So you've decided it's time for your first fly fishing trip. You've been practicing your casting and you've got all your files ready to catch a big fish. What should you think about when planning this fly fishing trip?

The first thing to decide is where to go. There are many great places to hone your fly fishing skills. Some great places to consider are Washington State, Oregon, Northern California, Texas, and the Great Lakes region. 

Make sure you find a hostel where everything is included in the cost of your stay. This means transportation to and from fishing spots, guided tours, and your rooms. Many places have restaurants in their establishments, but you may want to find a cabin with full kitchen facilities where you can cook your food when you return from the river or lake.

Fly fishing vacations are so much more fun when you have a group of people who share your interests. It is a good idea to join a group that shares your interest and tries to plan a trip with them. 

You can also combine your fly fishing with other things during a trip. Think about where friends and family live. Can you spend a little time fishing and then, in your spare time, pay a little visit? 

There are so many beautiful destinations you can go to when you want to take a fly fishing trip. Pick one, plan well, and then enjoy. You will open up a whole new world on a trip like this. And you could bring home some precious fish as proof of your prowess. Then you can start planning another trip!