About David

About David

Welcome! Here is a bit about me, my life’s work, and this website.


I was Born in Calgary Alberta, and am currently residing in British Columbia Canada. I am a full time Martial Arts instructor, father, and entrepreneur in the field of health and wellness.

I have always been on a quest. Since as far back as I can remember, something drew me magnetically to the martial arts, warrior legend, and to philosophy. From the rare programs on TV I was able to catch, or the books I came across at the local library, I devoured everything I could find on the tales of courageous samurai, valiant knights and medieval military strategy, comparative religion and mythology, and even modern day super-hero’s.

There was something about the iconic warrior archetype that intrigued me more than anything else I had come across.

The world of martial arts opened up to me while watching some martial art demonstrations at the local exhibition centre. I wanted to be those people I saw performing, and I would imagine it was me doing those seemingly miraculous movements so flawlessly and with such confidence.
The Ninja Turtles may have also had an early influence…

The knight thing was strong with me also as a kid. When I was 10, I saved all my pennies for over a year so I could buy this old made-for-TV Ivanhoe movie that I rented once from the library. I remember declaring it to be my favorite movie of all time. When I finally saved up enough scratch to order it, I remembered the sheer joy I felt when it arrived in the mail and I opened the parcel and tore off the plastic wrap. (Why is that stuff so hard to get off!?)
I am actually looking at that thing right now as I write this page. I keep it in my office to this day.

In my early teens I recall smuggling some no holds barred fighting VHS tapes my friend had stocked away in an old cardboard box in his basement, and I even periodically snagged some cash from the couch cushions so I could secretly rent some Jean Claude Van Damme/Steven Segal/Bruce Lee movies from the corner store when my parents were not home. (Sorry mom…if you’re reading this for the first time…)

I also eventually developed a sincere interest in the philosophy and mindset behind these great warriors I was learning about. To me they possessed a sort of super power. They were the original templates of all the superhero’s I grew up wanting to be.

Besides the fact that knights, ninjas, and superheroes are just plain awesome, I think the early attraction to these things was based in a search for meaning and purpose in life, and a lack in self-esteem that I desperately wanted to remedy.

These warriors stood when everyone else cowered. They protected the innocent, slayed dragons and demons, beat the worst villains imaginable, and had a code of honor that turned mere mortals into gods.

I decided to become one of these heroes. I desperately wanted that confidence and respect. I begged my parents to enroll me at the local Karate club. At first, they said no because they wanted to look out for my best interest. They felt at the time that it was violent and might be inappropriate for me. They soon discovered that I don’t take “no” very well…

Today my parents are my biggest fans and supporters. But back then, I had to improvise. I went back to the library and checked out as many training books as I could find. From Bruce Lee, to Hidy Ochiai, I practiced the moves shown in their books every single day. I even read all the “boring stuff” in the back chapters of the books which was to me the real gold. It was the secret history and philosophy of warriorship, and I loved every minute of it.

The people I was reading said that warriorship is more than fighting and winning glorious battles, it is a way of living and a code of conduct. It was the art of expressing the human body, and a discipline for training and developing your mind, body, and spirit. 

This secret obsession eventually got a bit insane though, because I started pushing my boundaries and attempting such feats as:

Flying side kicks off my garage roof
Breaking solid wooden chairs and 2×4’s with my little 11 year old fists (ouch)
Kicking the stone chimney in my basement to “toughen up my feet”
Turning my parents old clothes into medieval battle garments
Making weapons and armour out of everything I could find
Fighting with my friends in the garage

You get the idea.

Finally, after my Mom reported these shenanigans to my Dad, he took me down to the local Karate club and finally signed me up out of sheer concern for my physical safety. The rest is history.

I now hold degrees in multiple martial arts styles, and continue to train and teach the physical and spiritual warrior principles to this day.

What I have discovered and experienced from this quest for knowledge is laid out in the material of this site, and in my podcast for your benefit.

What do I get out of it you ask?

I live for this.


Now about the name. It’s a cool story… I was told something once by an elderly Sensei whom I only met once very briefly when I was in my teens and going through a rather rough time. I was searching for answers to some confusion I was going through during my training, and also in my adolescent mind at the time. I asked him if he had a minute to answer a question. He agreed. I asked: “Sensei, what is the true meaning and purpose of martial arts? Of life? Aside from self-defence and training, and asking questions, what are we doing this for?”

He looked at me kindly and said with a smile: “Well, the way I see it this planet is a dojo. In this life you need two things in order to find peace and meaning. You need the truth to be present and available in all areas of your life, and you will need the spine of a warrior in order to discover that truth for yourself.”

When thinking of what to call my podcast and what direction my work would go, I thought back to this experience and it was a perfect fit.


This site is dedicated to providing you with empowering information on how to recognize and achieve your potential, and to gain valuable insight about yourself and the world. I have discovered that all knowledge, is ultimately self-knowledge. I wish to share what I have learned, and feature the work of others who have value to share as well.

The chaos of our times demand strong, courageous individuals with a clear sense of identity, self-worth, and competence. It is a dangerous moment in history to not know who we are and to not trust ourselves.

The information shared here is centered around developing mental, physical, emotional and spiritual strength. To assist you on this adventurous journey towards self discovery, visit this site regularly for frequent updates, and also tune into my Truth Warrior podcast where I share my thoughts and research on various subjects such as:

Personal Development
Self Esteem
Martial Arts
Health Sciences
Consciousness Studies
Ancient Civilizations

And much more. The show also feature’s excellent guests that will help along the way.

I also write and share blogs, articles, and recommend products and services that I know will help. I will be connecting you with real practical solutions to whatever it is that might be holding you back.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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  1. Hey David, I just stumbled on your Youtube videos. And just want to say thank you.
    I always felt as if I was the only weird one questioning about life and swinging from extreme hedonism to being spiritual.
    A little about me – I am Sidney from Malaysia but I just recently moved to Singapore for career and my gf (its always about the girl eh?).
    I have been doing BJJ on and off due to work commitments for about a year and just started my path of the Fool in tarot from Builders of Adymtum course modules – which I thoroughly enjoy. I have also been a member of AMORC for close to 2 years – I find myself resonating more to BOTA’s tarot course though.

    Your videos feels like advice from a brother I wished I had. Here’s hoping we can connect in some way or form.
    Keep up the good work in spreading the Great Work.

    1. Hi there Sydney! Hello “eh” from Canada lol

      Glad you are liking the content and that it’s helping you. more to come.

      keep up the BJJ man!


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