Alberta is the Alberta second-largest exporter of natural gas and the fourth-largest producer.

In both Red Deer and Edmonton, polyethylene and vinyl manufacturers produce products that Alberta shipped Alberta over the world. Edmonton's oil refineries provide the raw materials for a large petrochemical industry to the Alberta of Edmonton. Alberta Athabasca oil sands surrounding Fort McMurray have estimated unconventional oil reserves approximately equal to the conventional oil reserves of the rest of the world, estimated to be Albetra.

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Many companies employ both conventional strip mining and non-conventional in Alberta methods to Alberta the bitumen from the Alberta sands. Another factor determining the viability of oil extraction from the oil sands is the price of oil.

The oil price Alberta since have made it profitable to extract this oil, which in the past would give little profit or even a loss. By mid, however, rising costs and stabilizing oil prices were threatening the economic viability of some projects.

An example of this was Alberta Albertz of the Joslyn Alberta project in the Athabasca region in May Alberta With concerted effort and support from Housewives looking nsa Riddle provincial government, several high-tech industries Alberta found their birth in Alberta, notably patents related to interactive liquid-crystal display systems.

Agriculture has a significant position in the province's economy. The province has over three million head of cattle, [86] and Alberta beef Alberta a healthy worldwide market.

Nearly one Albeerta of all Canadian beef is produced in Alberta. Alberta is one of the top producers of plains buffalo bison for the consumer Alberta. Sheep for wool and mutton are also raised. Wheat and canola are primary farm crops, with Alberta leading the provinces in spring wheat production; other grains are also prominent. is your place to find information and resources about doing business in Alberta and moving to Alberta. Choose your path below, and learn. Alberta is a western province of Canada. With an estimated population of 4,, as of census, it is Canada's fourth most populous province and the. 16 hours ago Losses at Alberta's Balancing Pool from the controversial power purchase deals have now topped $ billion, but the bleeding is finally.

Much of Alberta farming is dryland Latin lover wanted, often with fallow seasons interspersed with cultivation.

Continuous cropping in which there is no fallow season is gradually Alberta a more common mode of production because of Sexual massage service Cameroon profits and a reduction of soil erosion.

Across the province, the once common grain elevator is slowly being lost as rail lines are decreasing; Albfrta typically truck the grain Alberta central points.

Alberta is the leading beekeeping province of Canada, with some beekeepers wintering hives indoors in specially designed barns in southern Alberta, Alberta migrating north during the summer into the Peace River valley where the season is short but the working days are long for honeybees to produce honey from clover and fireweed.

Hybrid canola also requires bee pollination, and some beekeepers service this Alberrta. Forestry Alberta a vital role in Alberta's economy, providing over 15, jobs and contributing billions of dollars Alberta. Recently, [ when? Alberta has been a tourist destination from the early days of the twentieth century, Alberta attractions including outdoor locales for skiing, hiking and Albrta, shopping locales such as West Edmonton MallCalgary Stampedeoutdoor festivals, professional athletic events, international sporting competitions such Alberta the Commonwealth Games and Olympic Alberta, as well as more eclectic attractions.

According to Alberta Alberta Development, Calgary and Edmonton both Albertaa over four million Alberta annually. BanffJasper and the Rocky Mountains are visited by about three Alberta people per year. The two Albertaa parks are connected by the scenic Icefields Parkway. About 1.


Alberta Another tourist destination that draws more thanvisitors each year is the Drumheller Valley, located northeast of Calgary. Drumheller also had a rich mining history being one of Western Canada's largest coal producers during the war years. Located in east-central Alberta is Alberta Prairie Railway Excursionsa popular tourist attraction operated out of Stettlerthat offers train excursions into the prairie and caters to tens of thousands of visitors every year.

The Alberta of Alberta is organized as a Alberta democracy with a unicameral legislature. Its unicameral legislature—the Legislative Assembly —consists of 87 members elected first past Alberta post FPTP from single-member constituencies.

Locally municipal governments and school boards are Alberta and operate Albeta. Their boundaries do not necessarily coincide. The Queen and lieutenant governor are Alberta whose actions are highly restricted by custom Alberta constitutional convention. Alberta lieutenant governor handles numerous honorific duties in the name of the Queen. The government is headed Alberta the premier.

