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Flor de Sal is a salty salt which forms as a soft, thick crust on the exposed surface of salt water as it evaporated. The name of the mineral is derived from the French word figure, meaning “beautiful lady”. Fleur de sal was gathered historically since ancient days, but it originally was used as an antiseptic and healing salt. It is still used today as a garnish and finishing salt for various foods.

Fresh water fleur de sal can be used for all sorts of food preparation. Seafood, meats, vegetables, and fruits can be seasoned with it for a salty taste. Salted fish is also a popular dish served at many restaurants around the world. It imparts a freshness to the fish that cannot be found in other salts. This feature makes it ideal for use in cooking and baking. The heavy flavor of the salt enhances the tenderness of seafood and encourages the growth of healthy cells in meat.

In addition to being used for culinary and pharmaceutical purposes, this salt is used to help cleanse aquariums. It helps remove heavy mineral and salt deposits and can even penetrate deeper into the sand if used in an ionic sea salt system. It is perfect for applications where you need to maintain a low-mineral, high pH environment, and is often mixed with fresh water to dilute its effect on corals. Corals can become stressed when their environment is too acidic, and flor de sal can help restore the pH to normal levels.

Fresh water flor de sal should not be confused with ordinary table salt. Unlike regular table salt, flor de sal contains no iodine or chlorine and has no sodium content. As such, it is ideal for use in freshwater aquariums. It is also completely safe for use in salons and spa treatments, as it contains no chlorine by-products that can threaten human health. Salt deposits in the marine ecosystem are exacerbated by human activities, and flor de sal can help reduce the impact of these pollutants by removing excessive amounts of salt from the environment.

When using flor de sal for freshwater aquarium purposes, it is advisable to purchase distilled or spring water and mix it with tap water before adding to your aquarium. This process aids in the removal of any excess minerals or salt from the mixture. Once mixed with the water, add a couple of drops of organic solvent such as citrus solvent or green soap to help remove any organic contamination such as scales, slime, or detritus. Mixing the flor de sal mix with the solvent will allow you to easily pour it into a spray bottle and gently spray into the water. Allow it to remain there for approximately twenty minutes, shaking the bottle gently back and forth to mix the solution into the water.

When you are ready to use the flor de sal mixture, add one-quarter teaspoon of it to a medium sized bucket filled with water and gently swirl to mix. Then fill a tub with warm water and add half a cup of salt. Leave the mixture to settle for at least two days, stirring occasionally, before you add it to the aquarium. Make sure you only use a clean bucket so as to prevent unwanted bacteria from forming in the de-chlorinated water. The salt solution should be stored in a dark place where it will last for approximately six months.

Once you have settled the flor de sal mixture into the bucket, add one teaspoon of bleach per gallon of water and mix it thoroughly before replacing the water in your freshwater aquarium. Continue to do this every week until the algae has been completely eradicated. Using a sponge or brush, scrub the salt mixture gently to remove any detritus and algae that remain. You can also use a scrubbing pad to clean the bottom of the bucket to ensure your freshwater aquarium is clean and clear of any leftover residue.

Using flor de sal regularly will ensure your tank remains clear and pristine. In the winter when the water may become cloudy, add some de-chlorinated water to the bucket to restore the proper balance of salt and sunlight. De-chlorinating your saltwater aquarium is an easy task, but it does take a little time and effort. For the ultimate in algae control, give flor do sal a try and enjoy the striking colors it will present in your tank.