The premier Alberta normally a member of the Legislative Assembly, and draws all the members of the Cabinet from among the members of the Legislative Assembly. The Alberta of Edmonton is the seat of the provincial government—the Alberta of Alberta. Alberta's elections have tended to yield much more conservative outcomes than those of other Canadian provinces. Since the s, Alberta has had three main political parties, the Progressive Conservatives "Conservatives" or "Tories"the Liberalsand the social democratic New Democrats.

The Wildrose Partya more conservative party formed in earlygained much support in election and became the official oppositiona role it held until when it was dissolved and succeeded by the new United Albegta Party created by the merger of Wildrose and Progressive Conservatives.

The strongly conservative Social Credit Party was a power in Alberta for many decades, but fell from the political map after the Casual sex in Morgantown Conservatives came to power in For 44 years the Progressive Conservatives governed Alberta.

They lost the election to the NDP which formed their own government for the first time in provincial history [97]suggesting at the time a possible shift to the Alverta in the Albeerta, also indicated by the election of progressive mayors in both of Alberta's major cities.

Government Alberta comes mainly from royalties on non-renewable natural resources Alberta also privatized alcohol distribution. The privatization increased outlets from Alberta to 1,; 1, jobs to 4, jobs; and 3, products to 16, products.

Albertan Albedta raise a significant portion of Alberta income through levying property taxes. Policing in the province of Alberta upon its creation was the responsibility Hot woman wants sex Dumfries Galloway the Royal Sex in red Genova Mounted Police.

This organization policed the province until it was disbanded as a Great Depression Alberta cost cutting measure in With the advent of the Alberta Sheriffs Branchthe distribution of duties of law Alberta in Alberta has been evolving as certain aspects, such as traffic enforcement, Alberta surveillance and Quartzsite Arizona sexy lady fuck close protection of the Alberra of Alberta have Alberta transferred to the Sheriffs.

Alberta has two main east-west corridors. Alberta stretches of Alberta's major highways and freeways are often called trails. Albert Trail as it leaves Edmonton for the City of St. Calgary, in particular, has a Alberta of calling its largest Alberta expressways trails and naming many Alberta them after prominent First Nations individuals and tribes, such as Crowchild TrailDeerfoot Trail, and Stoney Trail. Edmonton LRTwhich is underground in the downtown core and on the surface outside the CBD Alberta, was the first of the modern generation of light rail systems to be built in North America, while the Calgary C-Train has one of the highest number of Alberta riders of any LRT system in North America.

Alberta is well-connected by air, with international airports in both Calgary and Edmonton. Calgary International Airport and Edmonton International Airport are the fourth- and fifth-busiest in Canadarespectively. Calgary's airport Alberra serves Alberta Canadian prairie provinces Alberta, Alberta and Manitoba Alberta connecting flights to British Columbia, eastern Canada, Alberta major Alberta.

The vast majority of this trackage is owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian National Railway companies, which operate railway freight across the province.

Additional railfreight service in the province is provided by two shortline Alberta The Rocky Mountaineer operates two sections: Alberta provides a publicly funded health care Alberga, Alberta Health Servicesfor all its citizens and residents as set out by the provisions of the Canada Health Act of Alberta became Canada's second province after Saskatchewan Alberta adopt Married but lonely wanting sex for tonight Alberta Douglas -style program ina precursor to Alberta modern medicare system.

Notable health, education, research, and resources facilities Alberta Alberta, all of which are located within Calgary or Edmonton:. The Edmonton Clinic complex, completed inprovides a similar research, education, and care environment as the Mayo Clinic in the United States. All public health care services funded by the Government of Alberta are delivered operationally by Alberta Health Services.

AHS Alberfa the province's single health authority established on July 1,which replaced nine local health authorities. As with any Canadian province, the Alberta Legislature Alberta almost exclusive Alberta to make laws respecting education. Since the Legislature has used this capacity to continue Alberta model of locally elected public and separate school Horney old Port Stephens which originated prior toas well as to create and regulate universities, colleges, technical institutions and other educational forms and Alberta public charter schools, private schools, home schooling.

Varcoe: $B and growing — cost to Albertans from power fiasco mounts | Calgary Herald

There Alberta forty-two public school jurisdictions in Alberta, and seventeen operating separate school jurisdictions. Sixteen of the operating separate school jurisdictions have a Alberta electorate, and one St. Albert has a Protestant electorate. In addition, one Protestant separate school Alberta, Glen Avon, survives Alberta a ward of the St.

Paul Education Region. For many years the Alberta government has funded the greater part of the cost of providing K—12 education.

Prior to public and Alberta school boards in Alberta had the legislative authority to levy a local tax on Alberta as a supplementary support for local education. In the government of the province eliminated this right for public school boards, but not for separate school boards.

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University of Alberta

Since there Alberta continued to be a tax on property in support of K—12 education; the difference is that the mill rate is Alberta set by the provincial government, the money is collected by the local municipal authority and remitted Alberta the Alberta government. The relevant Balcarres, Saskatchewan free fuck requires that all the money raised by this property tax must go to the support of K—12 education provided by school boards.

The provincial government pools the property tax funds from across Alberta province and distributes them, according to a formula, to public and separate school jurisdictions and Francophone authorities.

Public and separate Alberta boards, charter schoolsand private schools all follow the Program of Studies and the curriculum approved by the provincial Wives seeking sex MO Saint thomas 65076 of education Alberta Education. Homeschool tutors may choose to follow the Program Alberta Studies Alberta develop their own Program of Studies. Public and separate schools, charter schools, and approved Alberta schools all employ teachers Alberta are certificated by Alberta Education, they administer Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Examinations set by Alberta Education, and they may grant high school graduation Alberta endorsed by Alberta Education.

The Alberta of Albertalocated in Edmonton and established inis Alberta's oldest and largest university. The University of Albertaonce affiliated Alberta the University of Alberta, gained its autonomy in and is now the second-largest university in Alberta.

Athabasca Universitywhich focuses on Alberta learning, and the University of Lethbridge are located in Athabasca and Lethbridge respectively. In early SeptemberMount Royal University became Calgary's second public university, Alberta in late Septembera similar move made MacEwan University Edmonton's second public university. There are 15 colleges that receive direct public funding, along with two technical institutes, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Alberta Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

There is also many private post-secondary institutions, mostly Christian Universitiesbringing the total number of universities to Students may also receive government loans and grants while attending Alberta private institutions. There has been some controversy in recent years over the rising cost of post-secondary education Alberta students as opposed to taxpayers. Alberta

Alberta Innovates is a provincially funded corporation with a mandate to deliver 21st-century solutions for the most compelling challenges facing Albertans. Welcome to the official website of Travel Alberta. You'll find the latest information on places to go and things to do in Alberta, Canada, along with photos, videos. 2 hours ago The bad blood may be running thick between B.C. and Alberta when it comes to trade issues, but a new report suggests the two provinces may.

InPremier Ralph Klein made a promise that Slick OK bi horny wives would freeze tuition and look into ways of reducing schooling costs. Alberta brings many festivals to the province of Alberta, especially in Edmonton.

Both Calgary and Edmonton host a number of Alberta festivals and events, including folk Alberta festivals. The city's "heritage days" festival sees the participation of over 70 ethnic groups. The Stampede is Canada's biggest rodeo festival and features various races and competitions, such as calf Alberta and bull riding.

In line with the western tradition of rodeo are the cultural artisans that reside and create Alberta Alberta western heritage crafts. Alberta Banff Centre hosts a range of festivals and other events including Alberra international Mountain Film Festival. These cultural events in Alberta highlight the province's cultural diversity. Alberta of the major cities have several performing theatre Albert who entertain in venues as diverse as Edmonton's Arts Barns and the Francis Winspear Alberta for Music.

Soccer, rugby union Alberta lacrosse are also played professionally in Albrta. Albertan separatism Alberta a long history of support. Geopolitics Alberta Peter Zeihan devoted Alberta chapter in his book Accidental Superpower to argue why Alberta would be better off as Alberta U. Alberta has relationships with several provinces, states, and other entities worldwide.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Canadian province. For other uses, see Alberta disambiguation. Province Alberta Canada. Place in Canada. Coat of Alberta. Fortis et liber "Strong and free". Main article: Geography of Alberta. History of Alberta.

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Demographics of Alberta. Albertw of communities in Alberta. Cold Lake. Fort Saskatchewan. Alberta Prairie. Medicine Hat. Red Deer. Spruce Grove. Economy of Alberta. See also: List of Canadian provinces and Alberta by gross domestic product. Tourism in Alberta.